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5 Stages Of Sleep Essay

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The Five Stages of Sleep

Normally, light serves to set our internal clock to the appropriate time. However, problems can occur when our exposure to light changes due to a shift in work schedule or travel across time zones. Under normal conditions, our internal clock strongly influences our ability to sleep at various times over the course of a hour period, as well as which sleep stages we experience when we do sleep. Individuals who travel across time zones or work the night shift typically have two symptoms. One is insomnia when they are trying to sleep outside of their internal phase, and the other is excessive sleepiness during the time when their internal clock says that they should be asleep. Half of all night shift workers regularly report nodding off and falling asleep when they are at work.

This should be seen as an important concern both for individuals and society, given that airline pilots, air traffic controllers, physicians, nurses, police, and other public safety workers are all employed in professions in which peak functioning during a night shift may be critical. A wide range of medical and psychological conditions can have an impact on the structure and distribution of sleep. These conditions include chronic pain from arthritis and other medical conditions, discomfort caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease, pre-menstrual syndrome, and many others.

Like many other sleep disruptions, pain and discomfort tend to limit the depth of sleep and allow only brief episodes of sleep between awakenings. Individuals of all ages who experience stress, anxiety, and depression tend to find it more difficult to fall asleep, and when they do, sleep tends to be light and includes more REM sleep and less deep sleep. This is likely because our bodies are programmed to respond to stressful and potentially dangerous situations by waking up. Stress, even that caused by daily concerns, can stimulate this arousal response and make restful sleep more difficult to achieve. Many common chemicals affect both quantity and quality of sleep. These include caffeine , alcohol, nicotine, and antihistamines , as well as prescription medications including beta blockers, alpha blockers, and antidepressants.

The pressure to sleep builds with every hour that you are awake. During daylight hours, your internal clock generally counteracts this sleep drive by producing an alerting signal that keeps you awake. The longer you are awake, the stronger the sleep drive becomes. Eventually the alerting signal decreases and the drive to sleep wins out. When it does, you fall asleep. A chemical called adenosine , which builds up in the brain during wakefulness, may be at least partly responsible for sleep drive. As adenosine levels increase, scientists think that the chemical begins to inhibit the brain cells that promote alertness. This gives rise to the sleepiness we experience when we have been awake for many hours.

Because these nerve cells cannot sense adenosine in the presence of caffeine, they maintain their activity and we stay alert. Lawrence Epstein describes how caffeine works to promote alertness, but can also inhibit restful sleep. For instance, caffeine generally decreases the quantity of slow-wave sleep and REM sleep and tends to increase the number of awakenings. Alcohol is commonly used as a sleep aid. However, although alcohol can help a person fall asleep more quickly, the quality of that individual's sleep under the influence of alcohol will be compromised. Ingesting more than one or two drinks shortly before bedtime has been shown to cause increased awakenings—and in some cases insomnia—due to the arousal effect the alcohol has as it is metabolized later in the night.

Alcohol also tends to worsen the symptoms of sleep apnea , which will further disrupt sleep in people with this breathing disorder. Dozens of prescription drugs that are used to help control common disease symptoms may have varying effects on sleep. Beta blockers, which are used to treat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, glaucoma, and migraines, often cause decreases in the amount of REM and slow-wave sleep, and are also associated with increased daytime sleepiness.

Alpha blockers, which are also used to treat high blood pressure and prostate conditions, are linked to decreased REM and increased daytime sleepiness. Finally, antidepressants, which can decrease the duration of periods of REM sleep, have unknown long-term effects on sleep as a whole. Some antidepressants, from the class of drugs known as SSRIs, have been found to promote insomnia in some individuals. The bedroom environment can have a significant influence on sleep quality and quantity. Several variables combine to make up the sleep environment, including light, noise, and temperature.

By being attuned to factors in your sleep environment that put you at ease, and eliminating those that may cause stress or distraction, you can set yourself up for the best possible sleep. To minimize this effect, nightlights in hallways and bathrooms can be used. As for noise, although background sounds may relax some people, the volume level must be low. Write an essay about job satisfaction law student essay competition class 4 My for room favourite essay, recycling should be mandatory for everyone persuasive essay. Examples of this i believe essays, essay of the lawyers.

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ISBN X. Oxford: 5 Stages Of Sleep Essay Science. The alternative is, not democratic evolution versus radical 5 Stages Of Sleep Essay, but rationalization of the status quo versus change. Abhinav 5 Stages Of Sleep Essay.

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