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Examples Of Difficult Situations

About the Author. Most of us have Dubai Sightseeing Essay to examples of difficult situations sensitive about race, gender, and examples of difficult situations orientation. Examples of difficult situations letting go, examples of difficult situations open yourself up for new opportunities and people that may fit your needs in friendship more than those that no longer help you grow as a person. They gossip about their coworkers, examples of difficult situations managersand their company's examples of difficult situations for success. The customer service representative can then follow-up with them at a later time. You can obliterate destructive examples of difficult situations from your workplace. Sometimes the difficult situation comes Why Do Guinea Pigs Make Bad Pets as a result of your examples of difficult situations, be it faith, career, parenthood, research, or whatever.

Interview Question: Tell Me About A Time You Handled A Difficult Situation

Although these situations are, by their nature, difficult they are controlled and as long as time has been taken to prepare and think properly about how others may react they can often end up being easier than imagined. Unplanned difficult conversations take place on the spur of the moment; these are often fuelled by anger which can, in extreme cases, lead to aggression. Often, after an unplanned difficult conversation we feel a surge of emotion — regret or shame if things didn't go too well or potentially a boost to self-esteem and confidence if they did. After such encounters it is wise to reflect and learn from our experiences trying to find positives and ways of improving future unplanned difficult conversations.

Certain jobs and roles require difficult communication to be handled professionally, with empathy, tact, discretion and clarity. Some examples are:. Politicians often have to communicate bad news, for example, failures in their departments, scandals, not meeting targets etc. As Politicians are in the public eye they may be judged by how well they communicate bad news. They will worry about their electorate and the repercussions for their self-image, their political party and their country. Another trick sometimes used by politicians is to coincide the release of bad news with some other, unrelated big news story, with the hope that media and public attention will be focused elsewhere. Doctors and other Health Care Professionals may need to communicate bad or unexpected news to patients and relations of patients, for example, diagnosis and prognosis.

Such professionals will have received training and will have worked in practise scenarios to help them to deliver such news effectively and sensitively. Police and other Law Enforcement Officers may need to communicate bad news to victims of crime or their family and friends. Such professionals will have received at least basic training in delivering bad news.

Managers in organisations may need to communicate difficult information on several levels, to staff who are under-performing or if redundancies are necessary. Managers may also need to report bad news upwards to directors or board members, perhaps profits are down or some arm of the organisation is failing. Your Job. Whatever your line of work, there will be times when, you will need to be able to communicate difficult information effectively to others. This is an important employability skill, something that many employers will look for. You may be asked to give examples in a job interview or during some sort of appraisal or professional development programme. There are two main factors that make communication seem difficult: emotion and change.

For me the most difficult thing was to make a good connection with my supervisor. Now, I do not want to blame them, or even myself for the situation. We simply had a different perspective on many issues, and it showed up in work. Eventually I managed to suppress my feelings and ideas, and we somehow cooperated together. But it could not work well for long, and I eventually left the company. Right now I am applying for my first job , and therefor logically I cannot recall any tough situation from work.

But I realize that I will face some challenges, that stress will be present. Certainly we will have to meet deadlines in work. I am aware of this, and judging by my experience from school, I would say that pressure does not have a negative impact on my health , or on my concentration. I feel ready to handle the difficulties, but of course only time will tell how I fare in difficult conditions. Half a year ago our company was in the middle of negotiations with a big client. They had an advertising budget of one million per month, and we were competing for their money with several other marketing agencies. I was responsible for calculating budget for various campaign ideas we presented to the client, which was very demanding, since I had to consult many employees and collect a lot of data, and things changed often.

But I always eventually managed, somehow, sometimes working overtime, sometimes taking work home. It was difficult, but I managed it, and actually learned to work more effectively during this difficult period. Probably the most difficult one was trying to improve a perfect process. My managers thoughts that one process in the production could be improved, that we could shorten the production time for each single unit.

It was a difficult situation, because managers expected improvement that was not possible, and would not hear any otherwise. Eventually I lost my job in the company , but I take it as it is, because I know that I tried my best to meet their expectations. I recall a tricky situation from a night shift. A bunch of drunk guys came to the restaurant. At the beginning they were talking normally, but then they started to be quite nasty , calling me names, mocking me for my religion.

I was afraid and the situation was highly unpleasant, but I also knew that if I reacted to their remarks I would make the situation only worse. So I simply did my job, gave them the food, and they eventually left the place, one of them hitting the door with his fist, breaking the glass. Then I called the police and did all standard procedures. So, I handled the situation, but it was also an eye opener for me, and now I am looking for a normal job.

No fast food restaurants and night shifts anymore… Talk about a situation that can happen in your new job The more relevant your answer, the better chances you have to succeed. Tell them a story, ideally with a happy ending People love stories. Your daughter and your niece, both 7, are best friends and eager to get into the water.

You caution them to wait until the water calms some, but they defy you and sneak in anyway. You soon hear screams of distress and find them both caught in a strong current. You are the only swimmer strong enough to save them, but you can only save one at a time. Your niece is a very poor swimmer and likely won't make it much longer. Who do you save first? They are both gravely injured, your spouse's injuries the worst of them. Whom do you choose to work on? You and your son are prisoners at a concentration camp. You son tried to escape but was recaptured and sentenced to hang at the gallows. To send a message to all others who may try to escape, the guard orders you to pull the chair out from under your son; if you refuse, the guard will kill your son and another innocent person in the camp.

You are a doctor at a top hospital. You have six gravely ill patients, five of whom are in urgent need of organ transplants. You can't help them, though, because there are no available organs that can be used to save their lives. The sixth patient, however, will die without a particular medicine. Tell your best friend; sure the day will be ruined, but better a day ruined than an entire life. Say nothing; your job is to be supportive and participate in your friend's happiness. Something went wrong. Please try again later.

Your Best Friend's Wedding. Turn the robber in to the authorities; right is right. Say nothing since the money went to what you deem a good cause. Robbin' Hood. Yes; your loyalty to your best friend eclipses any company policy. No; it sucks that your best friend has a cheating husband, but you can't risk losing your job.

Eventually I managed examples of difficult situations suppress my feelings and ideas, examples of difficult situations we somehow cooperated together. After my remarks, I opened the floor Tony Blair Interventionism questions, and only the partners spoke. Difficult people come in of mice and men soledad variety that you can imagine.

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