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What Role Did Rainsford Play In The Most Dangerous Game

New Issues With Blood Donors. EU inflation jumps to Phobias In The Truman Show yr high in September driven mainly by surge What Role Did Rainsford Play In The Most Dangerous Game energy What Role Did Rainsford Play In The Most Dangerous Game and record shattering cost of natural gas. Marmaray rail line has The drastic increase in population What Role Did Rainsford Play In The Most Dangerous Game and is largely due to an enlargement of the city's limits see the Administration section. David's University Press. Russia plans to set network of stations to monitor permafrost in Arctic. What Role Did Rainsford Play In The Most Dangerous Game is with great attention to detail and a I Love Lucy Character Analysis grin that Ethan treats his patients. Only those countries that have experienced communism will survive. As BoJo prepares Britain for another winter of Covid restrictions, it's still not enough for the hardliners.

Most Dangerous Game

Broadway show for 'black-identifying' audiences only - And that's not racist? OBiden Gets devastating economic news. AL schools facing unprecedented food shortage. Pathologists reveal astonishing results of investigation into ten deaths linked to the Covid Vaccines. Whistleblower Lawsuit! From 'healthcare heroes' to 2nd-class zeroes NY hospitals sack their unvaxed employees as police state jaws snap shut. Russia's Gazprom-Media launches domestic competitor to wildly popular Chinese video sharing social network TikTok. Requests for gas supplies to Europe met in full, Gazprom says. Moscow ready to discuss Ukraine's resumption of direct gas purchases if needed - Kremlin. Brits unimpressed with Boris Johnson's plans for 'galactic Britain' amid benefit cuts.

France makes 'drastic' decision to cull visas for Maghreb nationals over region's refusal to 'take back people that we don't want'. Student who egged French President Macron during Lyon fair visit sent to psychiatric ward. Just half of children in England want a Covid vaccine, major survey. Petrol crisis will cause spike in Covid cases if commuters go back to public transport. Moscow not expecting any sweeping changes in Germany's policy toward Russia — envoy. Embattled Belarusian leader Lukashenko says constitutional vote to help smooth his exit from office to be held within 6 months. Man in Russia charged with 'hooliganism' after badly beating male dermatologist who said hijab-wearing wife's skin was 'beautiful'.

Moscow ranks among top four cities in world to live report labels Russian capital a 'cultural gold mine'. Japan confirms it will lift Covid state of emergencies in all regions on Thursday. The myth of 'trans-Atlantic' unity is causing the EU to be America's lapdog in its war on Chinese tech. US invented 'hostage diplomacy' says Beijing, claims foreigners are safe in China after Spavor, Kovrig release. Australia's astonishing tyranny keeps growing. Ivermectin ban sparks row between medical professionals in Australia. WHO officials 'horrified' after report blames Congo sex abuse claims on 'structural failures' at UN agency.

Wooldridge - Six Major Passes Massive fireball disintegrates at 32, mph over North Carolina. Pfizer CEO predicts 'annual re-vaccinations'. How the Spike Protein Injures the Heart. These people are sick from the Vax, Of course. Remember Russian who said there's a tracking number created by the kill shot and then we have seen unique computer codes being recorded on mobile devices?

New, Murderous monster NY Governor calls in National Guard to staff hospitals after she ordered all non lethally injected medical staff terminated. Canadian nurses say many are dying after getting Vaxed while hospitals are filled with the fully-vaxed. Doctor speaks out after being left 'horribly ill' and 'incapacitated' due to the Pfizer Vox. AZ people petitioning gov for medical freedom. Gold 1, Bitcoin 0. How Washington hustled up the foundations of a global electronic kraken. Winter is coming - European gas prices soar as demand peaks. UK Met Police upgrades 'massively invasive' face recognition tech net over London, but data watchdog warns of 'public trust' cost.

Hungary inks new gas supply agreement with Russia, bypassing Ukraine. Dutch PM receives extra security on high alert over fears of Moroccan Mafia kidnapping plot. Russia now in 'negotiations' to recognize foreign Covid vaccines as 'fourth wave' hits country, breaking previous death records. Russia needs contingency plan to respond to risks like coronavirus pandemic, says Putin. S Korea to offer Covid jabs to Yr Olds, pregnant women and boosters for elderly.

China warns US using human rights as 'pretext' for more anti-Russia sanctions, as Beijing publicly backs Moscow in new standoff. Shouldn't Britain focus on its 'difficult winter'? Australian public health strategy He is leaving his house! Indian farmers return to hold nationwide protests against last year's agriculture laws. US tells Iran to give UN atomic watchdog access to centrifuge components workshop As US troops continue to quietly occupy Syria's oil fields, Russia-Turkey talks could help bring calm to nation devastated by war. Landslide On La Palma. La Palma update for - Large coastal landslide - Airport reopens - Seismicity decrease and deflation. Like This Nurse Did. For Now.

Obama-appointed Communist judge rules ban on sanctuary cities 'unconstitutional'. Untruths In Forrestal Book Review. Top tennis pro quits ATP season after getting Vaxed UK transport minister adds fuel to fire by saying there will be no fuel shortage if Brits just stop queuing at petrol stations. England's cancer treatment backlog could take 'decades' to clear after Covid pandemic crippled patient care. CIA was ready to wage gun battle in London streets against Russian operatives to kill or snatch Assange bombshell report claims. Lunatic UK Labor leader says it's 'not right' to claim only women have cervixes. Iceland's ruling coalition retains power as women win majority of seats in parliament for 1st time in European history.

Make more babies! Orban's gang of 4 on EU collision course after rejecting immigration in favour of pro-family policies. EU sticks to colonial paradigm of world order Russian diplomat. Putin consulted specialists in advance before approving e-voting - Kremlin spokesman. Kiev unwillingness to comply with Minsk-2 is obstacle to Putin-Zelensky meeting - Kremlin.

The 'Great Game' Moves On. Powerful 5. Aussie PM offers lockdown-frustrated people 'gift' of getting their lives back but with QR codes And other measures in place. New lava lake appears in the crater of the Nyiragongo volcano in eastern DR Congo. Buyer's Remorse? Jews in the Biden Administration. Booster confusion takes hold as Biden announces expanded eligibility. Armed citizen takes down active shooter outside fitness center. Sworn Austin Police Cops to stop responding to non-emergency calls. Wigington - Fires, floods, climate engineering, crop collapse and covid Labor shortage forcing FedEx to reroute hundreds of thousands of packages per day.

We can't even freely debate Islam without being accused of Islamophobia -British universities becoming cancel-culture prisons. Hello, Nessie! French doctor arrested, dragged out of his home for prescribing ivermectin to covid patients. Biden's Border Lies. Oakland schools become first in Northern California to mandate student vaccines. UFOs and the Boundaries of Science. Poland has no power to veto certification of Nord Stream 2 — Germany. NHS hiring actors to play Covid patients and care home residents. The Church of Navalny - Western media fan club are damaging Russia's opposition with their religious like faith in jailed activist. Opposition figures in Moscow cry foul after city's election monitors find 'no trace of tampering' in parliamentary vote count.

Aussie Cossack military police are occupying the Marriot hotel Sydney. Australian police 'probe' video of cop throwing man on floor reportedly leaving him 'unconscious' amid Melbourne protests. Three dead in Delhi courtroom shootout as gangsters, dressed as lawyers, open fire on rival boss at hearing - Video. Dharma Driven Celestial Souls. House Democrats vote to codify Roe vs Wade legalize abortion on demand. Hospitals are killing health freedom advocates by denying them life-saving treatments.

Michael Yeadon Talks With Dr. Bitcoin plummets after China intensifies cryptocurrency crackdown - CNN. More 'noise' but it is rather obvious China has dozens of war games scenarios to take Oz La Palma eruption update for Sept 22nd in videos and pictures. How Satanic Does It Get? Experts Say Not So Fast. Will they Add Bad Breath Next? The Lizard says Chicago workers must pledge allegiance to the 'new world order'. How the CDC used the movie 'Contagion' to exploit the anthrax plot and increase their staff and budgets. Will Gov Inslee's mandates down the power grid? Death By Remdesivir. Despite growing concerns about China, Russia is still 'the primary military threat' to Washington, says senior US commander. Germany scraps Covid quarantine compensation for unvaccinated workers.

UK energy regulator's boss left in darkness as he tells Parliament lights will stay on in winter amid surging gas prices - Video. Why did Boris go along with Biden's absurd mask play-acting? US demands Russia boost natural gas deliveries to Europe through Ukraine. Moscow to conduct recount of electronic voting after opposition accuses authorities of rigging weekend parliamentary election. Attempt to kill Ukrainian adviser was meant to intimidate government, aide alleges as Kremlin rejects claim of Russian involvement. Aussie police line up with shotguns and fire into crowd gathering peacefully at the war memorial.

Oz Cops fired in 2 weeks if they don't get vaxed. Police fire rubber bullets at anti-vax protesters in Melbourne as demonstrators storm war memorial. Paying more for household bills? Blame Russia's meddling in gas markets, Western commentators say, even if the facts don't hold up. Talking tough on Russia but doing deals with Moscow, Merkel played both sides. Germany's next leader may be more confrontational. Russia has no plans to use Nord Stream 2 as geopolitical instrument, says ministry. Germany says Russia is fulfilling its obligations under European gas supply agreements.

Over 1. France to return ambassador to Washington after Biden's call to Macron in wake of major military contract snub. Vaccines Failing Against Serious Disease Data From Israel Suggests. Iran does not 'waste time,' won't accept 'unconstructive' US behavior in nuclear negotiations, foreign minister says. Cymatics - Science vs Music. Strong 6. Cars dragged through Spanish streets after heavy rainfall causes flash floods - Videos. Climate Night Cringeathon - Late-night 'comedians' slated for teaming up to lecture the masses on saving the planet. XR is not a protest group, but a vanity project for a liberal middle class that soon won't exist at all.

Biden Wearing A Biden Mask? Forced Lethally Injected Univ of Ottawa football player, 25, dies 'shortly after' season opener from deadly Covid Kill Shot 'side effects'. Tokamak reactors to facilitate transition to green nuclear energy. Students craving mask mandates are typical of the new breed of safety obsessives created by lockdown. Russian economy recovered despite unstable global situation - Putin. Crimean Shipyard floats out advanced missile corvette for Russian Navy. Russia will never revise its stance on Crimea at all, insists Kremlin. Magnitude 5. Double-vaxxed Australian Olympic champion swimmer Madison Wilson 'scared' after being hospitalized with Covid in Italy.

Official documents show Australia had warned France for years that submarine deal was in danger. UK says it will take all possible steps to extradite Skripal suspects, as Moscow claims London shifting blame for 'Novichok' case. If Australia's brutal response to lockdown protests was happening elsewhere, hypocritical Canberra would be demanding sanctions. The folly of teaching Afghan women about Duchamp's porcelain urinal and conceptualism shows the West has nothing to teach anyone. How do you deal with the Taliban? Sudan thwarts military coup attempt, officials say, after soldiers reportedly tried to seize army HQ and state radio - Video. Crackdown on goading is attempt to 'control black bodies' claims journalist.

Reinventing the deliciously female Jessica Rabbit is a step too far from the joyless revisionists who are destroying Disney. Want Less Stress? Try Kindness. At Least. Instant Clotting! More Vax 'Side Effects'. New Issues With Blood Donors. FDA panel overwhelmingly rejects Pfizer booster for healthy people 16 and older. Except Invaders Crashing The Border. Nearly 1, Americans Still Trapped in Afghanistan. It's A Fourth Turning What Did You Expect? The Afghanistization of America. Covid Is A Financial Coup Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression, Part 2. How About Looting Them.

At least 6 students killed in shooting at university in Russia. A hydropower station collapsed in China, landslides occurred and buildings collapsed. Oz state's 'roadmap to freedom' suggests only vaxed people can go to church. Oak Second Largest Province, Sindh, to arrest unvaxed citizens. Netanyahu suggests Biden fell asleep meeting Bennett in Facebook video.

Benefits Of Inhaled Molecular Hydrogen. Hydroxygen HHO for Respiratory infection. The American West is running out of water and Big Oil, of all things, can help fix it. All Of Antarctica Is Cooling Vaccines in your salad? Scientists growing medicine-filled plants to replace injections. NOT Covid Patients. Obviously because Of Indoor Shedding Threat. Abbott To Send In Troopers. How Can You Fight This? Generation Gray Goo. Brutal Child Torture In Australia. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler seeks funds to rehire retired police officers.

Long Covid? More Like Middle-Class Hypochondria. No, Bloomberg, Amazon's 'factory towns' will NOT solve inequality, they will be satanic mills for the working class. Listen to Politicians Telling You. University can truck off I'm telling my kids to swap school for life on the open road. Labour MP rallies support after 'trans activists' allegedly scare her away from party conference. Bank of China - Beijing to steadily expand cross-border use of yuan in China's cash-strapped developer Evergrande starts repaying wealth product investors with property.

PM Morrison says he 'doesn't regret' canceling submarines deal with France. AUKUS submarine deal shows UK's readiness to be 'hard-headed' in defending own interest, new foreign secretary insists. Never Ending Injections For Australia. India plans to reopen for international tourism within 10 days, reports say, will issue free visas to first , travelers. Amazing animal rescues - Goat and rooster save chicken from hawk attack. Why beavers were parachuted into the Idaho wilderness 73 years ago. The Colorful World of Edible Flowers. Pfizer vax kills Far more people than it saves. Chossudovsky - Yes, it's a Killer Vaccine. Holy CGI Will Communists Destroy America? Milley's Secret Talks With China. Tara Reade - 'He told me to remove my swimsuit, I complied because he was a policeman.

I was only 13 and scared frozen'. Chris Christie family bar mitzvah blamed for Covid 'outbreak' that caused return to virtual learning for NJ school — reports. Several injured after car rams into restaurant terrace in France's Fontainebleau. The so-called 'cradle of the revolution' against Assad has been liberated — the West's campaign to topple him is all but over. CDC allows hospitals to classify dead vaccinated people as 'unvaccinated deaths'. Biden's So-called Vaccine Mandates Judge Napolitano. Chicago man sets fire to building, live-streams it.

Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases. Covid 19 - I Am Afraid. Conservative activist Laura Loomer tests positive for Covid, calls vaccines 'unsafe' as critics celebrate 'karma' getting her. Here are the Harms. Global status of greenback shrinking as countries look to trade in alt currencies - Bank Of Russia. One of China's biggest property developers on brink of bankruptcy. France suspends 3, unvaccinated health workers. Prince William urges humanity 'not to give up' in the face of climate change.

Europe to begin heating season with gas deficit in storage facilities — Gazprom. Appeals court overturns controversial ruling on child gender treatment in UK - doctors CAN prescribe puberty blockers to unders. Black Somali asylum seeker stabs 5 in Italy, slashes 6 year old's throat. Putin welcomes granting SCO dialogue partner status to three countries. America's evacuation of troops from Afghanistan looked more like a 'downright escape' than a 'hasty withdrawal' - Putin.

Russian elections - Communists set sights on major gains, but Western pundits are already dusting off their 'rigged vote' rhetoric. Chinese space station builders safely return to Earth after breaking national record in orbit. Ebola 'defeated' after 40 year-fight against a 'terrifying and deadly disease,' professor who discovered virus declares. The Republicans should interrogate Gen. Ted Broer Talks With Dr. Lee Meritt. The 'Accidental' And 'Coincidental' Plandemic.

What's Up? Cumbre Vieja Tsunami Simulation - Watch. The La Palma Mega Tsunami. Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate. RT's digital content project Redfish laments 'censorship' after Facebook blocks it on Instagram without proper explanation. Russia's parliament threatens to increase fines for American tech giants after Google fails to comply with country's internet laws.

We cannot afford to stop and start society depending on whether or not the wind may blow. France suspends 3, healthcare workers for failing to take the Kill shot — health minister. Moscow expects Canberra to comply with obligations as nuclear-free country - diplomat. The stunning betrayal of France by America over nuclear subs for Australia signals a huge geopolitical shift in US strategy.

Europe's top human rights organization calls on Poland to change criminal definition of rape. Putin tells CSTO summit by video. Team Navalny wants Russians to vote for the once-hated Communists instead of liberal pro-Western candidates. India may buy Russian S anti-space-weapon defense system in world-first arms deal, despite risk of US sanctions, Moscow claims. President Rodrigo Duterte declares ICC 'no longer has jurisdiction' over Philippines after it launches probe into his war on drugs.

Special Forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Pakistan conduct joint military drills for first time ever - Video. Several missiles fall near Kabul power plant. Ex-Soviet states set to beef up joint military missions on Afghan border to head off risk of instability after US Kabul withdrawal. Why Americans Die So Much. Don't Surrender to the Pandemic Control Freaks. The unmistakable ivermectin miracle in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Oz Nuclear Submarines Diplomat - If US tech giants fail to show up at upper house, it's an admission of meddling. Russia running out of oil?

Profitable reserves may last only another 20 years, Moscow says, citing improved tech as only solution. UK inflation sees highest increase on record after dramatic spike caused by heavily discounted eat-out incentive scheme. As BoJo prepares Britain for another winter of Covid restrictions, it's still not enough for the hardliners. Russia to preserve its superiority in hypersonic weapons - Deputy PM Borisov. Russia demands answers from US ambassador over 'election interference,' as Moscow says it has proof of 'serious' sabotage efforts. Russia-EU relations to deteriorate if EP does not acknowledge elections — diplomat. Is it OK to buy a fake Covid vax certificate?

Almost a third of Russians think it's perfectly fine. Russia is not going to share responsibility for West-triggered migration crises — Lavrov. Western media claimed Sochi would be post Olympic ghost town - Now, Russian city's mayor reveals population has doubled in a decade. Organizers of gas pipeline explosion in Crimea threatened their agents with murder.

Ukraine must stop begging for money from Wes because countries with great history should have 'dignity', says Russia's Lavrov. S Korea hails successful test of sub-launched ballistic missile, after two N Korean projectiles land off Japan. ICC backs probe into Philippines 'war on drugs' despite Manilla warning foreigners to stay out of it. Iran's atomic energy chief vows to boost nuclear science despite efforts of 'enemies' to curb Tehran's advancement. Two-faced Facebook's hypocrisy on freedom of speech reveals it is now a clear and present danger to democracy. Twitter dodges election-meddling complaint over suppressing 'unsubstantiated' Hunter laptop story. Steve Wozniak's space venture seemingly set to focus on cleaning up garbage Bezos, Branson And Musk leave behind.

I will never trust another doctor. Still no need for Nord Stream 2? European gas prices hit decade high. Let's see how Sputnik V works 'in real life' Putin reveals he had close contact with Covid infected person 'for a whole day'. India should vaccinate its own people first rather than let the US co-opt it into its anti-China jab diplomacy. Again - Where We Are Now. Covid's Willing Executioners. Fauci says he would support vaccine requirement for air travel. NV Clark County School District experiencing massive increase in staffing shortages after vaccine mandate was announced.

Local media Across US are Among worst liars. I'm a 17 year old black American who refuses to go Communist woke. Steve Bannon recorded 15 hours of never seen interview footage with Jeffrey Epstein. Americans inflation fears hit another high in August as prices continue to climb. Social Security trust fund will die in European gas prices hit another record high on low supply. OPEC predicts demand for all fuel types to surpass pre-pandemic level in What's Wrong With Gold? Boris 'dead set' against ANY more lockdowns as he rips up Covid rules and unveils winter plan. UK govt scraps Covid vaccine deal with French company Valneva over 'breach'.

France moves to dissolve 'racist' Black African Defense League following violence. Macron's disgraced security aide stands before Paris court for assaulting protesters in Putin arrives in Nizhny Novgorod to attend Zapad drills. Iskander tactical missile systems strike mock enemy's objects at Zapad drills. Watch Russian airborne troops make nighttime assault landing at Russian-Belarusian war games. Uran-9, Nerekhta robots used in troops formations for first time at Zapad drills. North Korea fires new deadly long-range missile hitting target 1, miles away. Japan warns citizens of possible attack in Southeast Asia, puzzling Many Countries. China set to launch locally made mRNA vaccine. Oz Victorian Paramedics refuse Vaccines. Dozens die of dengue fever in India's Uttar Pradesh, with cases of the mosquito-borne virus also reported in Delhi.

Over inmates freed as raiders blow up Nigerian prison fence, killing two. Charles Hoffe - Great Video Where We Are Now. Biden orders condemn millions federal workers and contractors to DIE via killer covid 'vaccines' that still aren't even approved by the FDA. Biden's Total Financial Surveillance. Communist Liberals selling smug. Newsom's wife of attempting to 'bribe And silence' actress about Weinstein. Palast - My Own Forever War.

Grotesque conflicts of interest on NIH ivermectin non-recommendation. Austrian Actress Says 'No! Nicola Sturgeon urged to axe vaccine passports after Boris Johnson scraps plans for similar scheme. Sajid Javid warns of possible bad flu season due to concerning levels of immunity following COVID restrictions last winter. Portugal judge standing up against police. Czech Republic might have to destroy 45, AZ doses as demand for the Death jab dies.

Scotland's push to make sexism a crime is being steered by a group of biased feminists who want to re-socialise us. The post-war Jewish Killers who plotted to murder 6 Million Germans by poisoning their water supplies. Rosatom Says Will start setting up wind power stations across Russia. Iran allows International Atomic Energy Agency to use monitoring equipment at its nuclear sites after meeting in Tehran. US sues to block Texas abortion ban It's Now Or Never'. Map of states that won't comply With Kill Shot Mandates. Oxford Professor - 'This vaccine does Not prevent transmission'. Proposal would ban dishonorable discharges for military members who refuse Kill Shots. Hospital to stop delivering babies after staff resigns instead of getting Kill Shot.

Unvaxed Nevadans explain decisions. Grocery prices headed higher says Kroger. Pot, kettle, president? Ukraine's Zelensky talks of Russian 'authoritarianism,' while tearing apart his own country's democracy. EU should pay attention to Kiev after Zelensky's war remarks - Russian speaker. Australia purchases 1M Moderna doses as its 3d most populous state narrowly avoids lockdown. Coronavirus in Australia by the numbers. France refuses to recognize Taliban government. Psaki says vax mandates are for Americans, not Invaders at the southern border! Icke - Words In Your Mind PCR Inventor Dr. Australian regulator bans Ivermectin as Covid treatment after sharp rise in prescriptions.

Biden's mandatory vaccine order may lead America straight to another Civil War. Feds purge records of billions worth of military equipment Given To Taliban. Get Vaxed, Get Out of Jail? Protect the homeland? Afghans come to The US with Absolutely no paperwork. The politicisation of the UK and US judiciaries is a concerning development. Hedges - We Americans kill with an inchoate fury The evil we do is the evil we get. Stephen King admits his widely-shared inflated number of Florida Covid deaths wrong, takes pot-shot at Gov. DeSantis 'failure'. The Voice of God Weapon Returns. With Eye-Watering Energy Bills.

Russia may set record in new housing supply in Exports of Russian aluminum see 10x surge in July. BioNTech 'preparing production' of Covid vaccine for children under 12, which may be approved in Europe next month — media. Sturgeon says Covid passports might be only way to avoid fresh lockdown. Pub landlady turns away her OWN daughter from the bar because she has not had Vax. Did Vaccines Really Eliminate Polio?

Austria furious over 'massive threat' to aviation security after Hungarian NATO flight takes nosedive over its territory. Food exports from Russia keep surging as Turkey and Europe ramp up purchases. War on Russian mass media declared by West - Lavrov. Moscow expects US Embassy to report real reason for Sullivan's summoning — diplomat. Lockdown looms over Australia's Queensland after five local Covid infections Claimed. Australian police force group raises thousands to legally challenge Covid vax mandate.

Situation in Afghanistan threatens Russia with new round of migration crisis. US veteran dies after hospital refuses to Give court-ordered ivermectin treatment. Interview With Funeral Director. Here's the chilling reality of what daily life might look like under a social-credit system in a so-called democracy. OBiden sues Texas, seeking to block new abortion ban.

It's Never going back to normal, Obviously. Texas Doctor Warns Florida and Others Feds May Ration Monoclonal Antibodies. Mercedes new car 'reads driver's mind' in 'milestone of merging man and machine'. Massive 6. The Beginning of China's Economic Collapse? Gold Leads the Way for Silver. Furious Europeans Protest Electricity Hyperinflation. Italian police warn of armed attacks by anti vaxxers at protests, eight people under investigation. France to extend its birth-control support program, offering free contraception to women until they turn Hungary blasts 'arrogant' Brussels over move to penalize Poland for judicial reform, accuses EU of empire-building.

Hungary and Serbia will 'rebuild' Central Europe and 'protect' it from waves of immigration — Orban. Belarus set to refuse illegal migrants deported from European Union countries, as Lukashenko ramps up refugee border row with West. Like Afghanistan, Russia's almost-finished Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline shows that the US can no longer bend the world to its will. Cosmonauts on ISS wake up to smell of smoke And burning plastic as fire alarm goes off on aging Russian 'Zvezda' module. Unclear how situation in Afghanistan will affect regional, global security - Putin. WW3 fears as China ramps up island 'invasion' war games and Taiwan develops new 'carrier killer' warship.

China threatens to send warships inside US territorial waters. China endorses the Taliban government in Afghanistan. China govt to crack down on underground private tutoring market. George Soros, one of the world's most hated billionaires, is so wrong about China. Japan's Covid state of emergency to be extended until end of September. Australians shocked after NSW health officer says post-lockdown Sydney will be a 'new world order'. New Zealand PM says hospital visitors should not have sex with patients during pandemic — or any other time.

Russian, Israeli militaries to continue exchanging information on Syria - Lavrov. Iran Draws a Red Line for the Taliban. State Dept voices concerns over all-male Taliban government. Four Taliban members swapped for Bowe Bergdahl are now in Afghan govt. Around foreigners, including Americans, fly out of Kabul in first large-scale departure since US ends troop withdrawal. Afghan invasion was never a 'good war' it was always an imperialist project. Gratitude: Living in the Tender Space. Unelected idiot sock puppet Biden Reads 'I'm supposed to stop and walk out' Now.

What is Antibody Dependent Enhancement? If you Don't know, here is the Answer. WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu and is likely here to stay - Gosh! Our Lives Literally Depend on It'. NYC to release 'worst kind of criminals' from Rikers Island early. Americans swam through sewage canals in an attempt to escape Kabul. Patriot Militia Groups are scaring the hell out of the enemy within. Wooldridge - Mr. Authoritarianism Pandemic is the Real Threat. Dixie Fire is California's biggest Blaze ever. America's Deadliest Natural Disaster - the Galveston Hurricane of and the heroic efforts of meteorologist-in-charge. Statue of Robert E. Lee taken down in Virginia. Judge rejects ballot language on measure to replace Minneapolis police department.

Maricopa County was termed 'un-certifiable'. Uganda fifth-year medical student says 'this vaccine wants to take my life' is dead 14 days after AZ Shot. TikTok's algorithm is promoting sexual content to children as young as Stocks Are Suddenly Puking Most expensive home in America defaults and heads for sale. Vaccines saved , lives? Uh, no, Minister Chinese engineers confirm existence of Fkilling superweapon. Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala after after year-old dies. Worldview-Changing Drugs Poised to go Mainstream. Pay no attention to the spike proteins behind the curtain. The Coming Genocide The Mass Extermination of Humanity, Part 1. Murdered Nursing baby died with blood clots inflamed arteries following mother's Pfizer shot. Most families illegally crossing the US-Mexico border being sent back with reinstatement of Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy.

Coyotes flood US border with Ecuadorians. Landlords - Eviction moratorium will have lasting effects on tenants, neighborhoods. They Are Driving the 'Great Reset'. Peter Schiff - What Taper? Russia is not ready to recognize cryptocurrencies. With its plan to unite Eurasia from sea to sea, Russia is betting the days of total US economic supremacy are now coming to an end. Europe just experienced its hottest ever summer. Spanish wildfire that ripped through Galicia region 'clearly intentional' as blazes 'ignited simultaneously' — official.

Russia's Aeroflot suspends pilots without pay for refusing Covid Kill Shots. Russia plans to set network of stations to monitor permafrost in Arctic. Japan to purchase million doses of Novavax's Covid jab produced by country's drug-maker Takeda. South Korea becomes first nation without nuclear weapons to develop submarine-launched ballistic missile capability. Australian PM slammed for flying to see kids on Father's Day while more than half the country's fathers remained in lockdown.

Melbourne police surround synagogue as worshippers reportedly breach Covid curbs to mark The Jewish New Year. Deadlier than Covid, but less contagious - What we know about Nipah bat-borne virus threatening to become new scourge in India. Cuba vaccinates children as young as two to re-open schools amid Covid spike. Powerful 7. Taliban fighters disperse anti-Pakistan rally in Afghan capital Kabul - Video. The coup in tiny Guinea matters at a geopolitical level - The US-China 'cold war' is a race for strategic dominance of commodities. Are covid Shots mark of the beast system? State Dept accused of blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers say 'Blood is on their hands'.

US evacuates 4 more Americans from Afghanistan by overland route. College football stadiums around America erupt in anti-Biden chants - Watch. The number of children on antidepressants has soared - Is it a real crisis or one invented by psychiatrists seeking new patients? Don't sail it like I did. NY flash floods are not a slam dunk for climate change action but proof of US inability to cope with bad weather. Harvard epidemiologist says case for Covid Vax passports was just demolished. VA school board orders students to be given Kill Shots if they want to play sports. The COVID jab's ineffectiveness is leading to mutations, greater infectivity, and endless booster shots.

Platforms like TikTok are full of 'irrelevant content' that is destroying human creativity says Russian tech billionaire Durov. Unemployment Benefits For 7. Now What? Supply chain disruptions are getting worse as engineered shortages are designed to collapse economies. Aluminum price hits ten-year highs amid Guinea unrest. Businesses in British Columbia say they won't go along with vaccine passports. Denmark cancels tender for domestic Covid vaccine production to support Danish pharmaceutical company Making shots. Klarenberg - As the West stokes fears the Taliban might seize Pakistan's nukes, declassified files hint at the CIA's role in their acquisition.

Shameless Blair lectures the world on military strategy, with no word of the deceit he engineered for an illegal assault on Iraq. A convenient crisis? Moscow wants EU to justify carbon tax that could cost Russia billions by Europe Without Russian Gas Myth or Reality? Laying of last pipe of Nord Stream 2 pipeline completed, says operator. US still believes it has right to impose domestic agenda on Russia - Lavrov. German Foreign Ministry alleges Russian hackers active ahead Bundestag election. Yes three can! Petersburg council seat. Belarusian opposition figure Kolesnikova handed 11 years behind bars for role in post-election protest movement against Lukashenko. Japan's vax minister tops polls to lead govt after PM Suga steps down following criticism over His pandemic handling.

Taiwan says 19 Chinese warplanes entered Its air defense zone. Australia receives first batch of Pfizer Covid vaccines from UK swap deal. India administered more Covid jabs in August than all G7 countries put together. Statue of indigenous woman to replace Columbus monument in Mexico City. The Battle of the River Plate - Manhunt launched after 6 Palestinian militants escape high-security Israeli prison by tunnel through drainage system.

Israel carried out airstrikes near Damascus. Journalists did not meet own accuracy standards when insinuating Douma attack informant was motivated by money, BBC admits. Afghan resistance rejects Taliban claims of gaining 'full control' of Panjshir province. Military overthrows Guinean President following rigged election. Guinean top diplomat cancels visit to Moscow amid internal situation. Fully Vaxed With Pfizer? How to calculate dosage from equine ivermectin paste Note - This is allegedly verified by Dr. Lee Merritt. Vax passport legislation shut down in CA as disgraced governor Newsom recall Nears. Hurricane Larry could be even stronger than Ida as it barrels towards Bermuda and could cause deadly rip currents along the East Coast next week.

Vaccine Voodoo. WH warns US 'not adequately prepared' to handle future pandemics without new strategy. Amazon's dreadful new movie Cinderella is woke, feminist nonsense intended to indoctrinate, brainwash young girls. Desperate Money Printing Leads to Depression. As a doctor, here's my message to anyone who thinks it's OK to deny medical treatment to those unvaccinated against Covid. Children can get Covid vaccine even if their parents are opposed, UK minister says. UK mulls introduction of vaccine passports at large venues to avoid another Covid lockdown, vaccines minister says.

Jason works his way into Hoyt's confidence, until Hoyt eventually invites him and Sam to a poker night. After making a plan to kill Hoyt, Sam and Jason sit down at the poker game, but Hoyt stabs Sam in the throat and kills him; Hoyt knew that they were both traitors. After Jason gets one of his fingers cut by Hoyt, the two have a knife fight, with Jason emerging victorious, killing Hoyt. Jason then goes to rescue Riley; he receives a call from Liza, but the signal is cut before she can say anything. Jason rescues Riley and the two escape by helicopter. They fly to Dr. Earnhardt's house, but find it burning and the doctor dying on the ground. With his last words, he tells them that the house was attacked by the Rakyat, and that they have their friends.

Jason and Riley arrive at the Rakyat Temple. Jason asks Citra why his friends were captured, but she sprays him with a sleep powder, and Jason falls unconscious, while Riley is captured. Citra has fallen in love with Jason, believing him to be a powerful warrior of Rakyat legend, and that she will free him. He starts dreaming of walking a fiery path, with the Dragon Knife, and having Liza as a monster in his dream. He wakes up holding Liza at knife point with the Dragon Knife, and the player is given the choice either to kill Jason's friends or to spare them. If the player chooses to kill his friends, Jason will slit Liza's throat and then have sex with Citra in a ritual.

Jason, however, gets stabbed in the chest by Citra, who says that their child will lead the Rakyat to glory. As Jason is nearing death, Citra says "You won". If the player instead chooses to spare his friends, Jason will stop the ritual and free his friends, telling the Rakyat and Citra that he is done with killing. As Citra begs him to stay in the island, Dennis is outraged for what he considers an insult by Jason, and tries to stab him, only for Citra to stand in the way. As Citra lies bleeding in Jason's arms, she begs him to stay. She dies, and Dennis falls to the ground, not believing what he did. Jason and his friends are seen leaving the island by boat, with Jason narrating that despite becoming a monster from all the killing, he still believes that in some place in his heart he is still better than this.

The game ends with a still image of the boat and the Dragon Knife in the beach while the credits roll. A skilled athlete, Jason proves himself numerous times throughout the game to be able to perform many physically demanding actions, such as sprinting and swimming for extended periods of time, skydiving, para-sailing, mountain climbing and snowboarding. He has exceptional upper body strength, and is able to climb ledges and hang from ziplines by one arm. Jason is a naturally talented firearms user, as mentioned by the flashback of Grant in Mushrooms in the Deep. As the game develops, his firearm skills develop further, and he also becomes a skilled archer. It is likely that Jason learned these skills from Grant who was an Army Reservist.

Although not neccessarily an expert, Jason holds intermediary skills with explosives, as he is seen using C4 explosives in numerous levels and quickly learns on his own how to effectively use grenades. Jason becomes a skilled melee fighter during the course of the game, as shown by his fights and victories over Hoyt, Vaas, and Buck, all of which had seemingly more combat experience than him Vaas was formerly a Rakyat member and most likely an experienced fighter, Buck served in the Australian military and Hoyt has extensive experience from being involved in multiple paramilitary groups. His skills as a melee fighter also make him an excellent assassin. Later in the game, he is capable of chaining multiple kills together and being able to perform aerial and ledge kills.

Jason also becomes self-sufficient and evolves into an experienced craftsman, hunter and herbalist, making all of his equipment from animals he hunts himself and being able to create a variety of medicines with differing effects as he gains experience. Jason was given the Tatau by the Rakyat, a mystical tattoo which represents three totemic animals Heron, Shark and Spider.

The Tatau allows Jason to tap into his "warrior" nature and form a connection of some kind with the jungle of Rook Island. When Jason upgrades his abilities, the Tatau actually grows in size and complexity to reflect the totems that he is drawing upon. This tattoo likely explains how Jason rapidly changes from a terrified, ordinary young man with an adventurous streak to a deadly fighter. The Tatau's exact abilities are listed below, and explain why Jason has the edge over his opponents:.

Before the events of Far Cry 3 , Jason was originally an ordinary and immature slacker who lacked confidence. Now on the island, Jason develops into a brave, adventurous, smart, confident and courageous individual, but also develops a darker side with disturbed, violent, and unstable traits. Jason's Anti-heroic traits become more obvious as the story progresses, with Jason becoming desentitized to the violence around him and even quicker to getting involved in killing, eventually admitting to Daisy that he found killing fun and felt like "winning". Despite that, Jason retains his humorous and immature reaction to events, such as being excited when burning the weed field or causing mayhem towards his enemies. Jason is very cultured, using popular and famous references during his adventures such as "leap of faith" Assassin's Creed reference and "Use the force!

Jason is also very caring, protective and loyal to his family and friends, where his primary motives at the island are to rescue them. There is some evidence of his loyalty, such as swearing revenge to kill those who harm his family and friends specifically Vaas for kidnapping the group and murdering Grant, Buck for raping and torturing Keith for his own pleasure, and Hoyt for shooting Riley and keeping him prisoner.

Ever since Jason barely escaped Vaas's camp, he grew to become a famous hero amongst the island's residents, though he does not seem to care about his status. During his adventures, Jason would lend a hand to the residents. Citra Talugmai — The relationship between Citra and Jason was one dominated by sexual tension, and as time progressed in the game Citra seemingly developed feelings for Jason and vice versa. Liza Snow — The relationship between Jason and Liza is shown as tenuous. The strain is depicted as the result of Jason's immaturity and focus on a party-centered lifestyle. Jason is shown as somewhat unsupportive of Liza's career goals when, in loading screen flashbacks, he ignores her pleas to skip skydiving so she can return to California for a career opportunity.

Jason's maturity is a theme which progresses with the game, Jason becomes more responsible and takes charge of the rescue effort for his remaining friends, but Jason is also shown to be selfish when he gives in to his desire for revenge and indulge in a promiscuous lifestyle as a Rakyat warrior, rather than return with Liza. During the scene when he tells his friends that he is staying, Liza states that she was waiting for Jason to grow up and is distraught that he is leaving her now that he has. Grant Brody — Jason and Grant grew up together and Grant looks over Jason as sort of a fatherly figure, in addition to being a brother since their dad passed away.

He also taught Jason how to handle a gun, revealed in Mushrooms in the Deep. Jason is deeply disturbed over Grant's sudden death and seeks revenge on Vaas for killing his brother. Riley Brody — Jason refers to Riley as his "kid brother". Jason cares for him a lot and goes through several struggles to save his brother from being sold as a sex slave. Daisy Lee — Jason and Daisy have a friendly relationship, her being Grant's girlfriend. Daisy also cares for Jason, worrying about the problems between him and Liza, and later with his change in character due to being acclimated to the violence on the island.

Keith Ramsay — Jason and Keith have been friends for a while, this is shown when Jason tries to keep Keith out of trouble at the club in Bangkok. Keith agrees with Jason most of the time and follows his words. Oliver Carswell — Oliver has few interactions with the rest of the group which could indicate that he is primarily Jason's friend. The closeness of the two is made evident by the direct manner in which Oliver confesses how hurt he is by Riley and Grant's deaths. He discourages Jason from using drugs during his rescue efforts to prevent Jason from using a drug induced high to escape his problems. Oliver opens up to Jason about how his parents were frequently absent from his life and that he considers the group to be his family.

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