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Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer

Her 25 Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer left an area on her Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer that resembled sunburn. I can remember it Salvation In Daniel O Malleys Bridge if it was Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer. Will I still be able to work? Mama had gotten the holes fixed and she stopped crying every night. I was taken to Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer emergency room and I didn't leave until 5 o'clock the next morning.

My Life After Cancer Diagnosis: Survivorship (Biggest Reflections \u0026 Takeways)

But never in a million years did I think my own grandma would be diagnosed with cancer. I was only 14 when I found out the news. At that age, when I heard of the word cancer, I automatically thought of the word death. However, his entire perspective changed when one day he caught his mother embracing an elderly Droughtlander within the Key walls, to which he became immensely concerned at his mother catching an illness by being close proximity to one of them.

His mother assured him that she would stay healthy, and revealed a tome to Eli. The tome revealed that the Keys cloudseeded their way into power, by stealing any rainclouds using cloudseeders to direct clouds to rain on the Keys, and leave no rain left for anywhere else, making the areas between the Keys parched and thus become the Droughtland. The child narrator claims that she has control of herself and the situation by stating that she fully knows herself; when in reality, she has forgotten her resolve and was anticipating the meeting with her mother by gladly stating that she would not give up hope on their relationship.

This passage is imperative to the. It taught me that you can make the best out of even the worst situations. Everything began when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. As her condition deteriorated, the task of caring for my younger brother and niece fell on my shoulders while my older sister worked to support us. I also had to help my mostly bedridden mom care for herself.

Consequently, I was extremely busy at home and therefore, often missed school. I enjoyed being the baby of the family, and I did not want to share my attention. Well, time went on and I quickly began to realize that there was nothing I could do to stop this child from coming, so I finally accepted the fact that I was going to be a big sister. No sooner than my mother and I had began picking out names everything spun down hill. We had just talked about naming him Logan the night before the unimaginable happened. On November 26th of my mother was admitted to the hospital. I was at home with my mother who is an extraordinary nurse and she gave me the care I needed she stayed with me everyday and every night from four A.

It was a tough event but the time of it all really was. Everything what I remember from my childhood was playing the detective or the nurse. I was never playing with dolls like the most of the girls. Growing up I realize that being an anesthesiologist is not only putting the patient to sleep, but also to help the patient to not experience pain. My aunt is a dentist assistant and because my mom was at work almost all day I grew up with my aunt.

She was always telling me stories from her job. I could no longer produce tears. Accepting the fact that my grandmother is gone, is something that I know she wanted from her family. Thoughts of my grandmother being a statistic of cancer is heart wrenching. Leukemia did not win against my grandmother, but I also wish that she would have been able to get the necessary treatment she needed for a person her age. I can't say it didn't happen, because i've learned so much from it. It was a day like no other.

Little did I know that the day had started bad but later during that day it would get worse. It all started with a phone call one that no one could ever forget and it would change not only my aunts life but my whole family 's life forever. She began her Chemo treatments on December 1 and after sixteen treatments, she ended in May. Her power port was removed on May 26, She did exceptionally well with her treatments, without any major medical emergencies or complications.

When she got so far along in her treatments, her hair began to thin and fall out. One day she made the decision to go ahead and get it shaved. My grandpa, or Pappy as I call him, drove Grammy to a barber of whom they were friends with. Grammy sat in the chair and watched as her hair fell to the ground in thin chunks. She was looking in the mirror at her newly found bald head, when she turned around and saw Pappy sitting in the same chair with the sheet of cloth covering his body, waiting for his head to be shaved. Grammy did not know he and the barber were also planning to shave his head and became emotional at his action. Grammy was scheduled to start her radiation treatments in June but she talked to the doctor and decided to wait until after our family trip to Virginia Beach in June.

She always enjoys our trip to the beach because she gets to spend time with both her children and her four grandchildren, and cherishes every moment. When our trip was over, she began her radiation treatments on the last day of July. Her 25 treatments left an area on her chest that resembled sunburn. She did well with these treatments also, only having a few days where she felt ill. When she finished her treatments on August 1st my family sent her an arrangement of bright and cheerful flowers with an attached note that explained how we were proud of her journey to recovery.

I am thankful for the relationship my family has with God because He has definitely supported Grammy through her diagnosis and recovery. I am incredibly appreciative to continue to visit the small town of Petersburg, West Virginia and see my grandma every time. I never expected to receive the news of my Grammy having stage three breast cancer but the experience has been life changing. Even though her cancer is not completely treated, she is a survivor and the journey continues. Essays Find a Tutor. April

Personal Narrative: Monica Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer Words 3 Pages She became a caring loving woman Queen Elizabeth I Research Paper influences everything I have Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer will every do. Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer Essays. She opted to have a double mastectomy.

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