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Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education

Unfortunately, they both also have new music out this Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education, which means we've Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education to endure several days of the bright lights of sarajevo analysis to them Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education their "enlightened" views in a series of increasingly bizarre promotional interviews. Protecting the vulnerable: How tech can help refugees The refugee Social Ecological Model: The Applied Social Work Model that struck Europe in has receded from view in the Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education. Major outages are Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education headlines every day. Powering the future Farewell fossil fuels? Part 2 feat. This panel will discuss the Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education nature of play, and Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education to ensure that digital play is Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education, fosters creativity, and prepares kids Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education the future. Sep 6, The three rules to break Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 lasting growth Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education is no correct blueprint for growing a successful company.

Jaden Smith on After Earth, Will Smith And Education

Maggie Dallman Imperial College London. The whole human thing. Can marketing save our species? Is our professional quest for all things hyper-effective and relentlessly efficient threatening humanity or sustaining it? Can we seek the holy grail of innovation without jeopardising the people whose lives we touch? How can marketers keep us human? Gail Heimann Weber Shandwick. Can marketing save our species. Debunking the unbanked: Bringing payments to the masses The concept of unbanked people is commonly referenced, especially within emerging markets.

But is it papering over the cracks of a deeper problem? This session will explore how to best provide financial services to people in emerging economies, going beyond mere banking. Debunking the unbanked: Bringing payments to the masses. Has technology replaced religion? Religion and faith have played central roles in human society for centuries. However, with technological advancements that role is being increasingly questioned.

In this session we will hear from both sides of the aisle about whether religion can still play a role and if it can what that role might be. Has technology replaced religion. Education beyond the classroom Education is a lifelong development. We do not stop learning when we leave school. In this session we hear from some of the world's leading education innovators about how they encourage learning outside of the classroom, and about the impact that education can have on society. Education beyond the classroom. Sex and sexuality in the 21st century Our sexuality is at the core of our humanity. Our sexual relations with each other are central to how society is constructed.

As technology has advanced so has our understanding of our own sexuality. This session will discuss where our sexuality is going in the future - from our shifting understanding of gender to a more in-depth knowledge of sexual pleasure. Sex and sexuality in the 21st century. Donald Trump has been a successful president We can all agree that Donald Trump has been divisive. What we definitely cannot agree on is whether he has been a successful president. Come and hear two US political experts argue it out and then you can make up your own mind. Donald Trump has been a successful president. Brexit: The never ending story With a general election now scheduled for December 12 and a new exit date of January 31 , the Brexit saga looks set to continue for some time yet.

Join us to find out what one of the sharpest political minds to grace Westminster makes of the situation. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will give us his take on the ongoing political story and what he thinks Britain should do next. Brexit: The never ending story. Anna Westerberg Volvo Group. Looking at mobility's new viability What is next for worldwide mobility? Let's take a look, with one of the fastest-growing players in the game. Looking at mobility's new viability. How we're going to travel in ? In this panel we're going to be looking at what matters to millennials when they travel; from trends, sustainability to finance, all the way to luxury travel.

How we're going to travel in Let's play: Gaming in the auto industry ustwo has enjoyed success in the gaming industry with mobile hit Monument Valley and Apple Arcade exclusive Assemble With Care. Tim Smith ustwo. Let's play gaming in the auto industry. Cassie Kozyrkov Google. AI and decision intelligence. Re-imagining the global transport ecosystem Going out to collect your food hasn't been in vogue for some time. What innovations are taking place on the global circuit?

Re-imagining the global transport ecosystem. Training AI and your car to see intelligently We're putting a lot of faith in it- but is AI really that intelligent? Light is training your cars to see like a human. Training AI and your car to see intelligently. Porsche's vision for mobility In-car entertainment systems? How do we develop different modes for mobility? In this panel, we'll discuss all this and more as we discuss the future of mobility. Porsche's vision for mobility. Cells to space to salads: What's a robot good for? For decades, Hollywood has influenced our perception of what robots should look like and how they should behave. This keynote will discuss the reality of robotics in modern society.

Kaigham Gabriel Draper. Cells to space to salads what's a robot good for. How shared and electric mobility transforms the city: A world tour In this keynote, we'll look at some of the largest shared and electric mobility projects that are shaping the cities throughout the world, from car-sharing schemes to micro-mobility and combined ones, as well as integrated with MaaS. It takes a village to build a city How are our cities going to adapt and evolve over the next few years to grow in tandem with technology? In this panel, we'll be looking at how we can develop smart cities across the globe.

It takes a village to build a city. Building an empire from your garage A lot of startups claim to have been started in a garage, but Christian and Halldora von Koenigsegg built a supercar empire from theirs. What lessons did they learn along the way? Halldora von Koenigsegg Koenigsegg Automotive. Building an empire from your garage. Our future doesn't have to be a boring dystopia If you sometimes feel like we're headed toward a very dull dystopia, you're not alone. In this panel, we'll discuss what the future might look like, without the misery.

Our future doesn't have to be a boring dystopia. How to be a leader in the autotech space What does it take to get a billion dollar auto company off the ground in Europe? Let's find out. How to be a leader in the autotech space. Privacy meets innovation in a global marketplace In this keynote presentation, Uber's Chief Privacy Officer, Ruby Zefo, will be discussing the role of privacy in the ride-sharing ecosystem.

Privacy meets innovation in a global marketplace. Connor Murphy Techstars. Venture - Day 1 - Morning opening remarks. What makes a SaaS star? What does it take to build enterprise startups that will take the world by storm? Three investors betting on the software solutions discuss what they look for. What makes a SaaS star. Retail therapy: Tech for fast consumption The fashion retail world changes exceptionally fast, with trends falling in and out of style far more than just seasonally.

As retail moves increasingly online and the fight for digital consumers intensifies, what are investors looking for in an e-commerce platform? Retail therapy Tech for fast consumption. GenZ consumers: What do they want? What tech does Gen Z want and where are investors placing their bets? GenZ consumers What do they want. Smart exits: How can we help? Investors work together to help founders grow their companies and eventually reach the exit scenario. Join this panel to find out what role investors play in supporting their founders. Smart exits: How can we help. Winning the war for talent The war for talent is raging and the new battlefield is the independent workforce. Work is ripe for disruption. Employee underperformance, lack of engagement, and turnover are expensive and persistent concerns for corporations.

Alternatives to traditional full-time employment in a full-time job are here, along with the new technology, startups, and platforms to support a new way of work. Join this panel to learn more about the future of work and investors' perspective on the war for talent. Winning the war for talent. What to do with your good idea How do you turn an idea into reality? Who should you ask for help?

The people you choose to work with can become your competitive advantage. When you have an idea, what people should you surround yourself with to make it a success? What to do with your good idea. Opening remarks - Global Venture Overview. Nizar Tarhuni PitchBook. The state of global seed The shift towards later-stage investments has created a challenging landscape for early-stage startups seeking funding.

As the pool of seed investors shrinks, what are those who are left searching for in companies? The state of global seed. AI: Advantage investing? How can AI and VC work more closely together? Can AI help VCs make more informed decisions about the scalability of a startup, and the likelihood of growth? In this panel we'll look at harnessing the power of AI to assist the decisions often based on gut. Why startups need corporate VC to thrive Entrepreneurs and startup executives have many options when raising capital for their fast moving companies so they can stay ahead of innovations in 5G, mobility and AI.

This session's speakers come from the world's largest corporations and will make the case for corporate venture capital, discuss what entrepreneurs should know before accepting it, and what CVCs can offer besides money. Why startups need corporate VC to thrive. Supporting entrepreneurs in new markets Balancing value and profit: Learn how VCs support tech companies in developing countries that have the ability to succeed and change the world for the better.

Making it better: Good disruptions Whoever holds the gold makes the rules. Cash rich investors decide what opportunities and ideas get the green light and which go to idea heaven. This session explores the heavy burden to make the right choices for our collective future. Making it better: Good disruptions. Banking on it: Why fintech is more than a safe bet Fintech could be a gateway to financial inclusion globally, making the sector more than just a smart bet. From online lending to payments startups, why should VCs focus on fintech? Banking on it: Why fintech is more than a safe bet. The hidden truth about European VC performance. Bjorn Tremmerie European Investment Fund.

Deco Souza D20 Sports. Opening remarks Welcome to Corporate Innovation Summit, where we unfold the secrets of the worlds largest firms. Scott Campbell Deloitte. CIS - Day 1 - Morning opening remarks. How has one place produced so many generations of market-defining companies? The code Business secrets from Silicon Valley. Governments' role in the fourth Industrial Revolution Technology is shortening the life cycle of the Fortune Government regulation plays a key role in helping industry stay ahead of the technology curve. Governments' role in the fourth Industrial Revolution. By combining proprietary data, unique tech platforms and specialist expertise, financial services institutions continually reinvent themselves for competitive advantage.

The cognitive enterprise. The good, the bad and the future of big data As we enter the age of artificial intelligence and micro-marketing, how corporations use data has never been closer to the forefront of our thinking. The good, the bad and the future of big data. This panel of experts will share their thoughts on the creative possibilities that forecast a bright future for blockchain. Blockchain The use cases. Stitching fashion back together Join us as we uncover how PVH is taking a unique approach to implementing disruptive innovation along the Fashion Value Chain that will shape the industry for years to come.

Stitching fashion back together. Opening remarks Welcome back to Corporate Innovation Summit. We hope you enjoyed your lunch. CIS - Day 1 - Afternoon opening remarks. Innovating against crisis In this keynote, we will learn how leaders in business and government are reacting to a world of constant change and disruption. We will analyse the idea of opportunity in chaos, and ask how a 'crisis' mode of operations can help organisations, from startups to global giants, better prioritise, mobilise resources to realise their innovative ideas.

Ricardo Vargas Brightline Initiative. Innovating against crisis. Mindsets beyond MVPs: Innovating at scale It has been said that vision without a strategy remains an illusion. Narry Singh Accenture. Mindsets beyond MVPs Innovating at scale. Driving digital transformation through experience Pfizer and Code and Theory will discuss how the year old pharmaceutical giant is differentiating itself and driving an enterprise-wide digital transformation through experience design. Driving digital transformation through experience. Building an ecosystem for big growth The term 'ecosystem' has been inordinately referenced in the modern day. What does it take to genuinely cultivate an innovation ecosystem for meaningful economic growth?

In conversation with author and historian Margaret O'Mara, we welcome ecosystem leaders from three different continents to come together and exchange their learnings, drawing on similarities on the components required to induce purposeful growth. Building an ecosystem for big growth. On the brink of catastrophe: A digital 21st century without Europe. Tech secrets of the superbrands This talk explores the world of superbrands, dissecting the technologies that enable these brands to connect with their audience.

How do these giant brands connect with the individual to make them part of the collective? This session brings together experts of global branding who will share their insights into how technology is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of the superbrand. Tech secrets of the superbrands. The Height of Disruption The world of business needs more disruption, and so does the world at large. This session explores how the business ideas and philosophies of the great entrepreneurs of our time — including Marc Benioff, Arianna Huffington, Zhang Ruimin, Oprah Winfrey and more — can show us the way to a more prosperous and purposeful future. The Height of Disruption.

Fatima Zaidi Quill. Growth Summit - Day 1 - Morning opening remarks. Hannah Dawson Futrli. Getting a VC to say yes: Securing the funding you need to grow. The three rules to break for lasting growth There is no correct blueprint for growing a successful company. Whether it's culture, capital, or competition, high growth companies evolve by breaking out of traditional paths and pitfalls. Ike Kavas Ephesoft. The three rules to break for lasting growth. This year the company scaled up business by five and are now creating the healthcare ecosystem of the future. Mark Sanevich BestDoctor. The anatomy of the perfect pitch deck CEO and co-founder of DocSend, Russ explores what data tells us about successful pitch decks. What works, what doesn't, and how to build the pitch deck that will get you in front of VCs.

Russ Heddleston DocSend. The anatomy of the perfect pitch deck. The startup challenge of transforming traditional industries As CEO of digital ecosystem company VAKT, Etienne reflects on the lessons the company has learned after two years of operations and on the challenges of disrupting the global commodities trading industry. The startup challenge of transforming traditional industries. Why innovation is key to the success of your company CEO of Glowbl, Laurent, will outline why it's time to bring real life interactions into digital experiences. That's how an edtech startup like Glowbl, facing world-class competitors, makes the difference by mimicking human behaviour.

Why innovation is key to the success of your company. However, using its Sardis technology, Lidya solves this problem by using over data points to disburse credit to SMEs in Eastern Europe and West Africa through an easy and inspiring lending process. Tunde Kehinde Lidya. Financing SMEs in fast growing economies. The art of the pivot: From agency to SaaS social listening to MLaaS Navigating a pivot intact requires a lot of navigation and unforeseen challenges. But how does one survive two pivots and flourish? This session will take the audience through the journey of Converseon from an agency, to a listening platform, to MLaaS for natural language processing, and the art and science of reinvention it has learned along the way.

Rob Key Converseon. Nicolas Vandenberghe Chili Piper. Ad tech is dead. This strategy has been proven to outperform ad tech revenues within three months, and provide long term exponential growth. Marcus Jacobsson Tipser. Reimagining healthcare: Why incentives matter Joe is the CEO of Karuna Health, a startup giving every patient a guide in the healthcare system. Why work in healthcare? Why now? What role will regulation and incentives play in shaping your success or failure? Want your work to make a difference? This is the conversation to join.

Joe Kahn Karuna Health. Reimagining healthcare: Why incentives matter. Trust as a driver for growth: How to use a disaster in your favour Co-founder of Bitwala, Benjamin will discuss how version one was forced offline when two partners fell through. Rather than giving up, he'll explain how they handled the situation in a way that acted as a springboard for the launch of Bitwala 2. Ben Jones Bitwala. Trust as a driver for growth: How to use a disaster in your favour.

Tracking ownership as your startup grows: Why digitising equity is crucial With fewer and fewer companies reaching IPO, Capdesk CEO, Christian explains why managing equity in spreadsheets can mean losing track of what you own, and not getting to cash out in time. This is why the future of equity is digital. Christian Gabriel Capdesk. Tracking ownership as your startup grows: Why digitising equity is crucial. Science as a catalyst for growth GenePlanet founder Marko Bitenc will present how a company became an important biotech player through innovative solutions and unique sales channels.

Marko Bitenc GenePlanet. Science as a catalyst for growth. Nutrition and technology secrets for enhancing longevity Humans have the capability to live healthy to Unlocking the secrets of aging and living Longer is at the essence of what we do at L-Nutra. Given that we are the only company with an issued patent on promoting health and longevity, we wanted to share the pillars of nutrition for longevity. Joseph Antoun L-Nutra. Nutrition and technology secrets for enhancing longevity. High-impact predictions Anticipate and win with machine learning. Making magic: Developing new products Co-founder of Mercku, Erik Ackner, delves into the moving parts and strategies that go into building a cutting-edge product.

Designing and improving existing products can follow familiar roadmaps, but creating something entirely new requires delicate coordination across all functional teams. Erik Ackner Mercku. Making magic: Developing new products. Capitalising on market opportunities in the payments industry Co-founder of ShieldPay, Tom outlines how growing companies can react to client demand as well as the changing landscape of the market effectively.

Tom Squire Shieldpay. Capitalising on market opportunities in the payments industry. Tim Guilliams Healx. Reinvent the wheel: Scale fast and please customers How Tylko reinvented the process of designing, manufacturing, and buying furniture to become one of the fastest growing next-generation furniture companies. Benjamin Kuna Tylko. Closing the loop: Three failure points that will doom your first industrial IoT deployment Based on his experience as both a customer of IIoT products and now a provider of an IIoT solution, Matthew will discuss how startups can avoid the three most common failure points for new IIoT solutions at industrial facilities: poor data structure, inadequate connectivity, incomplete ecosystem.

Matthew Kleiman Cumulus Digital Systems. Closing the loop 3 failure points that will doom your first industrial IoT deployment. Scaling a business in a rapidly growing industry: Medical device cybersecurity Nova Leah recognised a need for cybersecurity solutions in the connected medical device industry before that industry existed. As they prepare to scale, Nova Leah places focus on people, processes and technology to meet the rapidly evolving industry needs. This is the company's story. Fergal McCaffery Nova Leah. Scaling a business in a rapidly growing industry: Medical device cybersecurity. How to build a safer world: Machine reasoning for the cyber-physical age Based on his journey as a quantum physicist with Lockheed Martin's famed Skunk Works division, Jordan will take the stage to explain why the status quo of systems development is no longer an option for today's complex cyber-physical systems such as autonomous vehicles, next-gen fighters, energy production, and medical devices.

How to build a safer world: Machine reasoning for the cyber-physical age. Time to target a different audience? Over 50s are one of the largest and wealthiest audiences, however very few tech companies choose to target them. The co-founders of Lumen, the dating app for over 50s, talk about the realities of targeting an audience which neither of them are a part of, and the lessons they have learned. Time to target a different audience. Make your technology compliant from day one Regulatory compliance can stop the adoption of any new technology.

Instead of spending time and money trying to influence regulators why not take another approach? Co-founder of Billon, Robert will explain how the company chose to design with embedded regulatory compliance existing regulations in mind. This led to unique technological choices and gave them the advantage of having a solution which is ready to use in a live business environment from day one. Robert Kaluza Billon. Make your technology compliant from day one.

CEO and co-founder, Vol will share how, despite being based in Ireland, Profitero managed to raise funding from a top US VC, open offices around the world and sell to enterprise customers in over 50 countries. Vol Pigrukh Profitero. Scaling a startup globally from Europe: Lessons learned. Changing the most inert industry in the world Silos in healthcare are painfully obstructive. They drain money and time, and compromise the quality of patient care. Many have experienced difficulty in bringing change to this inert industry. Joost Bruggeman Siilo. Changing the most inert industry in the world. Jane Gideon Incendio International. Growth Summit - Day 1 - Afternoon opening remarks.

Eric Demuth Bitpanda. What happens to teamwork when you rapidly increase your workforce in 18 months? Whether for its millions of users or internally, Klaxoon has always shaken up the way teams work. CEO, Matthieu, explains Klaxoon's journey and also how to preserve amazing teamwork when scaling and leading a "meeting revolution" into countries.

Really starting from scratch: Tackling the zero data problem CEO of Audio Analytic, Chris, will talk about the experience of starting an AI company that had to overcome the near-impossible — mapping the world of sounds. But with no suitable dataset available, the company first had to solve the zero data problem. Chris Mitchell Audio Analytic. Really starting from scratch Tackling the zero data problem. AI, will outline how the company brings open source software to products in the mobility space. He'll discuss the challenges they've faced along the way, as well as their business model and long term vision.

Jan Becker Apex. AI Taking software from open source to products. Derek Steer Mode Analytics. Speed is everything. Pieter Omvlee Sketch. Design for product success. Preparing for the rise of AI, autonomous vehicles, and the IoT revolution Things are going to get worse before they get better. Major outages are making headlines every day.

The world is becoming more reliant on the internet, and every business is becoming an online business. We need a new approach with the rise of AI, autonomous vehicles, and IoT. Matthew Fornaciari Gremlin Inc. Preparing for the rise of AI, autonomous vehicles, and the IoT revolution. New technology like AI presents an opportunity to get back to basics, but will businesses bite?

Steve Irvine Integrate. People before profiles: Customer relationships in the age of AI. How product intelligence is redefining the global tech industry We are in a product-led era, where companies with the best product experience win. Product intelligence is the secret sauce for building frictionless customer experiences. Spenser Skates Amplitude. How product intelligence is redefining the global tech industry.

Pushing the envelope: Aiming for the impossible and going beyond Vasco will discuss how he set up a labs team to explore new technologies that ultimately translated into disruptive products with a huge business impact. Vasco Pedro Unbabel. Pushing the envelope: Aiming for the impossible and going beyond. Autonomy and the future of transportation Hear from AEye co-founder, Ransom on autonomy and the future of transportation. Ransom Wuller AEye. Autonomy and the future of transportation. David partnering Goliath: How startups should think at partnerships Francesco Simoneschi, CEO and co-founder of Europe's leading financial API provider TrueLayer, discusses how building a network of partnerships is a critical and often overlooked part of a startup's journey.

Using TrueLayer's story of working with banks, fintechs and regulators to successfully build and refine its products, Francesco will cover the strategy and factors all startups should consider when building and maintaining their partnership network. Francesco Simoneschi TrueLayer. David partnering Goliath: How startups should think at partnerships. Amiad Soto Guesty. How to move your business from startup to growth in five steps Impact's CEO, David will share his experience in driving Impact forward - from a startup to a high-growth business. The audience can expect to see his five step roadmap for success. David Yovanno Impact. How to move your business from startup to growth in five steps. Building a European champion in five years How can you build a European champion in 5 years?

Firmin Zocchetto PayFit. Building a European champion in five years. Engineering a successful pivot TouchBistro founder and CEO, Alex discusses the winning skills of building an agile company that can pivot strategy and business model to meet market demand and capture greater market share. Alex Barrotti Touch Bistro. Engineering a successful pivot. Bidroom: Master disruption and growth with a subscription business model The co-founder of Bidroom, Michael discusses key growth factors in how their disruptive, membership-based business model changed one of the world's largest industries. Michael Ros Bidroom. Bidroom: Master disruption and growth with a subscription business model.

Dominic will explain how the science behind landing men on the moon and building the most valuable tech companies powered the growth of DFINITY. Using the Silicon Valley playbook to take on big tech. A job in 24 hours: The reinvention of blue collar hiring CEO of JobToday, Polina will cover the revolution that is currently happening on the blue labour market, as well as key elements of successful growth for mobile solutions such as her own company.

Polina Montano JobToday. A job in 24 hours: The reinvention of blue collar hiring. Solving the problem of next-gen cars starts with thinking of scale Not long ago the plan for next generation cars included 12 cameras, 6 LiDARs, 10 radars, V2X, and multiple processors. Would this car actually work? Probably not. The innovative use of radar tech enables smarter processing, fewer sensors, and lower power. Less is more - the key for scale in automotive. Kobi Marenko Arbe. Solving the problem of next-gen cars starts with thinking of scale. The DNA of a great invention is a great unmet need Founder of Cala Health, Kate will outline how a relentless focus on customer's needs can lead to breakthrough innovation that transcends traditional industry boundaries.

By reimagining electricity as a medicine, she'll explain how her company is changing both the way we treat the body and the way patients access their healthcare. Kate Rosenbluth Cala Health. The DNA of a great invention is a great unmet need. From newcomers to leaders: How Red Points is disrupting the fight against fakes Laura, CEO of Red Points, will be discussing how the company has become the fastest growing intellectual property SaaS solution by leveraging technology to support brands worldwide as they fight against fakes online. Laura Urquizu Red Points. From newcomers to leaders: How Red Points is disrupting the fight against fakes.

Which cloud provider do you pick and why? If you are brand new to AWS or cloud computing and interested in learning about how to leverage the cloud to build your next app or startup, then this is the session for you! Join us to learn about how to get started with application development, deployment, and operations on AWS. You will also learn about why AWS is the most popular platform for technology startups, and how you can use AWS to serve your customers while you scale them.

Modernise your websites and applications with AWS Web development changes rapidly. New languages, modern frameworks and microframeworks , and stronger, smarter browsers and edge devices allow web developers to innovate faster and smarter. In this session we will look into the different paths a developer can take with AWS to build a modern website or application. From powerful hosting, security and distribution with Amazon S3, CloudFront, Certificate Manager and Route53 to serverless backend and then bringing it all together with AWS Amplify, a new service which can build and manage your web deployments. Slides: Modernize your websites and applications with AWS. Simplify mobile and web development with cloud-based backends Designing, deploying and maintaining backend services for your mobile application is a challenge.

There's a lot to think about. Authentication, authorisation, data access, notifications, offline devices and the usual non-functional requirements of availability, scalability and crucially, shrinking budgets! During this session we will show you how to deploy cloud-based services, without the need to be a cloud expert. Learn how to easily integrate an authentication wall, with minimal coding, how to deploy an API layer and how to publish your web app without using a single server. By attending this session you will be able to accelerate the development of your web and mobile applications by using simplified backends in the cloud.

The faster you can release new features and fix bugs, the quicker you can innovate and respond to customer needs. AWS provides developer tools that help you automate the end-to-end lifecycle of your application. In this session, we will discuss a method for automating the deployment of cloud applications, using services such as AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild, and techniques such as canary deployments and automatic rollbacks.

Slides: Supercharge your product development with Cloud best practices. This talk walks through the basics of the common database types and specific implementations by showing real world use cases. Slides: Choosing the right database for your applications. Making sense of machine learning for your organisation Machine learning ML helps your organisation leverage data by providing immense value across almost every part of the stack, but where do you begin?

Common questions include how can it help me, what do I need to know, and how do I get started? In this session, we'll lay out the groundwork by reviewing the basics of ML applications, followed by exploring the different services available on AWS. We'll review the pros and cons of different methodologies. You'll leave this session with questions that you can take back to your team to help you decide which methodology is best for you.

Please note that seating is on a first come, first served basis. Slides: Making sense of machine learning. Getting started with serverless chatbots Interested in learning how to build a serverless chatbot? In this session, we will go over the basic concepts of serverless coding and Amazon Lex. Amazon Lex is a service for building chatbots that can be integrated into your existing messaging tools such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, and personalised web apps. It provides deep learning functionalities to understand natural language, so it can recognise what your customers are trying to say. The best part? You can get started building chatbots without any code! Slides: Getting started with serverless chatbots. Cat How Polleni. But other than simply being consumers of design, Canva CEO and co-founder Melanie Perkins poses a question - can we empower everyone to create?

Melanie Perkins Canva. Data addiction: AI and the future of design A collection of industry leaders discuss the impact of AI for the industry, including whether they believe automation will replace the designers of today and tomorrow. They'll also explore how data can improve the customer experience in an age of growing concerns over privacy. UI and the future of the customer experience A panel of industry experts outline their vision for the evolving role of UI in the relationship between a brand and its customers.

They'll outline best practice guidelines that every company can follow. UI and the future of the customer experience. Is design thinking overrated? How Garmin survived disruption Garmin, a company once synonymous with sat navs, has not only survived disruption but is projected to reach record revenue in Join Chief Product Architect Wai Lee as he shares his journey of incubating new products, leading internal startups and the role of design at the company; while along the way offering insights that can be applied to any industry. Wai Lee Garmin International. How Garmin survived disruption. How does your brand sound? CEO of MetaDesign, Daniel will explore the winning formula to use when shaping your brand's voice, while making it an authentic part of your narrative.

Daniel Leyser Meta Design. How does your brand sound: Fine tuning for voice assistants. Designing the ultimate driving experience COO of Swedish car company Koenigsegg, Halldora von Koenigsegg offers an insight into the passion behind the design of their breathtaking supercars. How did the ultimate driving machine adapt to meet the demands of a growing climate crisis and how is this group of "automotive artisans" preparing for a world of autonomous driving?

Designing the ultimate driving experience. The commercial value of brand principles in From the climate crisis, to Fair-trade, consumers today demand ultimate transparency from their brands. Our panel explores the growing business advantage of being seen with a clear understanding of the impact which your company is having on the world. Are tags like sustainability now the ultimate selling point? The commercial value of brand principles in Friend or foe? Technology and the future of animation Technology has had a dramatic impact on the animation industry. These industry experts will discuss whether it has helped or hindered the birth of creativity in the art form.

More importantly, what lies ahead for the industry as 2D animation continues to lose popularity? Friend or foe: Technology and the future of animation. Design without borders: The future of globalisation and the industry Like it or not, designers are tied to globalisation. They have no choice but to understand the link between the economic, social, cultural and political implications of globalisation on society, and on our professional situations. Join the discussion as our panel debate what it truly means to be part of a borderless design industry.

Design without borders: The future of globalisation and the industry. Key lessons from the art of the successful rebrand Rebranding a company's goals, message, and culture is hard — many try and most fail. A successful campaign requires more than a revamped logo. These marketing and branding experts explain what companies should do to inspire customers, investors and others to see their brand in a new light.

Key lessons from the art of the successful rebrand. Why the future belongs only to the imaginative No other conscious creature can think about the future in the ways that humans can. That gives us an extraordinary gift: The ability to imagine. Brian will talk about why brands are no longer in competition with each other, but with the future—and why imagination will be the lifeblood of a better tomorrow. Brian Collins Collins. Why the future belongs only to the imaginative. Opening remarks Opening remarks from Caroline Venza. Caroline Venza Mission Control Communications. Planes, trains and automobiles: How can we travel sustainably? Flight shaming is growing, carbon footprints are shrinking and the need to provide climate friendly travel methods is reaching new heights.

What's next for travel and transport in a world that's increasingly unhappy with the options currently on offer? Planes, trains and automobiles How can we travel sustainably. Are we facing water wars? We live on a big blue green ball. But there's no world without water. What can be done to protect and preserve the global supply? Is the glass half full or half empty? And how will global politics play out if there's not enough to go round? Are we facing water wars. Reshaping business to save the planet Partnerships are the new normal in business, according to the CEO of one of the leading green energy companies on the planet.

Secrecy is outdated, co-operation is key. The will of the people: Why ground support matters If one Swedish teenager skipping school can do more for sustainability than the biggest branding campaign, who can say which environmental issues will go viral and which will languish in the digital doldrums? This session highlights the role of the global zeitgeist and questions whether anything can be achieved in sustainability without the will of the people.

The will of the people: Why ground support matters. Plates and the planet: How to eco-feed the world A growing population means more mouths to feed. And there are a shrinking number of solutions, especially sustainable ones. Where to next for those who fight world hunger? And can tech step in to save the spread? Plates and the planet: How to eco-feed the world. On the frontlines of extinction Whether saving trees, saving primates or saving the Sumatran forests, extinction is a war-zone and this session brings together speakers from its frontlines; discussing what's being done to preserve nature's legacy, claws, tusks and all, before time runs out.

On the frontlines of extinction. Sustainability starts at home From home heating to home building, this session explores the future of sustainable cities. We'll find out how we can make them as environmentally inoffensive as possible, for the well-being of both people and the planet. How homes can help. Net-zero, now achievable What are the implications and opportunities of being able to put atmospheric carbon back in the ground?

In this exclusive solo session, we hear from one of the only companies in the world engaged in carbon upcycling and find out if the tech behind it is all that's been promised. Steve Oldham Carbon Engineering Ltd. Net-zero, now achievable. Why the ocean isn't doomed Plastic in the Pacific. Shampoo in the Sargasso sea. Bottles on the beaches. As some claim it's too late to clean up the oceans, others ask what happens if we don't? Our panel of experts reflects on the fight to look past pollution, toward solutions, and reveal why they believe all is not yet lost.

Why the ocean isn't doomed. Powering the future Farewell fossil fuels? What does that mean for the future? Is an all-electrical world a solution, or just a stop-gap? What about nuclear power? And what's the role of consumers, who are now part of the supply chain in a way we haven't seen before? Powering the future. How to be part of the solution Environmental issues don't always get the best framing in the public discourse. Rising temperatures, rising oceans, rising problems How to be part of the solution.

The role of technology in climate action How can technology be utilized to address climate change? Kate Brandt discusses various ways in which Google technology is being developed and used to support a sustainable future. Kate Brandt Google. Google and sustainability: The role of technology in climate action The role of technology in climate action. Nuno Gomes NPlayers. SportsTrade - Day 1 - Morning opening remarks. Inside Benfica: The standard setter in talent development Benfica has established itself as one of the leaders in player development. This session offers an unrivaled insight into one of the most successful academies in the world from those who built it.

Inside Benfica: The standard setter in talent development. Wladimir Klitschko: From boxing champion to challenge master Wladimir Klitschko holds the record for the longest cumulative heavyweight title reign. In this session, he explains his love of a challenge and his success principles both inside and outside the ring, which still serve him today. Wladimir Klitschko: From boxing champion to challenge master. Women's sport revolution: Inside the World Cup. This session examines the state of industry and highlights what the disruptors and OTT platforms are doing to change the game. The changing face of TV Sports. Jessica Ennis-Hill: A winner's guide to business Olympic champion and three-time world champion, Jessica Ennis-Hill talks the transition from athlete to entrepreneur as she sets about replicating her sporting success with fitness app Jennis.

Jessica Ennis-Hill: A winner's guide to business. Future-proofing golf Tracing its origins back to 15th century Scotland, the ancient game of golf is fighting to stay at the forefront of innovation. FutureProofing Golf. Bernard Brogan PepTalk. SportsTrade - Day 1 - Afternoon opening remarks. The business of football. Walking with giants. Ronaldinho: Reimagining the beautiful game. Leadership lessons from sport Respect is earned not given, leadership is learned through hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Some of the most influential people in their field share what sport has thought them about leading. Leadership lessons from sport.

Inside La Liga: How technology is disrupting sport The President of La Liga, Javier Tebas, offers unrivalled insight into the role technology has played in growing one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world. Inside La Liga: How technology is disrupting sport. Adopting the champion's mindset. The athlete's afterlife Changing industries is always a monumental challenge, athletes do this as their sporting career winds down.

Hear from athletes who have successfully transitioned from sportsperson to business leader. The athlete's afterlife. Eric Cantona: Tackling society's greatest challenge. The athlete's guide to influence and brand building Louis Saha spent 15 years hitting the back of the net. Now he's joined forces with brand and digital marketing expert Kate Hamer to create the AxisStars platform.

In this session, you'll find out how they are using the net to score a different kind of goal. The athlete's guide to influence and brand building. Changing the fight game One stage, two trail blazers. Meet the women who changed the fight game. Changing the fight game. The Web Summit Innovation in Sport Award: Ronaldo, Real Valladolid The Web Summit Innovation In Sport Award is the international mark of excellence in the sports business community, it recognises people and organisations that have successfully incorporated technology in the pursuit of excellence. Got it?!? Aug 4, am Posted in: Willow Smith. Do these stars look pretty in pink? Or problematic in pink?

They have all dyed their hair this shade at one point or another. Jun 10, pm Posted in: Kelly Ripa. Happy Earth Day, celebrity gossip lovers! Apr 22, am Posted in: Lauren Conrad. Feb 12, pm Posted in: Will Smith. Jan 22, pm Posted in: Celebrity Fashion. Dec 22, pm Posted in: Caitlyn Jenner. Nov 18, am Posted in: Willow Smith. What does an Oscar winner have in common with a former Jersey Shore cast member? Sep 18, pm Posted in: Celebrity Hairstyles. It's not Willow who upset her, though.

It's the web's collective reaction. Aug 1, pm Posted in: Parenting. Kylie Jenner knows Instagram. Jun 30, pm Posted in: Kylie Jenner. Jun 20, pm Posted in: Pets. May 22, am Posted in: Will Smith. May 20, pm Posted in: Parenting. The Jenner and Smith families certainly know how to cope with controversy. May 15, am Posted in: Kendall Jenner. May 8, am Posted in: Jada Pinkett Smith. May 7, pm Posted in: Will Smith. Because the two are in bed together and he's shirtless.

May 7, pm Posted in: Willow Smith. She's only 13 years old, after all. May 7, am Posted in: Moises Arias. Sep 17, am Posted in: Willow Smith. She's 12, after all. Jul 15, am Posted in: Willow Smith. Jul 9, am Posted in: Willow Smith. Willow Smith Biography. Edit Delete. Willow Smith Photos. Willow Smith Videos. Must Read Gossip. Celebrities Willow Smith Submissions?

Mar 7, Fergal McCaffery Nova Leah. Multi-platform media: The digital challenge This discussion will Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education at Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education Physics Of Bird Flight face of traditional media and ask what both heritage brands and Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education native outlets need to do to thrive in a multi-platform environment. We hope this episode feels validating and inspiring, and we hope you'll Religion In George Washingtons Farewell Address it Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education someone you love. Jaden Smiths Fallacious View Of Education 5,

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