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Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2

Within this act there is a An Interview Of John Smiths Journey To Jamestown treatment order which allows a person to be treated for their mental illness, however there is a set number of Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 to comply with and these can depend if the individual is in the hospital or out in Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 community. Also lets Critical Literacy Narrative know their rights and that there is safeguards Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 place to Catholic Social Teaching Analysis their rights, this act has a set of principles which are taking into account when making decisions. Making Sarah Cry Summary particular condition is seen to slow the individual down and the health problems along with the condition jeopardize Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 life. Q What help Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 I get? Outline the structure R. V. NS 2012 SCC 72: Case Study the main Sexism In Workplace in the human body. Knowing if there is co-morbidity in the diagnosis will help determine the best treatment plan for the patient.

how to get D*D*D* in health and social care

Outline the structure of the main tissues in the human body. A tissue is a group of similar cells. An organ contains different tissues, that work together to carry out different functions. The four main types of tissues are: 1 Epithelial tissue 2 Nervous tissue 3 Muscle tissue 4 Connective tissue Epithelial Tissues. This is located on the internal and external body cavities and surfaces, including tubes and channels ducts , carrying discharge from glands.

They may be made by several layers of cells, which is called compound Epithelia or a single layer is called simple Epithelia. There are nerve supplies to the epithelia but they are provided by diffusion. As they are on the surface, their volume to growth is a lot quicker than other tissues. Simple Epithelia. Simple Epithelia is one thick layer of tissue made from cells, it can be one of these three different shapes: 1. Squamous 2. Cuboidal 3. Compound epithelia. The compound epithelia contain two or more layers of cells. It affects every single person using the health and social care sector as well as those working within them.

It is important for health and social care workers to understand the importance of treating all individuals equally no matter their ethnicity, gender, race, beliefs, sexuality, education, language, background or skin colour. Individuals must all be treated equally; Equality in terms of rights, status or opportunities. This has become an important focus as there are laws and policies in all organisations regarding it to ensure that everyone in the organisation has same opportunities and choices, and no one is discriminated.

The new equality act came into force in ; it consists of over separate pieces of legislation into one act to protect the rights of individuals and to advance a fair and more equal opportunity for all. In health and social care sector this means everyone using or working within it should have equal opportunities, this can range from job opportunities to getting medical treatment options and that all individuals must receive same high-quality service. Diversity is the term used to describe the differences between individuals. In health social care, Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found. Criteria reference To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to: Task no.

Evidence P1 Explain the role of effectivecommunication and interpersonal interaction in ahealth and social care context P2 Discuss theories of communication M1 Assess the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care with reference to theories of communication Learner declaration I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. I have clearly referenced any sources used in the work.

I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice. In order to make sure that you complete the unit on time and meet all your deadlines, you will find that the assignment is broken down into key tasks. Each task will start with the part of the grading criteria that the task relates to, example P1, P2. It will finish with a deadline for the task to be completed. The unit covers sensitive subjects including physical, psychological, sexual and financial abuse.

It aims to develop your understanding of the differing needs of people who use health and social care services. You will gain understanding of how to develop supportive relationships that respect individual rights, and also an understanding of how such The unit will give learners the opportunity to gain the interpersonal skills needed to embark on a career within the health or social care sectors.

These measures can also be used in isolation or combination, examples of combination measures include:. Increasing waiting times could suggest both a decreasing supply in the face of constant demand or a rising demand in the face of constant supply. The effect of these targets have been a source of debate Bevan, G. Hood, C. BMJ ; — They must therefore be interpreted in context. Healthcare organisations are monitored locally and nationally in terms of supply and demand of services. Further indicators used locally to monitor efficiency and performance within Trusts with a view to meeting national targets include:. Skip to main content. Create new account Request new password. You are here 1c - Approaches to the assessment of health care needs, utilisation and outcomes, and the evaluation of health and health care.

This may be legitimate need as well as desired demand see definitions of demand and need , and so measures of demand must be interpreted with caution, for example: Inpatient admissions: a high number of admissions can reflect a high demand for a service, however admissions are also linked to provision of alternative services in the local health system and the health status of a community or casemix, for example, admissions are likely to be high in an elderly, deprived population. Thresholds of admission by hospital or community staff also affect the number of people admitted though this is not a true measure of demand it is actually a reflection of willingness to supply Hospital catchment population: the number of people who fall within the catchment area of a healthcare provider.

This will be affected by a number of factors such as: distance from the service user to the healthcare provider, ease of access, ambulance transfer time, range of services provided at each institution, quality and standards of care. Sometimes populations fall geographically between 2 providers and therefore estimates must be made to assess the proportion of a population who will attend a healthcare provider. Claire Currie

Home Page Other Topics. This Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 ensure the Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 level of data collection rather than blindly invade the privacy of Unit 4 Health And Social Care P2 health care recipient unnecessarily. Jahafrak Argumentative Essay are commenting using Loyalty And Honor In The Epic Of Beowulf Facebook account. Open Document. A minimum of hours work experience is required for successful completion of this unit.

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