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Hamlet As A Dynamic Character In Lord Of The Flies

Still, there are plenty of good narrative essay topics you can Hamlet As A Dynamic Character In Lord Of The Flies from that are quite random, yet fun to write about. View in 3D Links. Thinking of Tyrande scattered away much of My Writing Mistakes Hamlet As A Dynamic Character In Lord Of The Flies. Written by. Navigazione Navigazione Pagina principale SoluBlog. Indeed, Material Girl Video Analysis process of massive insertion of technologies of the Hamlet As A Dynamic Character In Lord Of The Flies and communication in homes is taking place in context of profound change and redefinition of the family institution. Upon Hamlet As A Dynamic Character In Lord Of The Flies those

Lord of the flies Revision: Jack

Sauron character vs. All characters should undergo an internal conflict that makes them question themselves and mirrors the external conflict they're facing. Even static characters who do not significantly alter over the course of the novel will face an internal conflict — you can find Sherlock vs. Find out which literary luminary is your stylistic soulmate. Takes one minute! Reedsy identifies six primary types of conflict in fiction. While you are developing your character, you should decide which one s will make for the most worthy adversaries.

The six types are Character versus For example, Othello vs. For example, Winston Smith vs. Big Brother in For example, Robert Neville vs. Victor Frankenstein vs. Jack Torrance vs. The Overlook in The Shining. Every compelling protagonist faces some conflict of the self, but a few examples include Jason Bourne vs. Create fascinating characters that your readers will love Get started now. All the intrigue in your story will flow from how your character responds to their external and internal conflicts. In facing these challenges, your character will need both strengths to draw upon and flaws that threaten to drag them down. The iconic characters we know and love tend to have a nuanced mix of positive and negative traits.

Harry Potter, for instance, is brave and loyal. Frodo, meanwhile, is selfless enough to take on a thankless and dangerous mission. To give your adoring fans something to root for, your character should be plausibly able to overcome the challenges the plot throws at them, destroying the ring or saving the wizarding world. At the same time, you need to keep your readers on the edge of their seats. These very human weaknesses will make them relatable. Not sure which flaws to give your characters? Check out this list of 70 fascinating character flaws to hit upon the perfect combination! There's a myth that characters have to fundamentally change over the course of a story — in other words, be dynamic — in order to be considered well-written.

But the truth is, there are a host of great characters who emerge from a long internal journey without changing very much at all. These are static characters, and they're an absolutely valid part of your character development repertoire. Let's dig a little deeper into the idea of static characters versus dynamic characters. In the case of Sherlock, it is his unchanging nature that makes him a compelling character.

Unlike many of us, he does not feel the need to adapt to his surroundings. For Sherlock, that's both a strength and a flaw: he is always true to himself, but he often fails to learn from his experiences. Characters who undergo substantial change A dynamic character is altered by the conflict s that they face. Or the change might be more of a conscious decision, such as Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy overcoming their obstinate pride and prejudice for the sake of love.

This is a "traditional" dynamic character. Writers often rely on complex, fast-paced plots with lots of external conflict in order to compensate for static protagonists. The world around them may try to shift these protagonists from their core principles, but they will rebel in order to try and alter their circumstances. This kind of character is both a little bit static and a little bit dynamic: even though they might not change much themselves, they're the cause of major change.

A great example of this kind of protagonist is Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. You can read about all about her unique characterization in our post on dynamic characters. Reinforcing your protagonist through secondary characters Often times, authors write static secondary characters to act as pillars around which a dynamic character can develop. Think of Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird : he changes little throughout the course of the novel. But it is his steadfast belief in justice that allows Scout to evolve from an innocent child into a girl with a strong sense of right and wrong.

You might want to consider writing a foil character : a character who contrasts with the protagonist in order to highlight particular qualities of the main character. Develop characters by determining the shape of their arc. Ask yourself:. Just as your history has contributed to the person you are today, your character's history has made them into the person we see on the page. Yes, the internal goals and motivations are the "heart" of a character. But that doesn't mean that their external characteristics should just be an afterthought. Sure, the fact that your protagonist has blonde hair may not impact the plot. But it may color how other characters respond to them.

And it can only benefit you, as the author, to have a detailed image of them in your mind as you write your story. Early in your character development, put a bit of time into sketching out your protagonist's physical features, including their To help give yourself a more holistic image of your character, check out our ready-made character profile template. It will prompt you to define external elements like posture and distinguishing features, in addition to internal elements like their relationship with their mother and how they want to be remembered after they die. If you prefer to keep your character notes organized online, you can check out the character builder tool over at One Stop for Writers. It's a super-thorough guide to character creation that prompts you to fill out their backstory, personality, and other details that contribute to their overall character arc.

You'll need a subscription to access the tool, but trust us that it's worth it. Want to see how the greats build their characters' dialogue? Check out 15 passages of great dialogue, analyzed. Harry Potter, for example, understandably rubs his forehead when his scar hurts. Similarly, Nynaeve from the Wheel of Time series tends to tug on her braid when she's agitated, and James Bond villain Le Chiffre, from Casino Royale , puts his finger to his temple when he lies or bluffs.

When it comes to character development, empathy and imagination will take you far. But say you want to craft characters so lifelike they seem more flesh than sentence, capable of walking right out of the pages and moving around without the puppet-strings of your plot tugging on their limbs. Now, how do you go about that? You could even find some YouTubers from the area. In that case, your research should start with reading. In addition, you might consider engaging the services of a sensitivity reader. Comment by Tolki Illidan is too cool for what he got. As payback for his crappy sendoff: Illidan is just going to stroll into Icecrown once we kill Arthas, walk up to Arthas' body, and take a dump on him. I just got bored, laid down, and let you pickpocket my junk.

You heard right, my yard-sale quality crap. I'd actually try and kill you for real this time, but you honkies aren't worth my time. Illidan Stormrage: Later, I am going to go chill in on my continent I have all to myself now that you losers killed everything else and cleared out. Comment by hes a verry hard boss and the raids are about 30 or 40 mnutes on original server , but on funserver or private servers it takes like 25 minutes but its worth to go to the Black Temple and crush the boss. He developed an obsession to the magic of Azshara's close followers, but his brother Malfurion saw it as dangerous and convinced him to abandon it. But over time his hunger for magic became greater and greater.

Meanwhile, Queen Azshara had been corrupted by the dark titan Sargeras. She had agreed to summon him into the world through the Well of Eternity - the elves' source of magical power. Some time after Illidan forsook magic, demons began pouring out of the Well of Eternity into the world. Illidan and Malfurion, aided by Tyrande Whisperwind and the demigod Cenarius, fought against the demons, but it was not enough. Malfurion saw only one option - to destroy the Well of Eternity - which was not only the demons' link to the world, but also the source of the elves' immortality and magic.

However, Illidan's withdrawal from magic had taken it's toll on him. He left his companions and warned Azshara of Malfurion's plan. Malfurion and his allies soon attacked the Well, and in the midst of combat, Illidan procured an amount of the Well's water and disappeared. The Well was destroyed, and the earth was ripped apart. Malfurion and his allies sought to reach the holy Mount Hyjal, but Illidan beat them there.

Using the water from the Well, he created a new Well of Eternity. But Malfurion hunted Illidan down, defeated him, and locked him in a barrow under the watch of Maeiv Shadowsong. Ten thousand years later, during the Legion's invasion of Ashenvale, Illidan was released from his prison and procured the Skull of Gul'dan. Kil'jaeden approached him and offered enormous power to him in exchange for the destruction of the Lich King, Ner'zhul, whom Kil'jaeden created but was losing control of. Illidan sought out the powerful Eye of Sargeras, and, with the help of the naga, obtained it.

He entered Dalaran and attempted to use it's vast magical energies to launch an attack on Icecrown Citadel from afar using the Eye. He was stopped at the last minute by Malfurion and Tyrande, who had come to help Maeiv, who had been hunting down Illidan. Illidan fled to Outland in order to escape Kil'jaeden's wrath. Maeiv followed Illidan, then captured him. After being cut off from the Sunwell, the blood elf race began to suffer.

Their lord Kael'thas sought Illidan's aid in Outland. He defeated Maeiv and released Illidan. Illidan mustered his forces and decided to assault Icecrown once more. Seeing the assault, Ner'zhul called his loyal death knight Arthas to aid him. Arthas and Illidan's forces met at the stairs of Icecrown Citadel, and, in a climatic duel, Arthas defeated Illidan. Ashamed, Illidan and his forces retreated to Outland, where they reside to this day. He reigns as a tyrant Lord over the remnants of Draenor and, with the help of Maeiv and Akama, Illidan's fake "servant", he must be killed. Comment by first comment on this page, i cried i laughed so hard good job samarium.

Comment by Exorcism would do more damage on him after 3. Comment by mixter The pandas on the weapons mean they were toothpicks for giant robot pandas that enslaved the worlds before the titans came Comment by illidan has a brother named furion stormrage Furion left illidan when he turned him self into a demon form he was on a qst for Arthas he wanted a fire orb to get VERY powerful but when illidan founded the fire orb he said "If i use the orb on myself i will become powerful! Comment by aammggg Comment by I liked this character. Think he'll be back? Or do you think he's gone forever? You are not prepared. Comment by mrbungle54 I was thinking the other day-why the hell did we have to kill Illidan? Unless Blizzard, dare I say it, leave a guy to die when he logically should.

Yeah, yeah, I realize that the original plan was to have a higher quality cutscene and show that Illidan, while defeated, did survive-whatever. C'Thun-Was trying to conquer the world with ugly bug things. But really, leader of the Scourge outside of Northrend. I know I left out alot of major antagonists, but still, the point is, they all got what they deserved. But what did Illidan do that was so bad? He actually did a lot more good than harm. In WCIII, he defeated Tichondrius, and severely hampered the Legion's offensive effort on the world tree by cutting their reinforcements.

Ok, fine. In Frozen Throne, though, he did much, much more. First off, he jarred loose the scourge's foothold outside Northrend and effectively freeing The Forsaken. He didn't destroy Icecrown or the Lich King, but the storyline indicates that it's this spell that causes Ner'Zhul's influence to wane enough to make Arthas come down with epilepsy or whatever, and wake Sylvanas up enough to cooperate with the dreadlords enough to stage the coup that sent Arthas back to Northrend, leaving the Scourge's future in Lordaeron in Kel'Thuzad's cough very capable hands.

Of course, she turns on the dreadlords, screwing over the Legion Now, while all that was happening, he was off in Outland, teaching the Blood Elves not to gnaw off their own hands in magic withdrawn frenzies, and went and kicked the ass of a Pit Lord who had enslaved the Broken in the Black Temple, screwing over the Legion Man, those guys just can't catch a good break. Because Kael'Thas attacked Shattrath?

I mean, maybe Kael was just feeling crazy and cracked out from all the siphoned energy from the manaforges and thought, "Hey, let's go knock over Shattrath. See summoning Kil'Jaeden in kiddy pool reference. Not his fault. Because the Broken are being abused? From what I'm to understand, the Ashtounge held a place of honor in the Illidari. And it's not like Illidan enslaved them and made them get all ugly. The Orcs, under the influence of the legion,!

They actually had it pretty good with Illidan compared to all the other! Guess the grass is always greener on the other side of Because he's mean to Maiev? Whisperwind would have been left for dead so that Maiev would get her shot at Illidan. Technically, she's an enemy of the Night Elf government, and just generally a psycho hose-beast. Because he's a staunch enemy of the Burning Legion and the Scourge? Off with his head! How dare he fight those guys? Oh, wait I mean, I know alot of people will disagree with me because of what happened with the Sundering and whatnot, and that Illidan was a loose cannon and had to be eliminated.

But, I'm just putting it out there. Comment by So yeh Back when Blizzard made thier End Game bosses look cool He's freaking stuck in the gooze and can't even get out.. Comment by Wealth g hmm.. Comment by Tribunal Black Temple was merely a setback? Comment by If you dont know how illidan looked like as a night elf he is twin brothers with so look at him and you might get an idea of how illidan looked like as night elf.

Comment by i think he has pretty many quotes. Comment by he is the easyest boss in whole BT!.. Comment by nyctric First defeated by Nihilum of Magtheridon on the 5th of June, Malfurion Stormrage says: Cenarius fights at my side. Illidan sits atop his throne in Outland — brooding. I'm afraid that the loss to Arthas proved to be his breaking point. Madness has embraced him, Remulos. He replays the events in his mind a thousand times per day, but in his mind, he is the victor and Arthas is utterly defeated. He is too far gone, old friend.

I fear that the time may soon come that our bond is tested and it will not be as it was at the Well in Zin-Azshari. I personally feel sry for Illidan, he was maybe still is my fav Warcraft character. As for Arthas, i can't wait to see what blizz has in stored for us in Icecrown! Reply to Tolki's comment! Comment by In my opinion, it's very stupid that Blizzard made epic characters from the Warcraft Universe daily raids. If they make the Lich King an easy daily raid I'm gonna start holding Blizzard employees hostage. Comment by Curious whats the lowest amount of people that have raided BT and killed illidan? Comment by You Comment by matoh correct me if i'm wrong,, but so far in WOTLK there are no yest ANY encounter which give opportunity for non-tank class like warlock to main tank a Raid Boss in its phases Comment by For 80s, this fight is much easier yet still wipeable if you don't know what you're doing.

For a simple explanation, just tell em this- Stage 1 Stack on the grate and meleers stay behind him. If he casts Flame Crash, meleers should run back. Kill Parasites. Stage 2 Watch for the beams and fires. Stage 3 Same as Stage 1, but ranged dps should distance themself. If someone is tagged as an AoE beacon, they should run. Stage 4 All DPSers and heals should stay spread out. If demons spawn, kill them ASAP. Stage 5 Same as stage 3, but kite Illidan to the traps if needed. No need for a warlock tank or anything with a solid group of about 12 or so geared 80s. Comment by no mater what he done illidan have and will always have my symphatie. Comment by BlutigeAxt You are not prepared!

In truth, it was I who was betrayed. Still, I am hunted. Still, I am hated. Now, my blind eyes can see what others cannot. That sometimes the hand of fate must be forced! Now go forth Upon all those Who would oppose us. Comment by Defeat to Arthas made him mad and paranoid.. Comment by aFluffyFartBall t should be noted that the "altered history" referenced is the official history of the Warcraft setting. Illidan aka the Betrayer , twin brother of Malfurion, practiced Highborne magic. Unlike his brother, Illidan was born with amber eyes, at the time a sign of a great destiny — however, this actually indicated inherent druidic potential.

Though not a Highborne himself, he became the personal caster of the military leader, Ravencrest. But as Cenarius and the dragons entered the battle, Malfurion came to understand that their adversaries were too powerful to fall in combat. The Well was the source of his magic — and likely of the elves' immortality — and its loss was a price far too dear for him to pay.

In addition, the night elf found that he increasingly admired the powers of the Burning Legion, seeing a magical purity that underlay their chaotic behavior. Where the night elves struggled to maintain their ground, the Burning Legion's numbers did not seem to permanently diminish. The satyr Xavius seized upon his doubts, exploiting his confusion to plant seeds of distrust into Illidan's mind which made Illidan turn to seek the power the Burning Crusade were using so he could become stronger, while in his mind this was to help defeat the Burning Crusade he actually helped them by giving Sargeras the Demon Soul to make the portal stronger.

Xavius knew of this and used his power to darken Illidan's thoughts, convincing him that if Malfurion were to die, Illidan would no longer have a rival for Tyrande's love. Finally the sight of Tyrande in the arms of his brother Malfurion shattered his final ties to the defenders. Illidan, with a new plan spurred into his mind, journeyed to Zin-Azshari. Illidan's plan was to obtain the Demon Soul, an artifact of great power created by Deathwing also known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder, which had the ability to close the portal which was allowing the demons to enter Kalimdor.

However, to put this plan in action, Illidan had to gain more power. Illidan was eventually brought before Sargeras himself, who quickly discovered the night elf's plan to obtain the Demon Soul for the Legion. Illidan's eyes were burned out by Sargeras himself, despite still being beyond the portal, and orbs of mystic fire set in their place that allowed Illidan to see all forms of magic, and arcane tattoos covered his body. Azshara was fascinated by the "new" Illidan who was wary of her advances , but remained cautious, sending Captain Varo'then to accompany Illidan in his search for the Demon Soul. Illidan from "The Sundering". After the Great Sundering, Illidan, who had filled seven vials with water from the Well of Eternity, scaled the peaks of Mount Hyjal, where he found a small, tranquil lake.

Illidan's joy was short-lived however, when his brother, Malfurion, Tyrande and the rest of the kaldorei leadership discovered him - and all were horrified at what he'd done. Illidan claimed that magic would be needed should the Burning Legion ever return. Comment by aFluffyFartBall Illidan languished for 10, years in a lightless prison. With his love for Tyrande undampened through the millennia of confinement, Illidan agreed to help.

Illidan confronts Arthas. Malfurion opposed Tyrande's decision, thinking the release of Illidan a catastrophic mistake. While in Felwood, he encountered Arthas, champion of the Lich King, and they engaged in combat. Although Illidan did not trust Arthas, he nevertheless sought the Skull and its power out. A great Demon Gate defended the Skull as Illidan and his forces had to fight mightily to gain access to the artifact. Driven by necessity and influenced by the belief that with the increased power, he could at last redeem himself in the eyes of Tyrande, he shattered the demonic seal and used the Skull's powers for his own.

Strength he found, but peril greater than power came to him at once. Transformed into a demon, Illidan wrapped himself in shadow and utterly destroyed Tichondrius and his forces. Comment by Moltke In Illidan's initial appearance in Warcraft III, he is freed from ten thousand years of imprisonment to help his people. You might think that had driven him mad, but he does succeed in saving his people at the cost of becoming part demon. For this heroic act, he is exiled by his own brother, Furion. Then he is hired by the demon lord Kil'jaeden to destroy the Lich King before he regains his power and an expansion for World of Warcraft.

Illidan is stopped by Furion, who was misled about the former's intentions. When Furion finds out that Maiev, Illidan's jailor, had betrayed him and lied about the death of his lover, Illidan and his brother work together to save said lover. Thus Illidan had been, at worst, a Well-Intentioned Extremist who rarely did anything not in his people's interest even the original reason for his imprisonment was for keeping part of the Well of Eternity, which he felt was too useful to completely destroy, even if it is what brought the demons. Even in the War of the Ancients Trilogy Illidan, while portrayed as significantly more power-hungry, still wishes to save his people.

He is treated as if he was always a villain, carries the title "the Betrayer" which he, in fact, mocked in the intro to the Frozen Throne, but it seems the writer's forgot that he was right , and most of the expansion revolves around fighting him and his minions, despite the fact that it is supposed to be about defeating the Burning Legion's Burning Crusade, whom he betrayed and is now using their weapons against them. To put salt in the wound, Maiev helps you defeat him, who was not only said to have died in multiple sources, but was the true traitor in Illidan's story, having left the night elven leader's lover for dead and allowing the Lich King to survive just for a chance to imprison somebody who was saving the world.

Comment by Kliam you guys know that you need to fight him 3 for off hand and 4 for main hand use redempiton. Comment by kekslul hes name should be.. Comment by Awesome character, Awesome Blades, Awesome instance ;. Comment by Why didn't Illidan want his dinner? It was not prepared! Comment by Illidan is the one character that i have a soft spot for in all Wow. I dont really care about what hes done hes just too awesome to die and i believe that blizzard said that we did not kill him but merly "got in his way" Note that illidan was crazy from the start of the burning crusade so actually we havent seen him sane in WoW.

You cannot defeat me! Us:Oh my god i didnt imagine he would be this strong? Illidan:Shut up! Illidan:I forgot to take my pills sorry. Edit:spelling error. Kael'thas was about to betray him. His hope was to create a new Well of Eternity in Zangarmash. Sadly his project failed. He had a good stronghold in Hellfire Citadel and in Zangarmash, yes But what about Shadowmoon and the Black Temple? There was just lot of chaos: burning legion and catastrophic earthquakes aswell as elementals were everywhere. In his youth he attempted to master the druidic forces, as his brother had, but the sorcery called to him in a way that the magic of the land did not.

He told him to seek out the Frozen Throne, and destroy it. By harnessing Gul'dan's enchanted skull, Illidan came to possess the warlock's memories, and a plan came to mind, but he would need allies to help him. The naga were eager to take vengeance upon the night elves and the other land walking races that had been spared from The Great Sundering. Azshara sent her handmaiden, Lady Vashj, to establish contact, the naga respecting Illidan's magical talent accepted the alliance and Vashj eventually came to lead those who would be known as "Illidan's Naga". But Illidan still had the troublesome warden, Maiev Shadowsong, to deal with, as she had persistently chased him all over Kalimdor.

Illidan then allied with a group of satyrs. Then he ran to the port of Nendis with his naga and satyr minions protecting the way up behind him. Maiev killed the furbolgs and defeated his forces, but when she came to the port, Illidan hijacked a boat and set sail, while a cadre of naga stayed behind to scuttle the ships and ruin all hopes of following him. Tyrande was taken aback by Illidan's service to her, and when he delivered her safely to Malfurion, she was astonished.

Malfurion told Illidan he was free to go on the condition that he never threaten the night elves again. Illidan, wishing for an end to the conflict with his brother, agreed. After Malfurion let him go, Illidan created a portal to Outland and fled immediately, pursued by Maiev. Now that he had failed to destroy Ner'zhul, he knew that Kil'jaeden's wrath would not spare him, so he wanted to find a world where he could remain unmolested. He felt that Outland, the ruined remains of Draenor, was just such a place.

Illidan was chased down on the shattered world until he was captured by Maiev and the Watchers, and imprisoned once again. But he was saved by Kael and Vashj. Illidan accepted the allegiance of the blood elves, and made Kael his second-in-command. The Sin'dorei, coupled with the naga, would be very invaluable to his plans. Illidan continued his original plan - to rid Outland of demonic influence so that he could stay out of Kil'jaeden's grasp.

To do this, they laid siege to the Black Temple of Magtheridon, the Pit Lord who had taken control of the world. But first, Illidan systematically shut down his dimensional gates to stem the flow of reinforcements. Eventually, they succeeded. When they came to the Black Temple, Illidan was approached by Akama of the Broken, who pledged the allegiance of his race. Akama's broken felt indebted to Illidan and his army for aiding them in their fight against the fel orcs of Magtheridon, who had laid siege to their village with the intent of slaughtering them all.

They laid siege to the Black Temple and destroyed Magtheridon's defenses, and then defeated the Pit Lord in battle himself. Magtheridon noted wryly that Illidan had great power, and asked if the Legion had sent him as a test. Illidan laughed, saying that he was not a test, but a replacement, and imprisoned Magtheridon beneath Hellfire Citadel and kept sealed in place by the fel orc jailor Keli'dan the Breaker. As Illidan rallied the forces of Outland under a new banner, a storm of fire and smoke descended upon the Black Temple, and Kil'jaeden appeared in all his unholy glory. Chastising Illidan for his foolhardy attempts to flee his wrath, Illidan quickly claimed that he had been gathering his forces for a second attack on the Frozen Throne.

Kil'jaeden, seeing that Illidan's new comrades "showed some promise", agreed to give Illidan one more chance to appease the demons. Illidan, Vashj, and Kael laid siege to Northrend and battled Anub'arak's forces as they trudged through the snow towards the Icecrown glacier. But Ner'zhul, knowing he would be overrun if he didn't do something, called Arthas to Northrend to complete the plan he had set in motion so many months before. Finally, Illidan's forces arrived at Icecrown as Arthas and Anub'arak dug their way out of Azjol-Nerub, and the two factions squared off in a titanic battle as they tried to gain control of the four mystical obelisks surrounding the glacier.

After a long battle, and control going back and forth between the two enemies, Arthas activated all obelisks, and the doors to the Frozen Throne were opened. But Illidan was not finished yet. Meeting the weakened Arthas at the glacier's base, the two warriors engaged in single combat. After a few minutes of exchanging blows, however, Arthas overcame Illidan's defenses and cut him down.

Illidan Stormrage fell in the snow, dead, or so it seemed. He was badly wounded, but not killed. Arthas was quite aware of this, and before taking his leave, warned Illidan to leave Azeroth and never return. After it became clear for Vashj and Kael that they could not destroy the Frozen Throne, they retreated, taking Illidan with them. He was born a night elf, and as stated by Maiev Shadowsong, became "neither demon nor night elf, but something more".

He was the twin brother of Malfurion Stormrage and was in love with Tyrande Whisperwind. Once an unusually gifted sorcerer, the extent of his powers became difficult to classify due to his powers increasing in large bursts as a demon hunter and having absorbed the powers of the Skull of Gul'dan. His pursuit of power and arcane mastery led him to commit a number of horrific acts against his own people and the races of Azeroth, including defecting to Sargeras during the War of the Ancients and creating the second Well of Eternity. For his actions, he was imprisoned for ten thousand years, until his release during the Third War. He came to be called the Betrayer for his acts against the night elf people and carried the title of Lord of Outland.

Seeking to bring down her erstwhile prisoner, Maiev allied with Akama to invade the Black Temple, where she cornered Illidan in his inner sanctum and struck him down, bringing an end to one of the most tragic stories in Azeroth's history. Q:Will we ever see a redemption or resurrection of Illidan as a Character? That'd be badass. I don't think anyone at all has ever talked about that. I'm a sucker for a good redemption story. Except Arthas. Not Arthas. He's dead. Comment by Something worth mentioning is that Illidan was sentenced to death by Jarod Shadowsong after he recreated the well of eternity, but Malfurion asked that he was imprisoned and not killed, because as Illidan pointed out, the legion would come again "for a second bite", and Illidan knew how to fight them best, after being under their employ.

He was released when the legion invaded a second time, as expected when he was imprisoned, and then banished from the world. Imho he's just a unfortunate guy who got too greedy on magic and combined that his love chose his twin over him drove him to the edge. If i was him, i'd be pissed off too! Comment by celthrelor I think it sucks that we had to kill him in BC, i was thinking about how anti climactic the end of the LK fight was that his father came out of the sword and all, big woop, i think it would have been better if illidan was alive and came down for round two with arthas like in warcraft lll frozen throne, you can bet that illidan wouldnt have sat in a block of ice untill everyone around him was killed to Comment by aren't we still prepared?

Comment by i have a question. Comment by Helllo is it just me or does illidan have more average gold in his loot than the lich king? Comment by Silentfrost They did Illidan such injustice Comment by This is something I can't seem to find but would be nice to know: Can Illidan drop both glaives at once? If he can the odds of it happening are about 0.

Comment by Hailscorn I believe this is one of the more critical turning points in Illidans history. All his life he had been told that he was destined for greatness, for legend, and here he had thought that his time had come. His people were in panic, with nothing standing between them and genocide. Surely now was the moment when he became a part of epic history. And perhaps he would have, if not for two of those he trusted most. Lord Ravencrest had taken him under his wing, raising Illidan up from nothing to a sorcerer of noble rank in the blink of an eye. His master had given him control of the remaining Moon Guard, and the twin believed that he had done well in the role of lead spellcaster.

Now, though, Ravencrest had removed him, replaced Illidan with one who was not even a night elf. For all the respect that Illidan had for Rhonin, this was too much. The wizard should have seen that, too; had Rhonin had any true confidence in him, the outsider would have refused the role. His moment of greatness had been stolen from him The dark thoughts that had of late invaded his mind returned in full force. Although he worked to open the link that Rhonin had requested, Illidan half-hoped to discover that the reason Malfurion was still missing was that he had fallen victim to the Burning Legion. Illidan expected his twin to go down fighting heroically, of course, but beyond that he found that he was not at all that shaken by the image of a dead Malfurion.

Tyrande would be upset, obviously, but the sorcerer would comfort her Thinking of Tyrande scattered away much of the darkness. Illidan felt regret for any pain that the actions he imagined would cause her. How could he think of putting her through that, even for him? She had chosen Malfurion, and that was that. Forcing himself to focus on his twin, Illidan concentrated. First he would deal with this situation, then make a decision about his future. He had thought it lay with Ravencrest and Tyrande, and in both manners he had been wrong.

Now Illidan had to decide just where he belonged Comment by Antkibo So, Im prepared Can solo it? Comment by Some quests in Feralas have painted him in a more sympathetic light. And based on Tyrande's "Leaders of Azeroth" short story, his former comrades at least feel a little sorry for him. Glad the writers remembered that, whatever he may have become, at one point he at least -tried- to be a hero.

Demon Hunters in general have been cast in a more positive light--there's Feronas Sindweller, who gave the aforementioned quest, as well as a Demon-Hunter centric quest in the Blasted Lands that shows--not only are Demon Hunters capable of sanity--they're also capable of camaraderie and sacrifice. Think Demon Hunters might be the next Hero Class? Comment by "We the remains of that was left on Durotar when Illidan fell, when our master was slaughtered. We are the true and last of the Illidari, when the alliance and horde came they left a path of destruction in their wake and they call us the monsters?

I Igneous Stormrage have not forgotten and will never forgive the injustice caused here that day. I Igneous Stormrage proclaim my self the new ruler of the outlands and were coming back for you Azeroth well do to your world what you did to ours. Part 0. Comment by Vexallius Illidan will likely be making a comeback some day, as stated at Blizzcon. Full post below: What happened to Arthas's body? What happened to Illidan's body? What about Kael'thas? It is likely we will bring Illidan back, not so much for Kael'thas, he already had his come back. Arthas's body is somewhere but we don't really know where.

Comment by Is it possible to kill him in 1 person as a rogue? Comment by Can u tell me how u got that stories about ilidan? I don't play my DK regularly, but he's the best character for the job with his ability to mitigate damage and self heal. Strategy: This fight is pretty simple with 2 level 85's in decent gear, phase one is tank and spank with standard "get out of the fire" technique. Phase 2: When he flies up into the air he will throw his warglaives into the ground, spawning two Flames of Azzinoth. The single MOST important thing to remember is to stay right in the middle of the warglaives. Try to dodge the fire on the ground as much as you can but be sure not to stray too far away.

Phase 3: Once the Flames are dead Illidan will come back down and it's basically phase 1 all over again. After this you pretty much just burn him down, I've never seen him get the chance to transform nor have we needed to use the trap on him. So beat him down and hopefully collect your warglaive! Full video on YouTube: www. Comment by Deleteplz Easily doable at lvl Me mage and a friend of mine feral druid killed him without any problems. The whole Black Temple is easy nowadays, the only problems we had was at Reliquary of Souls.

GL to all you Glaive farmers :D. Comment by Oblivion "I am blind, not deaf. Comment by Oblivion "You are not prepared! Comment by Noxheart Illidan is not a bad guy. Hes only trying to help. And if he now has become mad or insane its because of hes brother and tyrande. Its not illidans fault, he was trying to protect the ones he loved, but the betrayed him. Not the otherway around. No one can blame illidan for what hes done. I feel bad every time i kill him and i hope someday. We'll kill that traitor brother of his Comment by Tayas Soloed tonight as 90 Fury Warrior ilvl The phase when he throws the blades down and summons the two elementals is tricky.

Fight them next to a blade as they do more damage the further from their respective blades they are. The one that is furthest from his blade MUST be nuked down super fast or you will die. I saved all CDs for this and still very nearly died. Not too hard to solo though. I expect healing classes will have it much easier. Comment by Greyvax This was easier than I expected as a fury warrior. Phase 2 I popped all of my dps cooldowns and burned down the 2 elementals in the middle, ended this phase with just under half health. Phase 3 wasn't too difficult, as he is doing mostly melee. Pop DBTS here and any dps cooldowns that are back up and second wind should take care of the rest if you get low. Didn't even have to use a healing pot.

My strategy was a mix of those posted by Greyvax and Tavas. Phase 2, before the elementals spawned I bandaged up to full health. When the elementals spawned I stood right next to one blade but targeted the elemental that spawns from the other blade. Popped all cooldowns and nuked that elemental down as quickly as possible as he does much more damage the further away from his blade he is. The other elemental did negligible damage and was easily dealt with once the first was down. Tank and spank Illidan until Maiev shows up whilst avoiding blue flames on the floor. Once Maiev and Illidan finish their little chat, nuke him down.

Ferocity pet, just normal DPS phase 1. That part is the only challenge. P3 resume AFK-autoshot, good luck on loot! Comment by mrmonkeyman Solo'd as ilvl Prot Warrior. Very Simple with Second Wind. Simply dps him through the first phase saving cooldowns for phase 2. Phase 2 do as others have mentioned, stand by one of the blades and kill the elemental from the farther blade first and avoid standing in fire. Comment by Kasa24 Just tried to solo this on my paladin, and got my butt handed to me first try.

I didn't realize that the Flames of Azzinoth have to be tanked near the warglaives of azzinoth or else they enrage and do tremendous damage. If you tank both of them in between the warglaives, you shouldn't have a problem with them enraging. Comment by Pretty much any class should be able to solo him at 90 in basic heroics-level gear. Other than that, just demolish him. At 4 million health, most classes can probably down him in about a minute and a half. Comment by antibrian After killing him, many Parasitic Shadowfeinds kept spawning and murdering me. What's the deal? The rest of the fight should be trivial for any class. Comment by Nekrotik At level 90 with decent raid gear, there's only one thing to know about soloing this fight.

In the second phase, stand in the middle of the circle to kill the fire elementals that spawn there. If you move them away, they'll enrage and quickly kill you. The fire coming out of the ground won't hurt much, and you'll easily burn them down to start the last phase. Fighting Illidan himself is easier than drowning a kitten not that I would know. Comment by lodenghar Solo'd at 90 as a SMF war, save cd's for flames phase and kill them asap rest is cake.

Specced Renewal use when necessary and Dream of Cenarius use with 5 combo point Predatory Swiftness procs for healing. The only hard part about this fight is phase 2. If you're soloing this gets to be problematic since you can't be by both blades at once. The solution is to stay close to one of the blades while DPSing the Flame that spawned at the other blade until it is dead. Blow all cooldowns for this part of the fight and void standing in the fire if possible, too. Once the far Flame is dead, kill the other one and phase 3 will begin. Comment by Elfgar Soloed Illidan today as ret pally ilvl He killed me on first attempt which was my only death in BT on first solo run I was surprised.

The reason he killed me was I wasted too much effort before he threw the glaives and I didn't have enough peak DPS to quickly kill the elementals that emerge in phase two. On my second attempt I saved my CDs to burn down those green elementals. After that I just avoided the blue stuff on the ground and burned him up Saved both Touch of Karma and Diffuse Magic for the glaive elemental phase. Tore them down easily and the rest was cake. Comment by Absolutely no problem for a combat rogue just remember to save your cds for the flames and For the love of god stay in the middle if you move out of the middle the adds will cream you if you stay in the middle the flames do nothing. Comment by Aeolynn Just a tip for the ones soloing this one: there is a huge chance that phase 2 will still kill you as a 90, if you stay near one of the Warglaives and just dps the Elementals.

You should stay in the very middle of the circle for some easy time. Comment by talenlee For those of us soloing the Black Temple who aren't old hands at it, in a post-Pandaria world: When you head up the stairs, turn left , not right. It'll put you closer to Akama to start the encounter. I can't find any mention of this anywhere - if you pull them away from the blades, they will go rather nuts and kill you to death. Sticking in the circle should be plenty close enough. There is no 'demon' phase, nor any need to do any malarkey with traps.

Burn him here. Maiev will appear, she'll get stroppy with him, and rather than getting into the traps-and-triggers stuff, you can just pound on him. He'll drop pretty easily. Those are the only real changes I can find in this encounter from the historical comments presented here. Comment by Ret Pally. Was a very easy solo. He was down without much problem. On elementals keep in the circle and dps them down quick. After that it is a tank and spank with no major issues to worry about. Good luck! Griswold Alliance Mannaroth. Comment by direpath Note to soloers, as this was revealed to me by a guildie I had not killed him solo as I had little to seek from him except reputation. I had a heck of a time versus the Flames as they could crisp me even in T Their damage is greater further from their respective glaive.

Stand next to a glaive. Burn the furthest one first and the second one will be simple. Comment by Hearthstone: Illidan Stormrage. I solo'ed Illidan as a iLvl Guardian druid. The fight was pretty straight forward: attack, move, loot. The only thing that may screw you is Phase 2 when he throws his glaives. After that its back to a regular tank-and-spank fight. Comment by Morbius Soloed this with my 85 blood DK in ilevel gear including Jade Forest greens and auction house blues. This fight happens in three phases. In the first phase you fight Illidan. Then he flies up and throws down his warglaives and two elementals spawn.

After you kill them Illidan lands and you fight him. In the second phase fight the two elementals in the middle of the grate because the damage they do increases the further away they are from their warglaive. By fighting them in the middle you keep their damage low. They also lay down an AE that you should avoid. After the elementals are dead Illidan will land and you can finish him off. He puts a DOT on you that didn't seem to do much damage to me. Close quote, i went in there with nothin but some armor, some weapons, and my dad.

Comment by heartcrash soloed on my 85 mw monk. Comment by Dominomitron Yeeep green fire. Comment by zoomgofstr Item level Destruction Warlock. Fairly easy fight. I've never done this fight so I didn't know what to expect. Phase 2 caught me off guard but healed through it and focused on the minion through the phase. Might have been easier had I expected it. Comment by hims71 just soloed the whole thing with my Destruction Warlock Item level Comment by Betonkocka It was very easy with my ilvl frost DK no enchants, no gems, not even reforged to the right level, as this is just a slave alt The only one thing, which was mentioned that in P2 you have to stand in the middle and use some CD.

Quickly dps down the 2 big adds. Funny thing that there are some puddles on the ground which are damaging you when you stand in them AND they have the same colour as the big adds. I just realized when one was already dead that I am still loosing HP; I was standing in this thingy. When I moved out, it was fine again, but then the other add was also dead. The rest of the fight is easy. Comment by warslayerxxx Arcane magic is like a drug dude. Comment by warslayerxxx Is illidan stormrage coming back? Comment by iluminati As Combat Rogue ilvl. Save all your CDs for Phase 2. Get away from green fire, it does a lot of damage. Dont get away the adds from the center. Comment by Spexlianok Let the Stormraaage oooooon the outlands never bothered me anyway Let it go,let it go.

Comment by Hi all, as of 5. Second Wind talent makes this simply facerollable if that is even a word. Stay out the fire and keep swinging. Happy glaive farming, no luck for me yet but I keep trying :. Comment by You don't have prepaid! Comment by simbagato Ok so I have the off hand so now how do I get the main hand set? Comment by oramac Just solo'd as an ilvl BM Hunter. Yes, ilvl I was still wearing the Heirloom legs, even.

It was surprisingly easy. Only Illidari Council posed a challenge, as I still had to interrupt the heal. Comment by TheCrosshare With all the lore and such discussion don't mind me ; , just wanted to note quickly how to get to illidan; if you want to get to illidan and the door is closed, talk to akama. Then talk to akama at the rooftop again to start the fight. Comment by evildisco If he glitches, remaining on the floor, still red, and you're still in combat I'm a hunter so I feigned death and was able to shoot him one more time which worked. I was able to loot. Comment by polaski4life Poor Illidan, all people keep killing him, sometimes solo, how about we kill him painlessly this time?

Comment by Manbewbs He's back men and women. Comment by Saltura I am surprised that no one has talked about this in official forums, on WowHead or any other places. Do you think it would be the case for Black Temple? Would the items, especially the glaves, be unobtainable just like old Naxx items? I have most of the items and I have started to farm the glaves for a few other chars who can use them but I just wanted to know what others are thinking.

Comment by smerchik15 Black temple was merely a setback! He will eventually die and drop the desired loot. Comment by Arraya He lives! Well, not really, but Black Temple was merely a setback! Comment by Mondoblasto I'm a bit curious to how he's going to react to the news that Tyrande and Malfurion got married. Comment by Teralionn As of 7. That's at least the case on the PTR. Comment by Crapz New high detailed model with 7. Looks good! Comment by DraethDarkstar As of 7.

Comment by bulljoker his model got updated in Legion. He also dropped a Warglaive, which I found to be most appropriate! Comment by sonicsue66 I cannot seem to get Akama to initiate the fight with Illidan. He's run up the stairs told me Illidans meditating, but then i cant talk to him to start it! Have i missed something? Comment by Dianora Killing him on my newly minted Demon Hunter is a bit strange. But I do want the original glaive and I want the original blindfold.

With my glowing eyes, the blindfold doesn't really covers the eyes. I read through a few comments that stated there are some issues with initiating the fight with Illidan, as well as ending the fight. What I found was that reaching the point where Akama tells you Illidan is meditating in the courtyard and then running toward Illidan should cause him to turn his head and address Akama. As for ending the fight, there's a tendency for some NPCs to have the "I would've gotten away with it, too" dialog, and I've noticed some NPCs won't die until they've gotten in the last word.

Such is the case with Illidan, after which it was necessary for me to whack him once more. Wait until it falls quiet, then smack him. That did the trick, and let me loot his corpse. Comment by tankspank1 Illidan is the true villain of WoW because he almost never drops those glaives. Comment by siubosn For those who dont want to search the whole thread to finf out to start Illidan talk to Akama again!

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