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Battle Royale Analysis

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Battle Royale: The Best Teen Movie

ACSPN and ACCE are the two foremost associations of communication teachers, researchers, and practitioners in Nigeria, and they lead in applied action research aimed at addressing our multivalent social problems, especially in political communication and governance. This pan-Nigerian study was designed to determine how various forms of communication, especially newspaper journalism, print ads, radio-television journalism, commercials, outdoor ads, and public relations, were used by the two major political parties.

Among the specific objectives of this ambitious research project are identifying the trends in election campaign communication, establishing the nature of and the differences in the strategies of the major political parties, and providing the foundations for an eventual explanation of "the Nigerian factor" in the framing of our election communication. Other members of their team were Drs. Using the intriguing concept of "media capture", they tried to explain how many journalists appeared to be at the service of politicians and party stalwarts, instead of being nonpartisan objective reporters, chroniclers, and analysts. This research is building on earlier studies that Dr. Ogbodo started in the United Kingdom, which is now being extended to the coverage of Nigerian elections by newspaper journalists and editors.

A complementary presentation was based on broadcast journalists' choices of themes and framing approaches in the election. They concluded from their analyses of FRCN, NTA, AIT, and Channels TV coverage that "radio and television are the most effective media of mass communication for elections because they transcend the barrier of literacy to reach prospective voters wherever they are. These various research endeavours on the presidential election campaign are an outgrowth of the abiding interest in election communication research by committed Nigerian scholars and practitioners, under the aegis of the ACSPN, ACCE, and some of the oldest departments of communication in our universities and polytechnics.

Of note is the pioneering research by Mr. As a pointer to the nature of the campaign, Mr. Oluwatosin concluded that it was ironic that the ruling PDP did not communicate its several achievements but rather "seemed fixated on bringing the APC presidential candidate down" with negativity. They recommended using more social media, employing greater creativity, enforcing regulations, and curtailing propaganda and hate speech in future presidential campaigns.

The ongoing multi-team investigation of the presidential campaign is building on these existing studies, and all these efforts are directed to having a better handle in understanding and explaining the nature of and the trends to expect in the forthcoming presidential campaign. The results so far show that there are some similarities and some marked differences between the two major parties All Progressives Congress APC and the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in their thematic emphasis, use of communication strategies, recourse to multimedia approaches, employment of emotional appeals, and the involvement of partisan political action groups. As Mr. See you in the arena!

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It is because the various factions in the Congress are unable to sink their differences and forge a consensus on a common name. Moreover, most regional satraps are influential in their respective states but lack a national presence. Simply Save How investors can access international real estate through mutual funds? Reproduction of news articles, photos, videos or any other content in whole or in part in any form or medium without express writtern permission of moneycontrol. Early bird offer Rs. Register now! Analysis: The constant struggles of an alternate leadership to the Gandhis in Congress Try as they might, substitutes to Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have not really emerged in the Grand Old Party.

This despite the poor electoral and organisational record of the Gandhis. Anita Katyal. Related stories. Arvind Kejriwal launches 'Desh ke Mentor' programme aimed at guiding students on career choices. Tags: Congress Politics.

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