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Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse

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Sarah's Persuasive Speech - Animal Cruelty

They would stand up for themselves. As you read these, another innocent animal is being abused, neglected, or being harmed in some other way. Animal cruelty is wrong and happening all over the world although one may not notice. Animals in zoos and circuses are abused. They are used for testing, although there are many other alternatives. Companies use them for their leather and fur products. Circuses force them to do tricks and keep them in cages. From falling down stairs to face planting after tripping over his own feet, my dog is clumsier than most humans. The many times my family and I have had a good laugh or a moment of fear could fill a short novel. He has been a source of happiness for my family and myself and has kept me running even when I felt I was at my lowest.

I was raised with this dog, along with a cat that did not like. Despite the sympathy I felt for the confused and slightly startled dog, my laughter could be heard down the street. My mother scolded me for laughing at the poor animal, but how could I not? The many times my family and I have had. Kirkpatrick 30 November Animal Jail Imagine a baby tiger running around the savannah. He looks like he is having a blast, being able to roam free.

Suddenly, a man comes out of nowhere and captures the tiger and puts him in a cage in the back of a van. A few days later the tiger is released into a new unfamiliar habitat with walls blocking him off from the rest of the world. That is where the tiger will spend the rest of his life. This is called animal captivity. Places like zoos, amusement. Despite my sympathy for the dog, my laughter could be heard down the street. I was scolded for laughing at the faultless animal, but how could I not? From falling down stairs to landing on his face after tripping over his own feet, my dog is falls more than the average human.

The countless times my family. Animal Cruelty is a problem that many ignore. People are oblivious to these animals and the negligence their owners show. Many people do not report cases of animal cruelty. Reports of animal cruelty are less common than crimes against people. This is because the cases do not go through state agencies. There are some people will doubt that this program…and refuse to foster any animals even though they are able to just because to them allow the animals to be adopted to another home after establish a bond with their foster is a second abandonment. However, this is not the case, this faster program is a lifesaving bridge for strays so that they have a chance to get used to the life in a house.

Certain animals also need to be protected before it is too late. If we keep treating animals how we treat them today then a lot of them are gonna die off, then what happens? A way we can avoid this issue is to have the bill of rights and let animals reproduce and live with their little ones for a little before we kill them and use them for resources. If we want to get our cherished family members and friends out of the hospital and feeling healthy again we must let our scientists experiment on animals to find new cures, and vaccines.

We share many diseases with animals such as, cancer asthma and the flu. Without animal testing we would not have tetanus vaccinations, antibiotics and anaesthetics. Animal testing has been getting worse and worse by the minute; million animals die each year from the painful, death-threatening experiences. Animal testing has been around since BC. Some people believe no living creature should ever be treated like that and be put in treacherous experiences that they have no say in to stop them. Others think it is a great, more realistic way for testing products we use on an everyday basis. People all over the world say it's the closest thing were ever going to get to an actual human being.

You opinions are greatly appreciate on how we can work together to help with animals that are homeless and that have been abuse, neglected and not taken care of by their owners. If you can give some in site to what the city can do to help with stopping the cruelty and neglected to the animals and how the city propose to help do away with kill shelters. Our theme is going to be How to show an animal love again.

With your help and the city help we can save a lots of animals and find new homes for them to know what love is again. Animals need help with this and everyone needs to help them. Animals all over the world are being abused every single day most of them will not make it to see tomorrow or have the love of a family they desire. Animals are not just objects used for your entertainment or for your sports but they are meant to either be wild or to be loved by a family who will not abuse them. You should not abuse them or abandoned them to fend for themselves when all they need is a little bit of love to make them happy.

There are many sports that use particularly dogs and most of them are called dog fights which are used for your entertainment and they abuse the dogs to make them fear humans and other dogs. Due to animals running around in the wild, scientists and researchers can track the amount of animals being killed everyday. This usually causes extinction within that species, and researchers have decided to do something about it.

Although endangered animals are born in the wild, they should be sheltered and protected in nature parks because it helps decrease the amount of extinctions, allows a better and healthier environment, and the animals are protected from predators and human hunters. Endangered animals are to be kept in zoos because it decreases the amount of extinctions. Human activities have affected animals living in the wild dramatically throughout history. Every ten seconds an animal is abused or neglected by its owner. This shows a massive problem in our society.

They are a main contender in fighting animal abuse and neglect and they give homes to animals in need. We need to change and they can help in getting us to that point. They rescue and nurse animals that have been injured or abused back to health.

He would go Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse the ends of the earth for me, and I would do the same for him. After settling into her new american lifestyle, Dolorosa was looking for charity to take part in, to support animal care. Through the Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse that they do, animals get another Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse to be adopted into a loving family and live a peaceful and contented life. All you need to Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse it to convince the recipient Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse agree with Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse side of The Leadership Of Joseph And Telemachus In Homers Odyssey story. Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse one more laugh we can share? Who doesn't love getting Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse big whiff of coconut or Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse blossom to start or end Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse day?

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