⚡ Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models

Regarding the December NSA warrantless surveillance controversyClinton Closed Borders In America that Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models was "troubled" Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models President Bush's Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models. If mankind were at peace with itself, there Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models be peace in the world. Proof listeners catch mistakes we may have missed during the initial recording and editing process. Sally Hepworth. Some students should be bound for technical instruction. The US Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models is that we think that our Republican form of society is a one size Summary Of The Novel Childhood At Gateshead Hall all for the world.

A Conversation With Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Government and Ralph Baric What are they hiding? Ron Unz has been hammering this one for ages. I wonder if people will ever wake up to the evil that exists in Labs all over the world. When he is finally indicted, convicted and imprisoned this is exactly what I want to see happen to him. Abby: you forgotten the final step in the legal process for Fauci. That is too quick… Room him with 5 horny lb Afghans… waterboarding daily for 6 months, then injection with the death-jab and remdesivir. Good news among all the Doom and Gloom. Acting President Obiden has climbed on the Booster Train. And it will only be effective against mutant strains that are already extinct in the wild because the virus mutates faster than the Thought Police can change their script.

Since males are even more susceptible than females to this condition, the chances that Obiden will be around to play Supreme Leader by the time his sixth booster is due are slim to none. A friend did not either, until he drove the interstate one day when the spraying was from many jets and he could not deny what he saw,. Whatever it was, it was certainly not normal. I noticed it over 20 years ago, because in LA, they make a grid out of the sky. You have Life? Then Life has you as well All of you! Every organ, every drop of blood and, of course, your brain: your mind. But I have free will! Of course you do. Sort of. Now Life is normally quite placid. And the rest of the human race. We are Life consuming gluttons extraordinaire. Think Gettysburg, Dachau, Hiroshima and …factory farming: ad nausea.

This is not new, of course. Our behavior is old news. Life has cut slack to humans because we have a uniqueness that has warranted observation over time. Time may have just run out. Humans now have the ability to destroy the biosphere. Our pernicious conduct may have convinced Life that without its prompt. Enter Mr. Covid Force Majeure of modern plagues. Sponsor of the blame game to end all blame games. Seven billion people have an opinion…and an asshole. The ones who have a microphone or a computer demonstrate both, daily. Think Life has a hand in all this? Maybe the plague is a worldwide distraction to give the Biosphere a little breathing room to heal from ongoing human assault? Millions are dead.

Millions are becoming infected every day. The virus twists and turns and presents a new face constantly. We rush to keep up but seemingly always lag behind. How so? Is it out of our hands? As it turned out an argument can be made that the entire planet was and continues to be put to a critical vision test. How many will go forward with their lives blindly following any and every command forced upon them by governments and institutions that are universally known for their corruption, greed, and who look at the rest of us as a herd to be manipulated for their profit and pleasure? If the masters ever take this to the point where they announce that all of the non-compliers have been removed from society, will they not be forced one day to exterminated the isolated to prove that they were unsafe for the herd?

As the complacent, over-medicated public watches the continued decline in the abilities of those who usurped the power of our nation, will their vision ever improve to the point that they actually wake up and do something about it? As more and more of our replacement stream across our open borders, will those who were born here ever see that this plan does not seem to be thought our properly? How worse, that it HAS been thought out and the bad things that happen next were actually planned? The one critical issue that remains to be determined is how those who will be relied upon to do the enforcement of this demented and evil plan will react to their orders. Surely the police and military will be the ones doing the dirty work in the streets, and right now their compliance is being questioned and the jury is still out.

So far, at least to me, it appears that there IS a One World Government and it is operating all over the planet in lockstep. Whether it takes over completely or it encounters pushback in some unforeseen form remains to be seen. Vision, there it is again. Open your eyes and seek the Truth and do it quickly for time is running out. That is how it has played out in Portland. We now have a decimated police force and low moral. Murders rates are very high but so are crimes like street racing takeovers with hundreds of participants. Police can only watch.

You can believe in the fantasy of a One World Government which is a quaint notion and easy. Likely we have a small pack of rich psychopaths that control the mouthpieces of the culture and make it seem like they have control over everything. Repeat mechanically your assumptions and suggestions, diminish the opportunity for communicating dissent and opposition. This is the formula for political conditioning of the masses. Seems the sloppy chaos we are witnessing is actually the expiration of the political conditioning produced in the last 75 years. They do and have which is why we are where we are at. Druid, The fall of Babylon the Great is to happen in one hour. The pendulum swings one way and then it swings back in the other direction, and further.

We are entering a puritanical era, not unlike the Victorian age followed the licentious reigns of the sons of George III. People still behaved licentiously, but they had more discretion about it. The way censorship worked in the Soviet Union is and will work here the censors not only went after books and films critical of Bolshevik power, but books and films that ignored Soviet power, or did not put Soviet power at the center of the drama, or were written before Soviet Power existed. See how it works? So any novel, film or piece of art that does not push blacks or homosexuals as central characters — anything written or produced before — is an obvious sign of racism or homophobia, and needs to be censored.

And that will be the end of the James Bond series. Good luck with that. All Broccoli will accomplish besides feeling good about herself for publicly proving her wokeness is to destroy the goose that laid her golden egg. Not only male, but white, Not only white, but British. A White American man would be a dud as well. So stupid. Create your own series about a black, female secret agent — see how many are interested. Why piggyback on us? With her new album?? At the kiosk now! But much of it was shallow and self-protective. The Viet Nam draft was the real impetus for the war protests. Also, as soon as the so-called sexual revolution burned out for many reasons , the hippies and drifters became lawyers and ad-men.

Creative artists, if any good, of course transcend the shifting forces of temporal events. It takes great courage to put your neck on the line. Stravinsky fled to California. Shostakovich stayed in the Soviet Union and continued to fight Stalin through encoding his thoughts and feelings in ironically scored music. Stravinsky, the asshole, treated Shostakovich with superior derision. Working as an artist for advertisers is equivalent to working for a pornographer.

Selling out to join the machine. One World Government as in a single group sitting together making rules and enforcing them, no that is not here, at least not now. However the way in which so many of the governments around the planet have joined hand in the crushing of their population right now for this Covid Gambit, is evidence that the idea is at least gaining some momentum. There are some hold out countries and I hope I see more of them soon. I think many of the people playing a part in brining about the One World Government have no idea they are even doing it. In Australia, for instance, and NZ, I think their leaders really thought this was about a virus at first. Look at Andrew Cuomo- I was really taken by surprise when, just like that, he said that enough people had the vaccine that many restrictions could be lifted.

Evidently, so were other, unseen players. It dd not take long for it to start mattering again, that he harrassed all those women, did it? Now the new governor, who never appeared to be insane before, is ordering masks on babies and threatening unionized workers that they must do her bidding. I can speculate on what they have on her, that would make her act this way, but I do not know for sure. Absolutely nothing. It is time, actually way past time, for patriots to rise up and say enough is enough. We either go down fighting or go die as sheep later on. Whether its all planned as part of some greater one world government or just individual acts of idiocy, it no longer matters.

It really is as simple as that. What exactly are Americans doing??? UN, there are New Yorkers taking to the streets in protest. I think many are going to see how they do in the courts before it escalates. New Zealands he-she leader is a leftist and dangerous. I doubt her? You project your good nature onto others. The tyrants you mention know exactly what they are doing. Portland State has been turning these zombies out for decades. And many citizens cheer them on from the sidelines as they march. Portland is getting what it had coming. Seattle was first but it kind of went sideways with CHAP so efforts were switched to less populated and more malleable Portland.

These cities were chosen as they are containable, hours from each other and liberally-minded. Then BBB would ensue. Completely moronic. Nothing has come from those kinds of protests. Disbelieving, detaching, going around, alternative systems, not consenting to anyone having authority over you. That is protest. The sooner that fantasy is put to rest, the better. Catherine Austin Fitts posits that they were sent to clear out areas that the PTB would like to gentrify. And I doubt in Australia itself they are running around the backwoods arresting people for being out of doors. I live in the woods and my only view of the sky that I have is a small opening that looks straight up, so my vision, at least in that regard is quite limited.

Likewise my vision of the world and so I rely heavily upon what I hear from others in order to form a strategic opinion. Tough to enforce the will of the masters out in the hinterlands. Hope springs eternal. A few sheriffs have come out against tyranny. These few can be replaced with minions of evil. The legal excuses hardly matter. Most judges will rubber stamp every deep state abuse.

Even now they think the authorities are trying to help us, not kill us. The masses are quite rightfully fearful, whether brainwashed or not. There are plenty of crises to go around. Chaos and tyranny are very well ensconced right here and now. We have a titanic and quite possibly insoluble problem with administrative law here. I really know nothing about police culture in Australia. Only that the country has a huge inferiority complex viz UK.

The photos we are served up make them look like occupation troops from Indonesia or something. If they are planning on using the police and military in such a fashion, why the big push to require them to be inoculated, right now, before the cold and flu season really takes hold? Within a month or two, everybody will know someone inoculated who died and the jig will pretty much be up. Training takes a long time. Poor Taiwan. One guy, who filmed himself from hiding in his van said he knew it for a fact, having connections, and his aunt, who flew one of those refueling planes was going to refuse.

Pilots are already at higher risk of blood clots. John Kerry will continue to spend more time in the air than on the ground, exempt from everything he wants to force on us. The push now draupnir is because by the time the year is out, so many inoculated will be dead or dying that it will be hard for Dr. Faucistein to convince anyone that it was the uninoculated that did it. Like them or not, the police and the military are generally a lot more street smart than your average liberal, leftist group thinkers. I heard republicans voted for said red flag law. Voting is totally pointless. Republicans, Democrats, deep state. All one and the same.

I think they want a breakdown in order. Then they swoop in to build it back, with slave passes and quantum tattoos for all who remain. It did work for a generation or three, but time has passed and the lesson needs to be re-learned. There are about 30 individuals within or directly connected to the medical community who are equally as involved as Fauci. The problem with what we are facing is that it is not a James Bond movie, but rather a concerted effort over several decades to capture democratic institutions.

I thought about picking one up to stick pins into, but settled on printing out pictures of the little bastard and taping them up in urinals for target practice. I will never forget this experiment once I learned of it. If they did it then they will do it again. Oh yes, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. They live in their own fantasy world, in a bubble of illusion they built over the course of decades. As long as the MSM keeps the truth off the airwaves, the people have no clue. I think one of the main reasons that there is such a push for AI and drone technology is that the elites who intend to run this show know that one of their biggest problems will be getting the police and army to follow orders against the citizenry.

I read a piece a while back about a guy that was hired to give a talk on ensuring a safe future, I think mostly from a financial and security standpoint. He thought he would be giving a lecture to an audience of several hundred but it turned out to be just a small group of extraordinarily wealthy people. Their main concern was security in their gated compounds and especially how to ensure that the hired guards did not actually turn on the wealthy inside.

A bit of insight into the thinking of the uber rich. They will fail because they are terminally arrogant and out of touch. Thank you, I enjoyed doing it and was thankful to get the air time. Fortunately, not enough voters saw it or saw it and did not like it because they voted in my opponent in the June primary. I will be thankful to get my life back after the end of this year. Intubation has been standard treatment for severe pneumonia with respiratory failure for over fifty years, and worked fine until Covid came along. Ishabaka— You are just wrong about that.

The mechanism of Covid is unlike any regular pneumonia, being primarily a disease of the endothelial tissue in blood vessels, especially in the avioli of the lungs. Covid 19 actually attacks the respiratory tissues and the pressure gradient values were set to high causing even more tissue damage. Think hemorrhagic fever but milder. If I recall my latest Peter McCullough video, he says something to the effect that it is the micro blood clotting in the lungs that presents as pneumonia, that ventilators are not recommended, that blood thinners are the treatment for covid pneumonia. The action of Covid that the respirator cannot help is the pneumonic fluids turn into a gel. Breathing does not work well will jello in your lungs also the actions of coughing no longer works.

Also, most of the damage comes from Tcells in the immune system. When they do their thing, they destroy host tissue as much as the virus. Autopsies have shown lungs that resemble Swiss cheese. The receptors that the virus attacks through are ACE2, which are for blood pressure control. They are everywhere whereas the flu receptors are limited to the respiratory tract. Hence the attack by whatever Covid is is more systemic. Platelets respond to the viral attack on the endothelium of the blood vessels, like a heart attack, and a clotting cascade can result. The clotting can be anywhere, but clots in the lungs and heart are super serious. And now we have the new governor of New York firing nurses today who have refused the vax and she said:.

I hope these nurses sue the State of New York into oblivion. Especially if they can prove they have natural immunity. She is Cuomo without the sexual harassment charges and charges of causing thousands of nursing home deaths. I think that blood thinners are what is keeping a lot of the vaccinated people alive after they take the jab. I know a lot of older folk that are on them for blood pressure issues for years.

I suspect anticoagulant therapies, prevalent in the older population cohorts no data, apologies , are probably keeping a lid on thrombotic events. There is abundant evidence that the spike proteins are fusogenic and thrombogenic basically, cause cells to stick together, and in the context of blood, this causes clots, albeit likely a simplistic explanation. Educate me if you know more about it. Which you well may. You need to educate yourself. James was spot on. They are drugging people and killing them on respirators when they could heal them easily using ivermectin and vitamin c intravenously. Yes, a ventilator requires a trained technician who has to be there the entire time.

That is what my friend who was an ER nurse for 30 years told me. Were the technicians to run them going to just appear out of thin air? People are getting edema in the lungs from kidney failure from Remdesivir. Humor him. MaryQueen September 27, at am You need to educate yourself. Your own history of fucked-up predictions is almost legendary…. Whats to ignore? There are 15 counties what is the percentage of failures by population and how does that affect the false victory of Joe Biden and the failure of the American people to secore a decent president? By any metric you decide to look at Joe he is a complete and utter failure. You own that, you voted for this asshole and he has botched everything. Biden is only the second Democrat in 70 years to win Arizona.

In the final tally, he beat Trump by 10, votes, or 0. Eleven Democratic electors will meet Dec. Fake Trae, I did not say James said it. Try reading it this way: James was right. AND They are drugging people and killing them on respirators…. Not murder if you have been told to do the above and honestly believe that is the best course of treatment. It still is not doing your homework as a doctor or caregiver to not follow the science and look at what is working and what isnot. At the worst it might be involuntary manslaughter.

I decided to look it up and wow as usual you are wrong. Tell me why your world view is not only always wrong but so fucked in the head? While we are at it whats with the crickets and the fact at least in Arizona it has been proven Biden did not take the state? Accidental Killing Accidental Killing A death caused by a lawful act done under the reasonable belief that no harm was likely to result. Accidental killing is different from Involuntary Manslaughter, which causes death by an unlawful act or a lawful act done in an unlawful way. See also the transcript of testimony of pulmonary nurse Albert Spence, which, though a recount of his personal experience, provides a good overview of the whole big mess:. Seems like the death of Kirk Douglas—now there was a real man and a real role model and hero—is at the right time to boost the Spartacus meme and concentrate maybe a few minds on the only response to tyranny: Call it out and fight back.

Douglas put his money where his mouth was when it came to challenging TPTB. Douglas stood up for the screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, first by hiring him to do the script and then by openly crediting him as the screenwriter. Bogart and Bacall as good Liberals went to the hearing to support the Hollywood Ten. They were shaken at their naked contempt for America and the American people. They admitted they were wrong and in way over their head. Somebody stole the script and a bunch of people started telling him how to amend the movie to suit them. You have obviously never extubated a patient; I have, many many times over the past 30 years. Problem 1-the longer the tube stays in, starting counting at the moment of intubation, the more likely tissue will adhere to the plastic of the tube and that can tear tissue on extubation.

Problem 2-PEEP positive expiratory pressure is dangerous in patients with severe damaged lungs as it causes the alveoli not avioli to expand and rupture. I was about to post in comments. Anyone that can read, needs to read this. Something very powerful, very evil and very organized is has been taking place in plain site with no visible mass pushback. Some of them have no human to human transmission, making them even better for weapons.

Never let a crisis go to waste! Further it is a trial balloon to see how far they can push people. Next look at vaccine effectiveness the covid vaccine is almost worthless. It offers no immunity, allows the spread and an even faster mutation vector. First round covid went the way of the dodo its a whole new game now. RE: C19 as a bioweapon, as others below say, too sharp is hard to handle. Brings an analogy…small arms fire can be used to herd a target into artillery range, no?

The vax is indeed the bioweapon. Gummint is responsible for convincing the weak-minded that a strain of the flu requires modification of the human DNA which will in turn, destroy the human immune system. The only way out of this is prosecution and punishment for every single person who coerced the innocent into taking the death jab: Gates, Fauci, every single talking head on every single TV network and every single doctor — mine included. If they are not held accountable, they will do it again. If so, good for you care to share? If not, remember what you see are but the figureheads. Also, even if they were smart, powerhunger and greed blur clear thinking… which is why the stuff they do is so crazy.

That will be their downfall. There is no legitimate medical use for gain of function research. It is clear that the virus and the vax were being developed simultaneously, which makes it the perfect bioweapon. Think of what a vaccinated army could do if they unleashed the virus on a country it planned to invade. Unfortunately for them, they let the virus out too soon. Nobody was going to stand still for the idea that we just need to wreck or economy and our hospitals and our schools until there is a vaccine for a bioweapon, right? Look what they managed to do with a not so lethal virus. They scared a germaphobe president into believing he held the fate of humankind in his hands and gee whiz, if only there was something we could do about this disease, but vaccines take so darn long to develop….

What I mean is, Someone like Fauci helps China create an actual bioweapon. They use it on large swaths of society. But, of course, it goes sideways fast. Some people say the virus is a hoax. The whipping of Haitians at the southern border is a hoax, a malicious deception. Thing is, this would not selectively destroy small businesses while enriching big corporations; it would produce economic destruction, but not selectively.

It would probably not enrich pharmaceutical companies. It might not work as well for persuading a large segment of the population to embrace totalitarianism, because such a strategy, to be effective for depopulation, would target large urban centers and leave the more conservative outlying populations largely untouched. It would also wreck the real estate markets and probably destroy the banks. The advantage to killing people slowly and incrementally is that this enriches the medical system. There are many advantages to covid and vaccines. What use? The enable the deployment of vaccines that will compound the damage many times over and serve as control measures, morale busters, and profit generators in the meantime. ConVid is just the beginning.

If they Really wanted global depop, they could do it faster than this. Therefore, they do not want global depop. Yeah, and if we begin to push them back on all this hysteria caused by a cold, they may well hit us with something much worse. Then the true believers will bray in triumph and turn even more savagely against the recalcitrant. And look at the divide it has caused. And with no real threat to TPTB because they can take Ivermectin to end it but of course we are not allowed to. No, I think the bullshit Covid weapon was a brilliant choice. For this I do not have an answer. The McPherson Paradox: Anthropogenic global warming must be defeated by reducing carbon emissions, but that will eliminate global dimming, causing rising insolation, driving temperatures ever upward.

Death by too much sunshine. Because the American people have been so propagandized and brainwashed over the past 60 years plus with lies, lies and more lies, the PTB KNEW the people would fold like a house of cards and do as they were told. This was a Beta Test. Make that 6 feet apart! In the house! Out of the house! In the car! Folks are going out without masks and have firmly decided to treat the Rona as a flu bug that preys on the elderly with co-morbidities and the obese and those with compromised immune systems.

The weekly update by Dr. Snake oil salesmen! As the lying Biden and his troops turn up the heat I see the frogs wising up and jumping out of the pot. I hope and pray that their Covid Beta Test will go down in history as the biggest FAIL ever known to man with the perps being indicted, convicted and imprisoned for the criminals they all are. It is really diabolical because many decent people want to and do act in the best interests of community. They actively look for ways to do so. My community is my direct family and anyone, no matter their class, creed or colour, who is against this crime against humanity. If it is a man made virus, created to be dangerous to humans, than it is by definition a bioweapon. I should, ofc, also add my usual disclaimer that it is odd that no one can see this bioweapon isolated, that flu disappeared in the stats, and that it seems to be a very ineffective killer — most of the population would not even know they had it.

How can anyone claim what it does or does not do, I wonder. Where is any hard evidence that it even exists? No almost about it. The consumer debt trap has run its course and its time top eliminate few million deadbeats. They are now close to being Covid-free. Yet, with these comparatively low jab-rates, they have almost become Covid-free. How is that possible? We were told that everybody had to be jabbed for Covid to disappear here so we can all go back to normal. They issued Ivermectin kits. Turn off the TV and stop testing. Problem solved. But yes, as Buddha said Birth is painful.

Death is painful. Old age is painful. And disease is painful. All that is still there. Jesus, Buddy. Are you alright over there? In the old days, a White Man could go to Mexico and Thailand and hire a girl to do everything for him for a few dollars. Jarek, Budda was the source for the bad iron-nail meme, yes? I think Budda is a bit insensitive. I would further refine his thought, however, to suggest that good people do become cops, but after several years, resemble bad iron…bent, corroded, and thoroughly corrupted by their environment.

May 3, All Broccoli will accomplish Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models feeling good about herself Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models publicly proving her wokeness is to destroy the goose that laid her golden egg. People still behaved licentiously, but they had more discretion about it. With her new album?? That is what Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models friend who was an Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models nurse for 30 years told me. When he is Elizabeth Hutchison Chapter One Summary indicted, Boo In To Kill A Mockingbird and imprisoned this is exactly what I want to see happen to him. Early viral Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clintons Role Models even My Visit To Hawaiis Annexation head colds and flu!

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