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Personal Narrative: The Genesee Beach

Voto Latino Foundation. Under the agreement, VCS will revise and implement policies and practices to comply with the ADA, particularly those relating to attendance and removals, discipline, law enforcement involvement, and behavioral interventions and supports, provide staff training English 1121 Reflection the ADA, Personal Narrative: The Genesee Beach an outside behavioral supports consultant, and establish an Personal Narrative: The Genesee Beach complaint procedure and tracking system. What is the melting point of aspirin Father Joseph Galko was ordained and began work Personal Narrative: The Genesee Beach the Diocese Personal Narrative: The Genesee Beach Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. Records show that in the s another accusation Personal Narrative: The Genesee Beach against Furjanic. Posner v. This course Halfway Houses Affecting Criminal Behavior recommended for students pursuing advanced mathematics.

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The Diocese did not permit Patil to return. Francis de Sales. An individual reported that Paul took the little girls to the rectory and kissed them. One girl went home and told her mother that she knew how to "French kiss. Three or four other children reported that they had kissed Paul and, while they did not use the term, they described a French kiss. None of the children were over the age of Summary: On September 9, , a former seminarian from the Diocese met with Bishop Welsh and told him that he was molested three times, involving oral sex, by Father Paul Puza when he was in the eighth grade. Summary: A parishioner claimed she was "fondled in the area of the vagina "when she was about 12 or 13" by Rigney.

On April 4, , Rigney wrote a 23 page document to Welsh after allegations were made that Rigney "stroked a female minor's vagina. Rigney's letter was in response to a letter sent to the Allentown Diocese from a relative of the victim. On April 9, , a woman telephoned the Chancery stating she had been touched inappropriately by a priest when she was about age nine or The touching occurred over a one-year period from to Later that year, Rigney requested early retirement citing medical reasons.

Summary: In , two reports were made to the Diocese of Allentown indicating sexual contact with three boys by Father Joseph Rock. One incident occurred in when the victim was nine years old. The victim stated that Rock touched him by fondling and masturbation. In addition, two brothers came forward claiming that, in the early 's while they were still minors, Rock sexually touched them through their clothes. In February , Rock was placed on "sick leave. Summary: Held in the secret archives of the Diocese of Allentown was a folder titled by a victim's name.

Inside the folder was information describing the sexual abuse of a minor that occurred in The abuser was Father Gerald Royer. At the time of the abuse in , the Diocese of Allentown did not exist and the location was under the control of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. In January , the victim, then in his sixties, made a report of sexual abuse to the Diocese against Royer. Because Royer was under the authority of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at the time of the sexual abuse, the Diocese referred this victim to Monsignor William Lynn, Vicar for Clergy of the Archdiocese.

The Diocese of Allentown began paying for counseling then referred the costs to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in June He was a fatherless, 12 -year -old boy. His mother was happy that a priest took interest in her son. Royer would kiss the victim and the kissing progressed to molestation. Royer would abuse the child behind the airport in Allentown, in his home, and in the rectory. The child told a friend who did not believe him. During one abuse, the friend hid in the closet and watched Royer molest the victim. The child who witnessed the abuse could not fathom what had just occurred.

The victim never told his wife why he could not hug or kiss his own children, who were boys. He was unable to be affectionate with his grandchildren. To this day, he cannot shake hands with men. He cannot be seen by male doctors or dentists. On August 29, , an adult victim contacted the Diocese to report physical and sexual abuse at the hands of Father Charles Ruffenach beginning in approximately , when the victim was in first grade, and continuing through the eighth grade.

The victim stated that Ruffenach beat, paddled, and sexually abused him when he attended St. John the Baptist school. The abuse took place on the premises of the parish, specifically in the boiler room. The victim also reported at the time of abuse Ruffenach referred to it as "washing his penis. Ruffenach denied the allegations. However, during the confrontation, Ruffenach claimed that during the time of incident the victim wanted him to "wash his penis. At the time of the report by the victim, the Diocese responded by stating that Ruffenach was deceased and therefore it could not pursue the victim's claims any further but offered the victim counseling.

Summary: At the age of 14, a boy was sexually abused by Father J. Pascal Sabas beginning in Sabas would come over to the house to play with toy cars, and then abuse the victim while they were alone in the basement. Sabas also abused the victim while in the corridor of his school and after the victim served Mass as an altar boy. Sabas also threatened the victim, telling him, "Don't tell your parents. They would be very hurt if they knew what you were doing. Summary: At the time of the abuse, the victim revered priests and the Catholic Church and "did not know how to say no to a priest or nun.

He began by massaging the victim's shoulders and working his way down to the victim's waistline. Shields unbuttoned the victim's pants and began fondling the victim's genitals. Shields then made the victim stand up as Shields knelt in front of the victim and began removing the victim's pants and underwear. At this point, the victim stopped Shields. And as the victim was getting ready to leave, Shields told him, "Let this be our little secret. The victim went home and told his mother what had happened.

The victim's mother advised him not to tell anyone of the incident and to stay away from Shields. The victim told a deacon in the Diocese, and Shields was transferred. Summary: The victim told the Diocese he was sexually abused by Shigo when he was an altar boy during eighth and ninth grades and at St. Ambrose church. The Diocese offered six months of counseling. However, records indicate the victim was participating in counseling at least through June , for which the Diocese paid. Shigo died in Summary: As early as August 5, , while in Seminary, Father David Soderlund expressed a desire to work with children. In , three separate complaints were made against him.

The complaints asserted that Soderlund had engaged in sexual acts with three different children. The children were aged 12 to 13 years old. The Diocesan record, a "summary of case" relating to Soderlund, generalized the sexual conduct without referencing specific acts or crimes. On June 11, , a meeting was held at the Chancery during which photo albums were examined depicting nude photographs of a young boy engaged in sex acts with Soderlund. Soderlund admitted to Chancery officials that he engaged in sexual activity with the three young boys.

While documents created at the time of the admission minimized the conduct, the facts became available through a detailed account of the abuse obtained from a victim in by the Diocese. The victim reported that: he was not a willing participant, but Soderlund threatened to harm or kill him. Soderlund also took pictures of the victim engaged in sexual acts and threatened to use them to embarrass him. Soderlund offered to leave the priesthood if the victim would go away with him. The victim then indicated that he knew of many other boys who were victimized by Soderlund.

In , Soderlund, now living in Dubois, Wyoming, within the Diocese of Cheyenne was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to incarceration for two to five years for sexual exploitation of children and possession of child pornography on his computer. He is a registered sex offender in Wyoming. Summary: The victim reported that Father Henry Strassner kissed him four times on the lips, "in the same way a woman would kiss," within the first hour and a half of a counseling session.

Strassner, after being confronted and initially denying even knowing the victim, admitted to the conduct but claimed he "did not intend anything sexual. Strassner was sent to see a counselor who, after meeting with Strassner, advised the Diocese that there was "a lot more going on here than Father Strassner has admitted. A victim called the Chancery and stated he was sexually molested by Tucci when he was 14 years old. Tucci tickled him and put his hands down the back of the victim's pants. On another occasion, Tucci unbuttoned his pants and the victim's pants. Tucci pulled them both down and made skin to skin contact. Tucci normalized the conduct by tickling the victim in front of the victim's parents.

When questioned, Tucci stated that the incidents occurred "exactly as the victim reported. In March , Tucci retired. His retirement came just weeks after the Boston Globe garnered national attention after publishing articles detailing child sexual abuse within the Archdiocese of Boston. Gregory Uhrig's sexual abuse of children by On May 5, , a year-old female victim made a complaint to the Diocese of sexual abuse at the hands of Uhrig when she was 13 years old and attended the seventh grade at St.

Anthony school in Easton. Following a report to that Diocese, he was placed on leave. The Diocese appears to have reported the complaint to local law enforcement upon receipt of the complaint. However, no prosecution was initiated because the statute of limitations had expired. On November 16, , a 17 -year-old victim reported to the Bethlehem Police that Ulincy had sexually propositioned him. Ulincy was contacted by the police and admitted that the victim's complaint was true. There is no evidence that the solicitation resulted in any criminal charges.

Summary: On April 22, , Pennsylvania State Police searched the rooms of Father Ronald Yarrosh and found a "tremendous amount" of child pornography. On April 29, , Yarrosh was removed from priestly ministry and entered St. John Vianney Hospital for evaluation and treatment. Charges were filed related to this theft. On April 27, , Yarrosh entered a plea of guilty to charges of theft and possession of child pornography. On July 21, , Yarrosh left St. Francis Villa and moved into a motel. Yarrosh continued in residence at the motel until August 8, , at which time he was incarcerated in Schuylkill County Prison in Pottsville. Upon his release on November 31, ,.

Yarrosh registered with the Pennsylvania State Police as a sexual offender. Upon his release from prison, Yarrosh was still a priest. On December 6, , Yarrosh was released from prison as a convicted and registered sex offender. The Diocese granted him residence at St. Francis Villa in Orwigsburg. Yarrosh was also found to be in possession of pornography in violation of his court supervision.

The Schuylkill County Court of Common Pleas subsequently sentenced Yarrosh to four to ten years in state prison for violating the terms of his supervision. Summary: On October 26, , an adult woman reported to the Diocese of Allentown that she was a victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of a Diocesan priest. While in the ninth grade, the victim met Father Joseph A.

She was in a new school and was experiencing unhappiness. The victim began regular counseling sessions with Zmijewski. Zmijewski proposed a course of alternative treatment. He directed the victim to come to his personal residence where he could help the victim through hypnosis. The victim complied and attended four hypnosis sessions with Zmijewski at his residence. After the first three attempts were unsuccessful by Zmijewski to hypnotize her, she agreed to a fourth session.

In an effort to expedite her "treatment," she faked hypnosis during her fourth session. While she pretended to be hypnotized, Zmijewski instructed her to take off one piece of clothing after another. The victim was scared and complied until she was nude. Zmijewski then left the room for a short period of time and upon his return, he instructed the victim to get dressed. The victim never returned for any further "treatment" and kept the incident to herself into adulthood. Patrick's in Pottsville. He reported that the abuse began in the 's while he was in sixth grade. In the summer of , Gross resigned from teaching at St. Francis School in Minersville, Schuylkill County.

In the narrative of his last evaluation from June , the victim also reported that he was sexually abused by a Carmelite priest named Father David Connell and physically abused by a Carmelite brother named Timothy Johnson while attending Nativity High School. The victim stated that his family's house had burned down and the Carmelites took him and his brother in and had them live in a priory. During the time he was living in the priory, the victim was sexually abused by Connell.

The victim remembered drinking juice that Connell gave him and the next memory the victim had was waking up in his own bed naked, with Connell in the room. The victim had no memory of the prior evening but, on waking, he was bleeding from his rectum. The victim told Johnson he was going to also report the abuse to the police. Johnson told the victim not to report the abuse to the police but the victim insisted on reporting. At this point Johnson began to severely beat the victim with a big leather belt and told the victim that, if he reported the abuse to the police, he would beat him even worse.

Summary: Suspicions of Lawrence's pedophilic behavior were brought to the attention of the Church as early as while Lawrence was attending St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. A student evaluation found within the records of the Diocese and obtained by the grand jury indicate that Lawrence was "a mysterious type who craves the attention of younger students" and that Lawrence showed "a little too much interest in younger students. The father of the victim reported details of the incident. The victim told his father that he ha been in Lawrence's room for a tutoring session. At the end of the session, the talk between Lawrence and the victim turned to sex.

Lawrence then began to touch his genitals, had the victim take down his pants, and began to fondle the victim's genitals. The victim's father reported that his son had told him there had been "a lot of fondling, so much that he felt pain. In , one of them ran away because of my molesting him. He later admitted that he was involved with male prostitutes in the Erie area, as well as Pittsburgh and Baltimore. In , the diocese acted to remove Amy. After the laicization process, an additional allegation was made against him by a victim who was a student at Erie Cathedral Prep in the early s.

In an email in , the victim said Amy got him alone in a confessional booth and questioned him about touching himself. Amy went on to fondle the victim on more than one occasion. Father John Fischer testified that he walked in on Barletta and a young high school student in private chambers, and that the student was naked from the waist down, trying to pull up his underwear and pants as Barletta watched. Fischer recalled that Monsignor Hastings dismissed the report, and that fellow priests laughed it off. Trautman wrote that Barletta abused 5 children. Barletta was confronted with allegations of oral sex, naked messages, digital anal penetration and masturbation against a victim in When confronted, Barletta admitted his guilt to Trautman.

From though when he was dismissed from Erie Cathedral Prep, Barletta admitted abusing 25 children and young men. After , there are documents that proved Barletta was still allowed to minister in the Diocese of Erie. As a result, Bolton was charged with indecent assault and corruption of minors. He pled guilty in and was sentenced to three years probation.

Her abuse began when she was 7 and continued until she was Bolton came to her house to console the family over the death of a grandparent. The victim said held her on his lap and rubbed her back, legs, bottom and rear. Other instances of assault occurred when the victim was in confession, at ski resort and at a cottage in New York. At different times, Bolton fondled her, rubbed his penis against her and put his fingers in her vagina. In another file, a mother of five children alleged that Bolton may have sexually assaulted four of them. Another documented victim was a fourth-grade boy who reported he was sexually assaulted between and The diocese made arrangements to counsel the victim and arranged for various agencies to assist him and his family financially.

Summary: In , Bower was found collecting child pornography. Seventh graders found the images while they served as janitors at Edinboro University. One of these kids, now an adult, testified the images to the grand jury. Summary: In testimony to the diocese, Chludzinski admitted that in he has inappropriate sexual conduct with an year-old boy. In a letter dated detailing his progress in therapy, Chludzinski admitted that he and a friend engaged in sexual contact with an year-old male.

This included masturbation and oral sex and occurred approximately four times. Chludzinski also noted that after being granted a leave, he became sexually involved with a year-old boy for about nine months. In , it was reported that a father discovered that Chludzinski had molested his young son years ago during a camping trip. The victim stated he met Chludzinski as an altar boy and that the abuse happened approximately six times over about six months. Summary: In , a man sent an email to the diocese reporting he had been subject to inappropriate sexual contact by Copper between and The victim state Cooper abused him multiple times and left him with years of emotional trauma. Cooper would convince the young victim to take a shower with him and would massage the victim and fondle him genitals, as well as masturbate in front of him.

When confronted about the abuse in , Cooper admitted his did shower with and massage the victim. He did not admit to the masturbation. Summary: The grand jury learned that Freeman had some contact with the Diocese of Erie but he was not incardinated into the Diocese as a priest. He was a priest in Buffalo, and in five of his six subsequent assignments he admitted to inappropriate sexual behavior with young men. The abuse occurred while he was a priest in Buffalo but also ministered in Pennsylvania. Freeman admitted sexual misconduct at both St. Margaret and St. The grand jury found no evidence that the Dioceses of Buffalo or Erie ever notified law enforcement officials, despite the fact that Freeman admitted to sexually violating children in at least five of his six ministry assignments.

Summary: In , there was an accusation made against Furjanic related to an incident in the early s. Another incident occurred in the mids. Records show that in the s another accusation came against Furjanic. The diocese sent him for counseling and then advanced counseling. Summary: Gloekler was accused of sexually abusing young females during the s at Sacred Heart. Most of the allegations involved girls who helped sort paperwork in the rectory. One victim described her abuse in an article for the Erie Times-News because she wanted to bring to light the abuse in the Catholic Church. Other victims wrote letters to Bishop Trautman supporting the claims in the newspaper.

One victim said Gloekler would fondle her breasts. Another reported that he pulled her into an empty room and kissed her, and instructed her to keep the interaction private. Summary: In , in response to the John Jay College study on clergy sexual abuse, the Diocese of Erie acknowledged the existence of eight known victims of Hannon' s sexual assaults. The grand jury has found documents that the Diocese of Hawaii and possibly the Diocese of Erie knew Father Hannon had admittedly abused at least twenty youths between ages 12 and Of the eight victims acknowledged by the Diocese of Erie, one is categorized as "claim denied, not verified" based upon a denial by Hannon. While tucking her into bed, he allegedly fondled her under her underpants.

There are eight known victims within the Diocese of Erie. It is unknown if the Diocese ever informed law enforcement officials about Hannon's conduct. Summary: In , a victim wrote a letter to Bishop Trautman at the Diocese of Erie where she stated in in , when she was 13, she experienced abuse at the hands of Hopkins in the rectory of St.

She stated that Hopkins would, "grab our face in his hands, force us to look up, and then plant a sloppy kiss on our mouths … and fondle us wherever he pleased. In , the victim wrote another letter to Trautman. The bishop wrote back that "Since Monsignor Hopkins died in July of , there is no possible way to investigate your accusation. Summary: Hudock was 27 in when he engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with a girl in her junior year of high school. Bishop Trautman detailed that the victim was a junior at Mercyhurst Preparatory when she was targeted by Hudock.

This sexual abuse occurred in several different locations within the victim's parish community. Trautman documented that Hudock and the victim had engaged in kissing prior to a trip to Wasington, D. Records revealed that Hudock groped and kissed the victim on numerous occasions, and it was reported he showed he pornography. In , the victim was having a difficult time dealing with the psychological issues from being victimized by Hudock.

The Diocese agreed to pay for her medical bills and provided her with airfare to be seen at St. Luke's Institute in Suitland, Maryland. Hudock' s current employment status is not known, but he operates his own religious website titled, "Faith Meets World" and has written religious books for Liturgical Press under his given name, as well as the pen name "Barry Michaels. Jerge in early That year, he was sent for psychological therapy. In the fall of , he was released and signed an aftercare contract that restricted his contact with young boys. He was placed back into ministry at St. John the Evangelist. In , Jerge had a meeting with several members of the clergy where concern was voiced about him violating his post-care contract.

Bishop Trautman re -assigned Jerge to St. Francis Xavier parish. One victim is well-documented by the ministry. He was a high school sophomore when Jerge took him on trips along and fondled him on multiple occasions. The grand jury found documentation that Bishop Trautman personally instructed school administrators not to hire the victim, noting that he might be homosexual and might have attempted suicide. Another victim stated that he was sexually abused by Jerge between approximately and The victim made his history of abuse known to Trautman in and obtained an attorney. A letter stated Trautman advised Jerge to consider both legal and canonical counsel.

According to the letter, Trautman called the District Attorney of Erie County to tell him of the situation and assure him of their compliance with the applicable standards and guidelines. Three other victims not included in the diocese files testified in person about the abuse. Their accounts include genital fondling, oral and anal sex, occurring in the late s when Jeselnick was stationed in Meadville.

All three men and several of their sisters testified that Jeselnick and a previously unidentified deacon would come to their house and get intoxicated. Once the adults were drunk, Jeselnick would find the boys and pray on them. In , Jeselnick sent a letter seeking suitability for ministry. After reviewing his file, Bishop Lawrence Persico denied the request. Summary: Kelley served in two different dioceses in two states as well as in Europe over the course of his 30 year career. He was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with at least five victims. His victims of choice were 18 to 25 year old men in high school or in seminary. Kelley engaged in mutual masturbation, oral and anal sex with his victims.

Summary: Sometime prior to March , allegations of sexual misconduct came to light. He was accused of molesting two boys while in a drunken state while visiting friends in Mobile, Alabama. Ketcham was officially charged with two counts of sexual abuse of minors. He was sent to therapy after the incident and housed in a diocese-owned treatment facility. In , Bishop Trautman initiated the laicization process to formerly remove Ketcham from the church. Ketcham cooperated with this process. Summary: Father Thaddeus Kondzielski was assigned as a teacher at Erie Cathedral Preparatory for January , a victim contacted the Diocese to advise that 30 years earlier, when he was a sophomore at Cathedral Preparatory, Kondzielski would ask him to assist with grading papers in the rectory.

On one occasion, Kondzielski asked him to stay and lift weights. When he said he did not have the proper clothes, Kondzielski suggested that they lift weights naked. They then proceeded to lift weights together while they were naked. When he told his parents about the naked weight lifting incident, they were shocked and told him to stay away from Kondzielski. When confronted with this allegations, Kondzielski claimed he did not remember the incident, but did not deny it because it could have happened. Summary: Three known victims came forward indicating that they were sexually abused by Father Gerard Krebs.

One victim alleged that Krebs led him through "a series of sexual rituals to both prove my faith and the fact that I was not a homosexual. The grand jury found no documentation indicating that law enforcement was ever notified about any of Krebs interactions with his victims. Summary: In February of , a 29 year old man wrote a letter to the Diocese of Erie in which he stated that he had attended St. Anthony's School in Sharon, Pennsylvania and that in. Victim 1 stated that "Father Jerry" began an inappropriate relationship with him at that time. They would have special meetings together. Kucan told the victim that if he ever told anyone about their relationship, his mother would lose her job in the school kitchen and he would be kicked out of school.

The victim wrote in the letter that he would go to confession weekly to confess his sins and that Kucan would tell him that the slate was wiped clean. Kucan would perform oral sex on the-then eight year old. The letter also alleged that Kucan would have a brother in a brown robe present on some occasions and that this brother would also perform oral sex on the victim. Father Kucan was taken out of the ministry in March , when the Order received its first complaint against him.

The Order settled with the victim filing the complaint. The file note also indicated that Kucan was then in his mid- eighties and in the early stages of dementia. There is nothing contained in this file that shows that any actual correspondence between the Church and the District Attorney occurred. The parents of a boy had approached him to report that their son stated he "was touched by Monsignor Lorei" in the early 's. Bishop Trautman later met with the victim.

The victim stated that about or , he was a student, roughly age 11 to 13, at Our Lady of Peace school. He was also an altar server during early mass with Lorei. On one occasion, Lorei invited him into the rectory and into his bedroom. Lorei had the victim sit on the bed while Lorei sat next to him and hugged and kissed him on the lips. This would occur several days in a row, stop, and then begin again. The victim eventually refused to serve mass with Lorei.

Lorei was soon removed by then -Bishop Murphy. In his own handwritten words, Trautman expressed the personal belief that Lorei' s sudden departure may likely have been indicative of some kind of significant event. Trautman offered the victim counseling services. Financial assistance was also discussed. In a memorandum dated March 30, , Hoffman also documented an additional victim of Lorei. Hoffman found out through the father of the second victim that his son was allegedly abused by Lorei. The victim reportedly described the incident during a United Methodist retreat in A small note in the file states "Review Board found no merit in processing since supposed victim did not come forth even after requests.

Luzzi was moved to St. Mark's Seminary, where he filled several roles. Over the course of his 30 year ministry, he was accused of sexual misconduct by eight male victims ranging in age from early teens to early twenties. Luzzi worked extensively with young would-be priests at St. Mark's where he and fellow priest Leon Muroski served as Spiritual Directors to the seminarians. Luzzi's inappropriate touching and fondling of at least two seminarians prompted the Diocese to settle with those seminarians for large sums of money. Several other former juvenile victims of Luzzi received letters or phone calls of apology from the Diocese. These victims were counseled by the Diocese through correspondence or in person interviews wherein Luzzi's behavior was dismissed as "Sal's way of expressing himself and his "touching approach" to ministry was attributed to his Italian upbringing.

Luke's Institute for therapy. The Diocese publicly announced that Luzzi was going on an extended sabbatical for "personal, spiritual and academic growth. However, the welcome also came with several conditions and a Penial Precept, a formal notification in the church that restricts ministry. Trautman directed Luzzi to refrain from all contact with youth under 19 years of age and to avoid travel and social interaction with such parishioners. Later that same year, in September , Trautman had Luzzi' s faculties as a priest removed and Luzzi began residing in a private residence, where he remains today.

Summary: The victim claims Lynch slammed him into the wall and this resulted in a trauma to his head. In a letter dated June 3, , the victim stated that he wanted to write the Bishop to get some things off his chest. He alleged that Father Richard Lynch was responsible for the sexual abuse that he went through while attending Bradford Central Catholic Christian High School He said he told Bishop Trautman about some physical abuse, but was too ashamed to talk about the sexual abuse. Summary: Monsignor Daniel Martin was a priest the in the Diocese of Erie for 43 -three years who faced two known allegations of sexual abuse. The grand jury's review of his files found very little documented evidence of his abuse of a teenager who was an alter server in his parish.

That victim would go on to become a priest himself and appeared in front of the grand jury to tell his story. He reported that when he was upset over the troubles of his life, he would seek Martin's counsel. He testified that Martin sexually fondled him on at least sixteen occasions between the ages of sixteen and nineteen. The name of the priest, where he served and the exact incident was entirely redacted in the grand jury report. Summary: After 20 years of administrative duties, Muroski finally got his own parish. This ministry lasted from until, but was abruptly halted when in the early s Muroski was accused of sexual misconduct while he was a Spiritual Director at the seminary. Muroski was sent to St. Luke's Institute in Suitland, Maryland, for individual psychotherapy in after he admitted to inappropriate contact with the seminarians under his watch.

These seminarians were all male, eighteen to twenty-three-year olds, when Muroski would counsel them. This counselling included allegations of full body massages, kissing, masturbation and fondling of the seminarians' buttocks and genitals. Muroski would eventually be placed back into ministry after therapy at St. Muroski was permitted to move into the retired priest home in , which is where he still resides. In , the Diocese rostered a list of all the retired clergy living in the home and made it public. Muroski was not listed as a resident. It was at this residence that the grand jury found him living in , however.

The purpose of the e-mail was to inform Smith that a victim was sexually abused by a staff member while he was a minor at Sacred Heart High School in The victim claimed that during the summer between his freshman and sophomore years of high school, Brother Edmundus Murphy, who was 33 years of age at this time, was the wrestling coach at the school. Murphy encouraged the victim to join the team and, under the pretense of teaching him some wrestling moves, the two wrestled naked "as the ancient Greeks and Romans did.

Immediately after the incident, the victim asked Murphy what he was doing and, according to the victim, Murphy sat on the floor and began to cry. The grand jury investigation found no documentation that the Diocese notified local law enforcement or the District Attorney's Office about Murphy's behavior. Summary: Murray molested young boys in a church rectory before serving mass, as well as in recreational settings such as the lake shore. A review of his Diocesan file revealed that, as a result, the Diocese paid thousands of dollars in therapy fees and civil settlements. The first allegation of sexual abuse against Murray was made in In was reported that in the summer of , Murray, while in a social setting with the victim's family at the shore, allegedly fondled the young boy in the water and on shore.

This incident was brought to the attention of the boy's parents and Bishop John F. Whealon in There was no indication in the file that law enforcement was notified. Historic Towns of the Middle States. Putnam's sons. Van Sources concerning the hospitallers of St John in the Netherlands: 14th—18th centuries. ISBN Basic Books. Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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This is a one semester class. Personal Narrative: The Genesee Beach forced the victim to perform oral sex on him. Personal Narrative: The Genesee Beach Daily Eagle.

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