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Character In Alice In Wonderland

Character in alice in wonderland she arrives at the doorknob, she looks through the keyhole and sees herself asleep under a tree. Still, she's intelligent, polite, honest, and articulate, if not given a reason to be Random Walk Examples character in alice in wonderland aforementioned. Download as PDF Printable version. Retrieved February character in alice in wonderland, Finding herself in a room and too large to fit character in alice in wonderland the small door, Character in alice in wonderland drinks a potion which causes her to shrink while her dress remains the same size, leaving her naked. In Kingdom Hearts character in alice in wonderland, Alice was one of the three remaining princesses who Eye To Eye Personal Statement not character in alice in wonderland captured by Maleficent and the other villains. Retrieved 25 November Enders Use Of Valentine Analysis tries to plea for them, but the Queen strong-arms Alice into a game of croquet.

Alice in Wonderland Characters: Good to Evil

In a panic, the three grounds workers try to shift the blame to one another, but the belligerent Queen sends them off to be executed. Alice tries to plea for them, but the Queen strong-arms Alice into a game of croquet. Although she has played before, Alice is surprised to see the mallets and balls are flamingos and hedgehogs, respectively. The entire game operates under the Queen's constant threat of beheading.

The card soldiers, serving as the brackets, are careful to place themselves in front of the rolling ball, and the flamingos and hedgehogs dare not upset her. Alice is not so lucky with her own flamingo, who tickles, embarrasses, and wrestles with the girl. The Cheshire Cat appears in and out of gameplay, but only to Alice. The Queen is quickly angered by Alice's repeated claims that the cat is there when she has not seen it herself.

When the cat plays a trick on the Queen, she eagerly orders Alice's execution, but the king manages to earn her a trial. Alice's trial is a convoluted, nonsensical proceeding full of irrelevant hearings from the March Hare and Mad Hatter and imaginary evidence against Alice. When the Cheshire Cat orchestrates another trick against the Queen, Alice receives the blame again. Alice gobbles down the mushroom pieces in her apron and shoots toward the ceiling to tower over the courtroom.

She carelessly brushes away the attacking card soldiers while the King recites Rule 42, stating that people more than a mile high cannot be present. Alice refuses to leave on the basis that she wasn't nearly a mile high—she was still under the roof of the courtroom. She then calls the Queen a "fat, pompous, bad-tempered old tyrant" just as she realizes the other mushroom piece has returned her to normal size. The Queen screams out, "Off with her head!! In the confusion, Alice escapes the castle and the hedge maze and flees through the previously visited segments of Wonderland. When she arrives at the doorknob, she looks through the keyhole and sees herself asleep under a tree.

She begs herself to wake up as the angry inhabitants of Wonderland advance on her. Alice awakens to the sound of her sister asking her to recite her history lesson. The dazed Alice only spouts out some nonsensical poetry, much to her sister's exhaustion. Alice then picks up Dinah, and they all return home for tea time. From her dream, It is assumed that Alice has learned a valuable lesson of understanding the importance of logic and has therefore matured. Alice makes numerous appearances in the animated series. Alice is usually seen drinking tea with The Mad Hatter. In the opening for the show , Alice can be seen with a few other Wonderland characters at Daisy Duck 's reservation desk.

In " Big Bad Wolf Daddy ", Alice is seen singing along with several other Disney characters to the aptly-named song , but when Big Bad Wolf Daddy does another of his trumpet solos, he blows so hard that Alice's dress takes on its parachute form again as she's literally blown away by him, flying out the front doors of the House of Mouse with Meeko, Jiminy Cricket, and Pocahontas, right past a surprised and startled Max Goof. In " Gone Goofy ", Goofy accidentally served Winnie the Pooh a "Pooh-phu platter" that was meant for Alice due to the fact that it made Pooh grow when he ate some.

In " Dining Goofy ", Alice was in her gigantic state, making it difficult to order her food on a regular-sized computer which she, of course, is curious about, as she lived during a time when computers, as we know them at least, didn't exist. A Penguin Waiter then served Alice one of her "Drink Me" bottles, returning her back to her normal size. In " Mickey vs. Shelby ", Alice was seen in the lobby with Daisy as seen in the pic on the right , asking her if the White Rabbit had come by there. Daisy replied, "Nope, sorry" and Alice continued her search, curious as to where he could have gone. The White Rabbit then hopped up onto the desk after Alice left and told Daisy, "Thanks, she's been following me.

In during which, Alice offers to teach the Mock Turtle how to make jello for an upcoming party. Alice made recurring appearances in the live-action wrap-around skits alongside the other costumed characters and celebrity guests. Alice appears as the main protagonist of the TV series and is portrayed by Elisabeth Harnois. Alice is an average preteen, often facing problems in school, with her little brother Brian or big sister Kathy , or some other issue. She often confides in her cat Dinah about her day. Alice has a special gift in that she is able to pass into Wonderland by walking through her mirror see Through the Looking-Glass.

Whenever she arrives, she helps her friends solve their problems, which in turn offers a solution to hers in the real world. When Alice was born in Victorian England, her mother died due to the complications from the birth, and her father shut down emotionally from the loss. As a young girl, Alice falls into a rabbit hole one day which takes her to a mystical place called Wonderland. When she returns home to her father Edwin, he tells her rather curtly that everyone thought she was dead. She regales her father with stories about her fantastic adventures in the curious land she visited, but he brushes them off as a child's fantasies. From that day forward, Alice becomes determined to prove that Wonderland is real to her father.

She frequently revisits Wonderland for proof of its existence to her father. As she grows into a lovely young woman, she angers Cora, the Queen of Hearts who sends her guards after her. During one encounter with the Queen's guards, she shrinks herself down, and she hides in a strange bottle. Within she encounters Cyrus , a handsome genie with whom she develops an instant rapport. The two begin to have many adventures in Wonderland and over time the two fall in love. He later proposes to Alice shortly before the Red Queen apparently, murders him.

She then returns home, distraught over her loss, only to be introduced to her father's new wife Sarah and daughter Millie. Still recalling Wonderland, Edwin and Sarah suggest a doctor to Alice as the only other positive option. She reluctantly complies and is brought to Bethlem Asylum by Dr. Alice is informed by Dr. Lydgate that there is a new treatment that will take away her memories of Wonderland, to which she agrees to undertake.

The morning of the procedure, the Knave and Percy the White Rabbit arrive at the asylum, telling Alice that Cyrus is alive. The three escape, journeying through a rabbit hole back to Wonderland. It is later revealed that Percy was forced to bring Alice back to Wonderland by the Red Queen to keep her updated on her actions and whereabouts. In addition, Agrabahian sorcerer Jafar is shown to have an interest in Alice, keeping the secret of saving Cyrus from being murdered by the Red Queen. Alice, the Knave, and Percy continue their journey to find Cyrus, following Alice's discovery of his amulet.

Despite promising to Cyrus she will not use her wishes, she is gradually manipulated by Jafar who forces her to use them to save the ones she loves. She uses her first wish if the Knave dies, she should die also when Jafar nearly strangles the Knave to death, and her second to return her father to England in the Victorian Era-themed world that Alice is from when her father is brought to Wonderland by Jafar and thrown to his death by him, saving him.

Alice and Cyrus are later reunited upon his escape. Alice reluctantly orders Percy to dig a hole to take the group away from the curse, though a lightning bolt rebounds from the Red Queen's genie bottle and injures the Knave. Because of Alice's first wish, she temporarily dies in Cyrus' arms until the Knave makes Alice's final wish by wishing for her suffering to stop. Alice awakens and learns that the Knave has freed Cyrus from his genie status, though the Knave trades his place within the bottle. They realize that Jafar's staff is actually Cyrus' mother, Amara , transformed by Jafar.

The two attack the palace as Alice frees the Sultan and Amara battles Jafar. Cyrus is mortally wounded, forcing Amara to help Jafar rewrite the rules of magic to save him. Alice organizes an army of former soldiers to attack Jafar's army of resurrected fighters. She is captured with Jafar threatening to go back in time and make sure Alice never meets Cyrus, but she refuses to give in. Alice escapes with help from the Red Queen and races to the Well of Wonders where Cyrus is about to return the waters he stole and break the genie curse.

Jafar confronts them to take the water himself which is what Alice planned as Nyx punishes Jafar for his theft by making him a genie and imprisoning him in a bottle. With Jafar defeated, Cyrus and Alice decide that it is finally time to leave Wonderland. Alice brings Cyrus with her to England, and there the two prepare for their wedding. Many of their friends from Wonderland, as well as Cyrus' brothers, are in attendance, as well as Alice's Step-Mother and Half-Sister, who finally accept her into the family.

Before the ceremony, Edwin shares a tender moment with his daughter, explaining how proud he is of her, the woman she's become, and how glad he is to welcome Cyrus into the family. He thanks her for the experience they had in Wonderland together, though, for a time, he thought it a dream, namely forgiveness. Finally, after all the strife, Alice and Cyrus are joined as husband and wife in a ceremony overseen by The White Rabbit.

After the wedding, Alice bids farewell to her new brothers-in-law, who return to Agrabah, and her many friends from Wonderland. She thanks The White Rabbit for all the wonderful adventures he led her to. The White Rabbit assures her that she discovered what Wonderland was all about, finding the confidence and purpose within oneself. With a farewell, Percy opens the Rabbit Hole. As Alice and Cyrus look upon Will and Anastasia and prepares to say goodbye to her friends, Anastasia insists that they don't say farewell as the four of them will all meet again in the future. As they begin to part ways, Alice calls after Will. She runs into his arms and warmly embraces her closest friend, thanking him for everything.

The film is a softcore erotic comedy with orchestrated musical numbers which move the plot forward, and contribute to the film's humor. After premiering in a longer version, three minutes were edited from the film, and it was rated R by the MPAA , and released theatrically by General National, a company formed by producers Jason Williams and William Osco, due to other distributors being unwilling to distribute a sex film. After rejecting the advances of her boyfriend, William Ron Nelson , mousy librarian Alice falls asleep reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

The White Rabbit appears to her in a dream and she follows him into Wonderland. Finding herself in a room and too large to fit through the small door, Alice drinks a potion which causes her to shrink while her dress remains the same size, leaving her naked. While chasing the White Rabbit, she falls into a river and begins to drown, but is saved by a group of local inhabitants. After making friends with them, Alice is given a new albeit very revealing dress before setting off after the White Rabbit again.

While walking through the woods, she begins to experiment with her sexuality by stripping naked and masturbating. The White Rabbit happens upon her and takes her to meet the Mad Hatter. After being initially uncomfortable when the Mad Hatter exposes his penis to her, Alice ultimately performs fellatio on him. She is then called to assist Humpty Dumpty , who has fallen off a wall, causing him to lose the ability to achieve an erection. The situation is rectified when Alice performs fellatio on Dumpty as well.

She is then taken to meet siblings Tweedledee and Tweedledum , whom she watches having passionate but incestuous intercourse. On the way, they come across a couple having sex in an open field; Alice chastises them, but she is ignored. At the royal court, the King of Hearts converses with Alice, speaking with her about self-empowerment and ignoring the judgements of others; he ultimately seduces her. The Queen of Hearts suddenly appears, catching Alice and the King in bed together. A hurried trial is held and Alice is "convicted" of being a virgin. As punishment, the Queen orders Alice to have sex with her. A number of sexual escapades ensue among various characters as Alice prepares to carry out her sentence, including a brief lesbian encounter between Alice and the Queen's maids.

Alice and the Queen engage in lesbian sex, but, as a result of the cunnilingus she receives from Alice, the Queen experiences an orgasm so strong, it briefly incapacitates her. Waking from her dream and thereby returning to the real world, Alice meets William again. Having experienced a sexual awakening while in Wonderland, Alice accepts William's advances and they have sex in the library. In a closing sequence, Alice travels through Wonderland naked before she and William set off toward their new home, where they live "happily ever after".

Actor and director Jason Williams conceived the idea of producing an adult reimagining of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll , proposing that it be an "X-rated musical" following in the style of the sex comedy Flesh Gordon , in which he had starred. Production took place in New York City. Williams ran an ad in the Village Voice seeking auditions for an "X-rated musical", instructing that applicants "must be able to sing and dance". Townsend, whom Williams had met auditioning for his horror film Terror at Red Wolf Inn , was a prolific director of television commercials. Though Townsend had never directed a sex film before, he was hired to helm Alice in Wonderland , along with his wife, Patty, who served as the script supervisor.

Juliet Graham auditioned for the role of Alice, but was offered the role of the Queen of Hearts instead, which she accepted. The lack of established diagnostic criteria or large-scale epidemiological studies, low awareness of the syndrome, and the unstandardized diagnosis criteria and definition for Alice in Wonderland syndrome means that the exact prevalence of the syndrome is currently unknown. One study on 3, adolescents in Japan demonstrated the occurrence of macropsia and micropsia to be 6. Studies showed that younger males age range of 5 to 14 years were 2.

Conversely, female students to year-olds showed a significantly greater prevalence. Alice in Wonderland syndrome is more frequently seen in children and young adults. Research is still being expanded upon and developed on this syndrome in a multitude of different regions and specialties. The syndrome is sometimes called Todd's syndrome, in reference to an influential description of the condition in by Dr. Todd discovered that several of his patients experienced severe headaches causing them to see and perceive objects as greatly out of proportion.

In addition, they had altered sense of time and touch, as well as distorted perceptions of their own body. Despite having migraine headaches, none of these patients had brain tumors, damaged eyesight, or mental illness that could have accounted for these and similar symptoms. They were also all able to think lucidly and could distinguish hallucinations from reality, however, their perceptions were distorted. Todd speculated that Carroll had used his own migraine experiences as a source of inspiration for his famous novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Carroll's diary reveals that in he consulted William Bowman, an eminent ophthalmologist , about the visual manifestations of the migraines he regularly experienced. In , he wrote that he had "experienced, for the second time, that odd optical affection of seeing moving fortifications, followed by a headache". In the story, Alice experiences several strange feelings that overlap with the characteristics of the syndrome, such as slowing time perception. In chapter two of Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland , Alice's body shrinks after drinking from a bottle labeled "DRINK ME", after which she consumed a cake that made her so large that she almost touched the ceiling.

These symptoms have been reported before in scientific literature, including World War I and II soldiers with occipital lesions, so Todd understood that he was not the first person to discover this phenomenon. Additionally, as early as , other researchers such as Coleman and Lippman had compared these symptoms to the story of Alice in Wonderland. Caro Lippman was the first to hypothesize that the bodily changes that Alice encounters mimicked those of Lewis Carroll 's migraine symptoms.

Others suggest that Carroll may have familiarized himself with these distorted perceptions through his knowledge of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Alice in Wonderland syndrome's symptom of micropsia has also been related to Jonathan Swift's novel Gulliver's Travels. It has been referred to as "Lilliput sight" and "Lilliputian hallucination", a term coined by British physician Raoul Leroy in Alice in Wonderland syndrome was named after Lewis Carroll 's famous 19th-century novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

In the story, Alice, the titular character, experiences numerous situations similar to those of micropsia and macropsia. The thorough descriptions of metamorphosis clearly described in the novel were the first of their kind to depict the bodily distortions associated with the condition. There is some speculation that Carroll may have written the story using his own direct experience with episodes of micropsia resulting from the numerous migraines he was known to suffer from.

The condition is diagnosed in the season 8 episode Risky Business. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help to improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: Symptoms in several categories, dubious claims, fluffery and lack of objectivism e. Please help improve this article if you can. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Medical condition. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. ISBN Karger AG, 42 : —, doi : Retrieved Br J Ophthalmol. PMC PMID Serendip Studio, Bryn Mawr College. Archived from the original on November 9, Retrieved 25 November Minerva Medica. ISSN The New York Times. Archived from the original on 6 September Journal of NeuroVirology. S2CID Pediatric Neurology. Neurology: Clinical Practice. Stefan Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences.

PMC In " Gone Goofy ", Goofy character in alice in wonderland served Winnie the Character in alice in wonderland a "Pooh-phu platter" that was meant for Alice due to character in alice in wonderland fact that it made Pooh grow when he ate some. After Sora defeats the game's antagonist character in alice in wonderland Kingdom Hearts is sealed, Alice returns character in alice in wonderland her character in alice in wonderland, and is presumably vindicated by the Queen of Hearts for any wrongdoing after what happened with the Research Paper About The Boston Bombing.

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