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Tragedy In Chris Crutchers Athletic Shorts

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CHRIS HEDGES \u0026 Marianne Willamson on Chevron's Persecution of Human Rights Lawyer Steven Donziger

It seems like nothing could go wrong--and so, of course, almost everything does. When Louie protests a [Note: Spoilers ahead. When Louie protests against his coach teaching the team to play "dirty football," he is kicked off the team. Things go from bad to worse when view spoiler [Becky is killed in a freak accident. Crutcher does do an excellent job of portraying life in the small town of Trout, Idaho--as I read, I really felt that I knew what it was like to live there. The style of the novel's language is a little simplistic at times--I think Crutcher was sometimes a little too earnest in trying to sound like a high schooler, something I could hear especially in Louie's descriptions of his parents and Dakota. Overall, though, the voice of the novel was very believable.

The novel's writing could be accessible for readers as young as twelve, but because of mature content see below and the fact that the book centers around a high school senior, it would probably be more well-received by high school-age students. There are some heavier themes in this novel--slightly-obscured references are made to Boomer Cowans's being abused by his father, for starters.

Louie later has to come to grips with view spoiler [the sudden death of Becky. There's a fair amount of swearing in the novel think of a rural town, and you've got it. There's a very erotic scene in which Louie and Becky go up to a cabin to have sex, and while they don't end up doing it juuuust barely , I still found that section offensive--I don't watch that kind of steamy junk on TV, so why would I want to read it in a book?

Near the end of the book, view spoiler [Louie defaces a monument to Becky mostly because it was more of a monument to his self-centered school principal, who put his own name on the plaque ; afterwards, Louie lies about his actions and gets away scot-free. The book actually ends with Louie going back to the rebuilt monument to destroy it again!

Obviously different readers have different tastes, but I personally find that conflicted morality to be distasteful. Louie's actions may be more realistic in some ways in portraying everyday teens, but if that's true, then that's what depresses me. He doesn't become a hood or start pushing drugs after view spoiler [his girlfriend dies, hide spoiler ] and he actually is a great human being in some other ways such as his defense of Washington, the rival football player --but because he falls short in some key aspects of his personal integrity, the book left me feeling disappointed.

And if I feel disappointed when I finish a book, then I do not recommend that book to other people. View all 3 comments. Jan 03, Morgan Folk rated it really liked it. I could relate to a lot of this book especially because he was a high school student. Also, I could relate because I had a teammate who had almost the same life experiences. Plot: Louie had a life going for him, he had a good looking girlfriend and he also had a starting spot on their football team. Louie was an amazing athlete and tried his hardest in everything he had done. His friend, Carter, was also trying out for the football team and they both ended up having a starting spot on the first string varsity football team.

Then, everything seemed to go downhill from there. There was a new player on the football team and his name was Washington. Washington came to the football team the day before their first game. He got to start over Louie because his coach had thought he was better. Louie then got kicked off the football team because he had made racial slurs. Becky had tried to jump off before getting hit straight on with a car. She jumped off a bridge and instantly died. Louie had gotten a call from her parents the next day to tell him that.

He had been stressed and depressed. Then coach Madison had stepped in. Coach Madison had done some counseling for him and told him to try out for the track team. Louie had to go to the principal and the administration to be allowed onto the track team because of the football team racial slurs he had made. The administration had told him under certain circumstances that he could do track. He made it to the last meet after all of his punishment and had beat everyone in that race. In that race was Washington, the one who he had made fun of, who had just barely lost to Louie. Louie and Washington had ended the book by becoming best friends.

Characterization: Louie was the main character in this book. Louie was a very bold character and he had his life going for him. Then Louie ran into some problems and was depressed. Louie was a smaller kid that was very fast. Another main character was Becky. Impacts of Setting: The story took place in Trout, Idaho. The school is a lot like Weyauwega, small town, except it is based around the football team. The book is in present time, because they have some of the same trends that are in Weyauwega. The trends are the way the kids dress and how there are the athletic kids who are popular. Another reason would be because a lot of football teams around this area are becoming smaller and that is the new thing now.

There are not a lot of schools that can find kids to play on their athletic teams. Thematic Connection: The theme of this book was, if people work hard at something they will get something great out of it. Another theme would be believe in what you want to believe, just like Louie did when he got kicked off of the team by saying all of those racial slurs to Washington. Recommendation: I recommend this to teenage boys, because I think they would be more interested in it.

I also would recommend this to teenage boys because it was a pretty easy read. There was some sexual content and graphic content that should not be read by anyone who is under the age of a teenager or not mature enough to read. They should also read this book if they need some motivation or self confidence. I recommend this to any coaches. The reason I recommend this to coaches, is because there is a lot of motivation. View 1 comment. This was a pretty good book, although it was not my favorite book. I thought it was fairly relatable. In this book there is a senior in high school who has a fairly rough past. His favorite sport is football. In the begin This was a pretty good book, although it was not my favorite book.

In the beginning of the book a girl, Becky, starts liking Louie. Almost every guy in the school has a crush on this girl. She is very attractive, great at sports, fun, and smart. These two start hanging out more and going on dates often and start dating. Soon after this happens in the middle of football season they are going up against a team that is very easily beaten except for the fact that they have one kid who is extremely athletic and could win the game for them so the coach tells the team to hurt him and take him out of the game.

In the game one of the teammates, Boomer, does this and Louie explodes because he feels bad for the other kid. He yells at the referee and his any farter go coach and gets kicked off the team. After that Louie has a meeting with Coach Lednecky and the principal with his family. During that meeting the Principal decides that Louie may not participate in any other sports at the school. In the winter, Becky is driving over an icy bridge and slips off into the water and dies. Louie has troubles dealing with it for a while but eventually gets it under control. The assistant coach of football is also the coach of the track team, Madison. So what he does is run alone around town and showers in the coaches office and rides with the trainer to the meets.

Louie is a star and takes first in every meet by a long shot. The kid that Boomer took out earlier in the book tries to race against Louie in the two mile. Washington pushes him to his limits but Louie still wins just barely with a regional qualifying time. I would recommend this book to boys that are teenagers, I feel they will find a better interest in it. It is a short book and easy to read but it is also a very good book and is realistic. Mar 25, Colten rated it liked it Shelves: norris-reading-challenge. The book starts out with two teenage boys, Louie and Carter, who play football for their high school. Trout High School has been winning all their games and then it came time to play the team Salmon River.

The coach knew it was going to be hard to beat them because they were 2nd in state. Trout's coach put in a player named Boomer, a kid with a bad attitude and coach told him to hit the quarterback Washington, who was African American, as hard as he could. Louie was so upset when they didn't call a lag and he quite the team. Louie and his girlfriend Becky had become very close.

One night Becky was driving over a bridge and a motorcycle went out of control and Becky swerved to avoid it and she drove off the bridge and died. Louie was devastated and it took him months until he returned to his normal self again. The track coach asked Louie to join the team and help get his mind off her death. He did very well in track and he made regionals and then made state. Boomer who tackled Washington starts to befriend Louie and tells him about being beat by his dad.

At the end Boomer and Louie start to see life as young adults This YA novel is set in a town of , where all the businesses shut down when there's a football game. The coach tells his team repeatedly to take out the new black kid on an opposing team. Our protagonist Louie feels uneasy about that, but only protests after it happens and the ref looks the other way. I like Crutcher's portrayal of a seventeen-year-old who has supportive parents, a good friend, a girl he's falling in love with, and who just isn't entirely sure how he should handle things This YA novel is set in a town of , where all the businesses shut down when there's a football game.

I like Crutcher's portrayal of a seventeen-year-old who has supportive parents, a good friend, a girl he's falling in love with, and who just isn't entirely sure how he should handle things--like the coach, like sex. I want to feel like the whole team would errupt in protests as soon as words like that leave someone's mouth. Unfortunately, I think this book is still timely. The back of the book tells you that tragedy strikes. So be warned. Feb 15, Kendra Wisenbaker rated it really liked it.

What would you stand up for? Written in , the book references old school Idaho - Boise and Borah High. It was a good story. Sporty, but not too sporty. Apr 08, Jenna Ginter rated it really liked it. Running Loose a story about a high school athlete named Louie that believed that he was on top of the mountain. He thought that he had high school dialed in the starting spot on the football team, the girl, and just the perfect life. Well all that changed when he quit the football team because he did not agree with his coach being racist. If losing his favorite sport wasn't enough Louie has to overcome an unexpected death that flips his world upside down.

Throughout the story Louie tries to over Running Loose a story about a high school athlete named Louie that believed that he was on top of the mountain. Throughout the story Louie tries to overcome the losses and has to find peace and passion for something new that can help save him. This novel is a real eye opener for young adults that think that they have it all, but sometimes things can go wrong real quick. Sometimes the most important things in life are taken and it will hurt like hell, but you can't just lie down and take the loss. Life doesn't end when bad things happen and I think that is the most important lesson that young adults need to learn. I feel this book would really help young athletes that are struggling with the idea that if they don't have their sport then they have nothing.

Apr 08, Sisilia Meli rated it really liked it Shelves: english There's no question that Louie Banks has it all. Star player on the football team, a beautiful girlfriend at his side, Louie's goals to lead his team towards a state championship is in the bag for him. But when his coach starts encouraging dirty playing, he's then kicked off the team and to make things harder, his girlfriend, Becky, passes suddenly leaving Louie alone to search for strength and endurance within himself during this time. While transitioning his life into a newer phase, readers wi There's no question that Louie Banks has it all.

While transitioning his life into a newer phase, readers will see how Louie is able to find light in even the darkest of times and a hope that he has never encountered before. I didn't except this book to grab me as much as it did. I don't read many novels regarding with sports but Running Loose taught me lessons of love and hope in a way I couldn't have learned without the game. Louie is a great character and one that many young boys can relate to today. He reminds me so much of my younger brothers. I definitely recommended this to them after finishing it.

Apr 12, Dani Castro rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Louie is a character I thought I was going to hate, because of evil jock stereotypes, sorry. However, the boy surprised me. He teaches us how to deal with loss and the importance of sacrificing what you love when standing up for something more important. This is almost a cookie-cutter high school drama but I didn't expect his girlfriend Becky to die. This novel was really honest about how life can really hit us on our blind side. I like the story, but beware of the tugs on the hearts and the rac Louie is a character I thought I was going to hate, because of evil jock stereotypes, sorry.

I like the story, but beware of the tugs on the hearts and the racism you'll encounter. Apr 08, Marie Joy Arao rated it it was amazing. This novel is a story about a high school football player named Louie Banks. He thinks that he already figured out how he will manage his life and career in the future. He fell in love with one of the pretty faces on their campus. This book tackles the trauma of losing someone so special in your life. It also talks about love and friendship.

I loved how this book was written in a way that I as the reader felt Louie Banks's pain. This book can help you relate when you lose someone that you really This novel is a story about a high school football player named Louie Banks. This book can help you relate when you lose someone that you really loved. I think this story will help you realize that there are still lots of reasons to keep going and follow the dreams that you've started. Young Adults who are a fan of Sports will love this book. I highly recommend this book! Apr 10, Rachel Haskell rated it it was amazing. Running loose is the story of a young high school athlete who has everything lined up and figured out for his senior year, until he reaches a moral dilemma that changes everything.

As he goes through this moral maturing he is also faced with personal trauma and loss. It is a brutally honest telling of what it is like to grow up and be torn from childhood innocence and be introduced to the harsh realities of adulthood. Apr 02, Autumn Barraclough rated it liked it. This book does not really focus on what happens on the field, although it is very evident that sports play a very big role in the life of the main character. The plot itself is very slow at first, but I promise that it speeds up! Sep 11, Louis Knecht rated it it was amazing. I thought that this book was extremely interesting and relateable. There were a lot of very interesting things that happened to the main character Louie. I think that the author did a terrific job on the whole story line of the book.

It was a great book to read. I like how the author makes the book seem so real. There were a lot of interesting events that happened in the plot. The main character Louie worked very hard all summer to make a starting position on the football team. When football st I thought that this book was extremely interesting and relateable. When football started he was the third best person on the team. The best person was his best friend Carter who probably will go to college for football. The second best was Boomer who was always a jerk to Louie and every one for that matter. Their football team was very good probably best in the state they won state three years in a row before.

Then one week they played a team who had a very good player whose name was Washington and was African American. Washington was better than Carter. Their coach told them at practice if they ever got a good hit on him take it and hurt him so they would win. Louie didn't agree with that at all. When the game came Washington did really good and scored all his teams touchdowns. They were both tied at half time.

Then in the second half Washington threw a pass deep and when he let go Boomer hit him as hard as he could and they landed on the bench. Washington broke most of his ribs. When that happened Louie threw of his helmet yelled at the reef for not calling anything yelled at their coach and left. He quit the football team but still had his girlfriend Becky who was the hottest girl in school. Then a couple months latter Becky died in a car accident. He was really sad for a long time because he loved her and she loved him. After that they had her funeral and he yelled at the preacher because he was saying how God worked in strange and mysterious ways. He was mad because he thought God didn't care.

He was sad for a long time but then one of his old football coaches, which was nice and was also mad at the head coach for playing dirty, asked Louie to do track. He said yes but they had to convince the principal to let him because they banned him from school sports after football. They eventually said yes and Louie was going to run the one and two mile for their school. He trained really hard and took first every meet. Then his meet to qualify for regional's he had to run against Washington. Washington talked to Louie before the meet and said that he respected Louie a lot by the way he ran and how he stood up for him when Boomer tried to hurt him.

It was the first meet he ever ran the two mile, but Louie beat him but just barely. Louie ended the book very happy but he was still sad for Becky. I would recommend this book to all teenage males. It is very good, and I think they would like it because they can understand and relate to it. View 2 comments. Oct 26, Gavin rated it it was amazing. Personal Response I enjoyed the book, Running Loose , by Chris Crutcher, because it showed the real life struggles some people experience. I think people can and will learn life lessons from this book. I think the author did a great job of describing the events that took place. In the beginning of the story Louie was playing a football game and a fellow football player on his team made a cheap shot on another player from an opposing team.

The boy from the other teams broke his ribs, and was d Personal Response I enjoyed the book, Running Loose , by Chris Crutcher, because it showed the real life struggles some people experience. The boy from the other teams broke his ribs, and was driven to the hospital in an ambulance. The boy on the other team was black, and his name was Washington. Louie did not agree with the cheap shot, so he took a stand on what he believes was right and yelled at the coach. Louie was yelling that it was not right to hit someone like he had. Louie made a big scene, was kicked of the football team, and suspended from school. Louie came back to school, so he decided to lay low and not cause too much commotion.

Louie and his girlfriend, Becky, had a really good time, and they even made a skiing trip up to Becky's cabin. One night when Louie was working, his mother came in and told him some very bad news. Becky had passed away in a terrible car accident where her car went into the river and she drown. Louie was devastated from the accident. He needed something to take his mind off of things, so he went out for track.

He was surprisingly very good at running the two mile. After he practiced and became very skilled, he qualified for regionals ,but did not make it all the way to state. Coach Lednecky put up a memorial for Becky and Louie did not like it, so he went and destroyed the concrete plate that was made for Becky. Characterization Louie was the main character. Throughout the book he progressed as a man. He learned how to control his attitude and keep his mind right.

He knew his life was falling apart, but in his mind he was doing the best he could to keep it together. Becky, throughout the book, also taught people a lesson to live life like it was their last day. People truly don't know when they are going to die. Becky passed at a young age. It was a sad loss. Louie competed against him in the two mile run for track. Setting This book took place in the small town of Trout, Idaho.

Louie worked at two places, one of his jobs was he works at the local service station and the other was the local town bar. Recommendation I would recommend this book to any high school reader who is interested in learning more about life. I think some male athletes in the high school level of play would like this book because it does have sports in it. I would recommend to children 13 years of age and above. I give this book a five out of five star rating. Oct 25, Joe Schalkowski rated it really liked it. The book was very good and had a well laid out plot and storyline. The main character, Louis, basically had his senior year at Trout High School made until he makes a drastic decision that ends it all. Louis trained all summer to be able to start on the varsity football team.

After the first game, he gets asked out on a date by the prettiest girl in his class, Becky. One of the teams in their conference was Salmon River. They had a new quarterback, Washington. Coach Lednecky made a call to have the team take out Washington when the chance came up. Boomer, the fullback, got a clear shot at Washington and took him off his feet and slammed him into the Salmon River bench. Washington got taken away on a stretcher in an ambulance. Louis said it was a setup and quit the football team. Becky ends up dying in a tragic car accident and he thinks he has lost it all, until Coach Madison came up with a brilliant idea. Madison said that he should go out for track. Louis becomes one of the top long distance runners in the conference. He makes it one place away from State in the season.

The make character, Louis, was a senior at his high school and he trained all year to be on the varsity football team. His best friend, Carter, was the quarterback on the varsity football team. He was very tall, but he was also fast and strong. In fact, he was the fastest person on the football team. The next most important character is Becky. She is the prettiest girl in the senior class.

She falls in love with Louis after the first football game. They date for a majority of the book, until tragedy strikes. The next character I want to tell you about is Boomer. He has always been mean to Louis, and has never cut him a break. He is the biggest kid on the football team, and he will do anything to win the game. The setting of my book takes place in Trout, Idaho. The year was never said. They never went into thorough detail on the setting but the book took place in the Fall through the Spring. I would highly recommend the book to anyone who is interested. The book has an interesting story line and doesn't trail off topic at all. I found the book easy and enjoyable to read, and I would almost get lost in the book while I was reading. Anyone who finds the book suitable for what they like should seriously consider reading it.

Sep 10, Blake added it. Louis attended Trout High School and had been working super hard all summer for his senior football season. After the first football game, he had his eye on Becky, who was the prettiest girl in the school. She asked him out on a date and he felt as if he was in a dream. I blue, once season 3 episode 1 uk plyo workout for jumpers lucas imoveis em duque de caxias onipotencia berretti di lana per bimbi super radio, less network tweed.

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