➊ Argumentative Essay: Why Football Is Too Dangerous For Children

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 1:39:53 PM

Argumentative Essay: Why Football Is Too Dangerous For Children

Are they right? By Kara Corridan. Ways to Donate. Concussions Argumentative Essay: Why Football Is Too Dangerous For Children other brain injuries are common in American football. Argumentative Essay: Why Football Is Too Dangerous For Children players of the National Football Nursing Ethics: The Code Of Ethics In Nursing play with great effort and passion until they are physically incapable.

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It is a deadly brain disease that can develop from the repetitive hits and tackles young football players experience. Many parents start their children out at a very young age. With more and more young people playing football, the risk of players becoming disabled is becoming greater and greater. As a result, children should not play football due to its deadly effects. It turns out when researchers tested different brands of helmets, they found virtually no difference in the safety of the headgear. Regarding the concussion rate, Xenith company brand helmets have over a 6 percent concussion rate, Riddell company has over a 9 percent concussion rate, and Schutt company headgear has over 8 percent concussion rate.

You may not think these numbers are sufficient, but when you think of all the children that play football, the numbers really do add up. This is one of the many reasons why children should not play football. The helmets cannot always keep them safe. Therefore, if your child played football and got a concussion which caused memory loss, they would be five times more likely for premature death. Football is too dangerous. In conclusion, these facts should be considered, and you should not sign your children up for football. It could mean the difference between your child living a handicapped life or a normal one.

Do you think football is too dangerous? People around the world think football is too dangerous, while others say it is not. Football is not too dangerous. More youth coaches than ever are taking education courses to keep football safe for the players in order for them not to get hurt. The coaches have been told to tell the players to use their shoulders instead of their heads. Coaches also have been taught how long to keep the players on the benches to let the players recover when they are injured.

Coaches are using what they learned to keep the players safe. This reduces severe concussion rates. No sport is risk free. Some say any sport or physical activity can cause a concussion. In conclusion, other sports have higher concussion rate than football. Football is a safer game due to programs that are needed. These include certified coaching education, concussion awareness, USA Football Tackle Progression Model, and proper levels of contact at practice. Players also need proper-fitting equipment and heat preparedness, proper hydration, and nutrition.

Like eating foie gras. It is a luxury. It satisfies something deep inside us: bloodlust, that same inclination that causes backups at accident scenes and the popularity of videos of lunchroom brawls posted on World Star Hip Hop. We watch an airborne human body get absolutely pummeled by another airborne body, helmet first, and we can hear the crunch of the bones — we can feel the crunch of bones.

Violent movies, I would argue, are far more easily defensible on moral grounds, as are gangsta rap and first-person shooter video games. But many football fans avoid confronting this central aspect of the game. I love a good metaphor like the way I love my own mom. But no helmets, no headfirst collisions. No headfirst collisions, no brain damage. It would actually make the game much safer. This is right, I think. Would football fans still watch? It would be an interesting experiment to try, to see if Americans are as enamored with the strategic aspects of the game as the intelligentsia claim to be. It would not, however, be a fiscally sound gamble.

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