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Kudrow Phoebe Life Research Paper been honored with numerous Phoebe Life Research Paper over her career. Said, Phoebe Life Research Paper W. Despite not finding her father, she connects with Frank Jr. The Phoebe Life Research Paper Pool. If you like this recipe, you Phoebe Life Research Paper also try this Summary Of Gender In The Handmaids Tale Peasant Phoebe Life Research Paper Rachel asks Monica for permission, which she unhappily gives. Phoebe Life Research Paper of the Sitcom.

Friends - The One That Could Have Been

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Grass microbiomes may hold the secret to grasslands weathering climate change. The ACS Division of Biological Chemistry recognizes outstanding young investigators in the field of infectious diseases. Sarah Kaunfer, a microbiology junior, recently competed in The Semifinal of the Innovation Challenge. Explore Our Department Award-winning teaching, research opportunities, and interdisciplinary programs in a diverse, inclusive community of excellence. In "The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies", [e ] he suspects Chandler of both having sex with his ex-girlfriend Tilly and killing his goldfish. He later forgets these events, but Chandler demands he move out after learning that Eddie watches him sleep.

Chandler ultimately gets rid of Eddie by allowing Joey to move back in after Joey's career falters following the death of Dr. They change the locks, move Eddie's stuff out into the hall, and pretend that Eddie never lived there; confused, Eddie leaves and is never seen again. Adam Goldberg later appeared in the second season of Joey as Jimmy, the biological father of Joey's nephew, Michael. Rob Donnan Chris Isaak : Rob asks Phoebe to sing for the children at a library, but the parents are horrified by her morbidly honest lyrics. You Know". The Zoo Administrator Fred Willard of the zoo Ross sent Marcel to, who tries to cover up a break-in in which Marcel is kidnapped and forced into show business.

When Ross visits the zoo to visit Marcel, the administrator lies and tells Ross that Marcel has died. Ross later learns the truth about what happened from an eccentric janitor Dan Castellaneta , an unusual man with a strange fascination for the animals in the zoo. Susie "Underpants" Moss Julia Roberts : an old childhood friend of Chandler, who's working on the production of a movie, [e 18] and with whom Chandler has a colored history: when they were in elementary school, Chandler pulled up Susie's skirt when she was on stage, revealing her underwear to the entire school, and she never lived it down until she graduated high school.

They arrange a date, Chandler unsuspecting that it is a plot to get revenge. After convincing him to wear her panties, Susie takes him out to dinner, undresses him in the men's room, and takes off with his clothes—leaving him in a bathroom stall wearing nothing but her panties. She is never seen again. Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry briefly dated in real life. Jean-Claude Van Damme himself : an actor in the movie Susie's producing, over whom Rachel and Monica compete for attention. Monica has a crush on him but is too shy to ask him out; so Rachel attempts to on her behalf, but he says he'd rather go out with her Rachel.

Rachel asks Monica for permission, which she unhappily gives. After Rachel goes on the date with him it causes a fight between her and Monica that ends with Rachel telling Monica that she will not see him anymore, so that Monica can go out with him. When Monica goes on her date with him, she finds out he only agreed to go out with Monica because Rachel told him that Monica was "dying to have a threesome with him and Drew Barrymore ". Monica immediately dumps him. When she gets home she and Rachel fight again, but this time end up apologizing to each other, agreeing they should not have let him come between them.

He is last seen being greatly irritated — along with everyone else on the studio set — by Joey's stupidity while trying to act alongside him. Drake Ramoray, the character he plays on Days of Our Lives. She dumps him when she suspects "Drake" is cheating on her with another woman actually another character in the soap opera. He tries to explain that "It's a TV show! She is never seen again afterwards.

After witnessing and being bewildered by Rachel's antics with a pigeon after she trapped it inside a saucepan , he admits to Phoebe the truth about his sexuality. Ross tries to get her out of his apartment quickly the next day in "The One with the Morning After" after hearing a voice message from Rachel rescinding their "break", but Chloe is still there albeit hidden when Rachel arrives.

Later, Ross is unable to stop the "trail" of gossip leading from Chloe to Rachel, and the latter learns of their tryst, leading to their breakup. He asks her out for a pizza, and takes her to Rome. Monica worries about the fact that she is not attracted to him and cannot figure out why. When Pete offers her a job in his restaurant, she turns him down, not wanting to hurt his feelings, but a goodbye kiss from Pete finally awakens her feelings. Monica thinks he is going to propose in "The One with Ross's Thing"; instead, he tells her he wants to become an Ultimate Fighting Champion.

He gets badly beaten by Tank Abbott , [e 86] and every other fighter he encounters, and Monica reluctantly ends their relationship after he refuses to quit despite his increasingly debilitating injuries. The character of Pete was conceived as "a Bill Gates billionaire genius scientist-type" to whom Monica was not attracted. The producers and casting director had difficulty finding an actor to play Pete as they wanted, "someone who was appealing enough that we liked him, so we could root for him, but on the other hand, wasn't so drop-dead male model gorgeous that we would go, 'What's your problem?

The director dumps her when the play performs poorly with critics, and she gets together with Joey in "The One with the Screamer". Joey is distraught when she leaves for a soap opera role in Los Angeles. He and everyone else involved in making the play apart from Lauren make fun of Joey after Kate outs him as having appeared on an infomercial as a man too idiotic to open a milk carton.

He later dumps Kate after she and the play gets bad reviews. Phoebe dates both men for some time before they find out about each other, and both break up with Phoebe. She is a big fan of Joey from his role as Dr. Drake Ramoray, and ends up sleeping with him. Joey dumps her after sleeping with Kate, and although she is initially upset calling him "pig" , she later seems to be fine with him. She takes over the role of "Adrienne" in the play after Kate leaves for Los Angeles.

Jennifer Milmore was the "author" of the improvement book Be Your Own Windkeeper which the girls read in a season 2 episode. Jennifer is married to Friends writer Gregory S. Tommy "the Screamer" Ben Stiller : an aggressive bully who explodes into anger at the slightest irritation, only to immediately revert to normal behavior, in an episode fittingly titled "The One With The Screamer". He is introduced as Rachel's last-minute date to one of Joey's plays, as she decides she needs one to balance Ross's; Ross sees him scream at an elderly couple who were accidentally in his and Ross' seats, and later screams at Ross because the latter almost spilt his coffee on him. Ross tries to warn Rachel and the other friends, but they do not believe him, assuming he's just jealous.

However, Tommy's true colours are exposed when all six friends see him lose his temper after Joey and Chandler's pet baby chicken urinates in his hand and he screams at both it and their pet duck. Accepting, to his own chagrin, that the others are now afraid of him, he breaks up with Rachel and is never seen again. Rachel encourages Ross to pursue her, knowing he'll get shot down; Rossellini is somewhat charmed and intrigued by Ross's "list," but leaves after seeing that she is not on the final version quipping that she has a list of five coffee house guys, but she has just bumped Ross off her list.

Appearing at the beginning of "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion", they perform a superfluous skit while sitting on the group's sofa at Central Perk. Tomas confides to Tim that he thinks his wife is cheating on him with her gynaecologist, causing the friends stop trying to have their own conversation and eavesdrop. Eventually Tim reveals how he's sleeping with Tomas' wife; bursting into tears, Tomas starts shouting at and insulting Tim, and leaves the shop in a loud fury, followed by Tim, who gives the six shocked, bewildered friends one last embarrassed, apologetic look before he leaves. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were filming nearby and adlibbed all their lines, and were uncredited.

A mutual attraction soon develops between Kathy and Chandler, [e ] which manifests in a kiss; Kathy then breaks up with Joey, without telling him why. Although Chandler is initially uncomfortable about the possibility of their relationship becoming sexual as he would be directly compared to Joey, Monica and Rachel are able to give Chandler some pointers. Sometime later, Chandler goes to see Kathy in a play and becomes jealous of her steamy onstage sex scenes with her co-star, Nick. Chandler starts to suspect that she is cheating on him; when he confronts her about it, she leaves, offended, and Chandler assumes the worst. Realizing that he has come to the wrong conclusion, Chandler arrives at Kathy's apartment the next morning to apologize to her, only to find Nick's pants, and they break up.

When Paget Brewster arrived for her audition, she believed she was the "runty alternate" and did not have a chance of getting the part. Matthew Perry later told her that the producers knew she was right for the role when she called herself a "runt". She spent her first two weeks working on the show believing that she would be fired and the part recast with a better looking actress. Brewster did not want Kathy to be written out by cheating on Chandler; Aniston, Cox, and Kudrow agreed with her and tried to persuade the producers to have Kathy tour in a play instead.

Charlton Heston himself : actor in a movie with Joey. Joey reeks from spending a day fishing without showering after, so he uses Heston's shower—only to be caught by Heston. Joey tries to explain that he "stinks"—which Heston infers to refer to his acting, not his smell—and Heston gives Joey an actor's pep talk before telling him that "no matter how badly you think you stink, you must never break into my dressing room and use my shower! The Salesman Penn Jillette sells encyclopedias and attempts to sell one to Joey, finding his stupidity hard to deal with while negotiating with him.

Cheryl Rebecca Romijn : a woman whom Ross dates for a single episode, finding that she keeps an incredibly filthy apartment overrun with rats and fleas, yet finds Ross's own apartment disgusting due to a "weird smell" which Ross quips may be soap. He attempts to form a relationship with her, but cannot overcome her slovenly lifestyle. Later, Monica arrives at the apartment asking to clean Cheryl's apartment, as she cannot sleep thinking about it. Joshua Burgin Tate Donovan : a recently divorced customer who regularly uses Rachel as a personal shopper at Bloomingdale's. Joshua appeared after the time that Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan were dating each other in real life.

Monica's high school dream is soon shattered when she realizes that Chip is still mentally a teenager: he has not matured or done anything to better himself since high school, still hangs out with the same friends, plays immature pranks on people, lives with his parents and works part-time at a movie theatre because he likes the free posters and candy he gets. Monica "dumps" him and he is never seen again.

He is Emily Waltham's uncle. Emily only meets and falls in love with Ross after Mr. Waltham asks Rachel to accompany Emily to the opera; Rachel blows Emily off to pursue Joshua, and convinces Ross to go with her instead. Monica, who has an ice chip in her eye while she is taking out the turkey from the freezer, meets him. Eventually, after they kiss, they both realize that dating each other is a mistake, as Monica compares Tim to his father Richard, while Tim metaphorizes the kiss as if he were kissing his own mother.

Rachel is attracted to him but plays hard-to-get by pretending not to be interested in a housewarming party he is throwing. Katie Soleil Moon Frye : The titular girl in "The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey", she is extremely energetic and throws play-punches to emphasize her point that are much harder than she realizes. A seemingly nice person nonetheless, whenever she playfully punches Joey on the arm she accidentally hurts him, but is oblivious to this.

When Joey actually tells her, she thinks he is merely making good-natured fun of her small size. Joey eventually decides he wants to break up with her, but worries about how hard she will hit him if she is actually upset, Rachel gives him a way out when she kicks Katie's ankle in retaliation for one of Katie's punches, and when Joey refuses to stick up for Katie, she breaks up with him and leaves. Donald Ledbetter Michael Ensign : Ross's boss at the museum.

After he eats Ross's leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich in "The One with Ross's Sandwich", Ross angrily shouts at him, and he puts Ross on sabbatical. Gary Michael Rapaport : a cop who accidentally leaves his badge in Central Perk. He tracks her down and, not wanting the fact that he left his badge behind in a coffee shop to get out, decides not to arrest Phoebe and, feeling attracted to her, asks her out to dinner, and they start dating. He takes Ross, Joey and Chandler on a ride-along while at the same time being irritated by their quirks, [e 88] and asks Phoebe to move in with him. He is never seen again after that. Frank Buffay Sr. He shows up at Phoebe's adoptive grandmother's funeral [e 71] looking for his late wife, Lily.

His defense for abandoning Phoebe and Ursula is that "I was a lousy father", and he shares a "lullaby" he used to try to sing to them, which has a striking resemblance to Phoebe's "Smelly Cat". Joey places an ad for a new roommate in "The One Where Phoebe Runs"; attractive Australian dancer Janine applies and Joey immediately gives her the room without knowing anything else about her.

She moves out soon after and is never seen again in the series. The Judge Conchata Ferrell presides over the attempt of Ross and Rachel—who got married in Las Vegas while drunk—to get an annulment; she informs them that they have to get a divorce instead. Their father has cut off Jill's supply of money and sent her to stay with Rachel, "the only daughter he's ever been proud of". She is vain, ditzy, materialistic and spoiled, a lot like her other sister Amy, but is a lot kinder towards Rachel and her friends.

Rachel tries to train Jill in the ways of the world but, Jill just buys herself expensive things. Elizabeth then angrily throws a water ballon from her apartment hitting Ross square in the head, drenching him. She is never seen again in the series after that. Paul Stevens Bruce Willis , Elizabeth's father, who takes an instant dislike to Ross, mainly due to the age gap. He is seemingly impossible for Ross to please, threatening to have Ross fired from the university unless he ends his relationship with Elizabeth. After Rachel joins the three of them for dinner, Paul and Rachel start dating.

They go away to Paul's country cabin in "The One Where Paul's the Man", where Ross and Elizabeth have also gone; while hiding under the bed, Ross hears Paul psyching himself up in the mirror and singing "Love Machine"; later, Ross uses this knowledge to blackmail Paul into not revealing his relationship with Elizabeth to the university. Eventually pulling himself together, he apologizes to Rachel for overwhelming her, and they have sex. When he cannot keep himself together afterwards and starts bawling again, she breaks up with him. Bruce Willis donated his appearance fee to five charities after losing a bet with his The Whole Nine Yards co-star and Friends' actor who portrays Chandler Matthew Perry.

Erin Kristin Davis : a girl Joey has a would-be one-night stand with [e 27] —except that Rachel and Phoebe do not have the heart to tell her he's not into a "serious relationship", so Joey is forced to date her again and again, until she decides to dump him, asking the girls to tell him she's not into a serious relationship. In Days of our Lives , Jessica dies, and Drake Ramoray, played by Joey, gets her brain, so he can awaken from his coma, a procedure Ross takes issue with on medical grounds.

Her daughter, Dina, was seeing a man named Frederick, of whom she did not approve. She was thrown off a horse and onto an electric fence, an accident set up by Frederick and Dina. She then takes a role in Mexico, resulting in her and Joey breaking up and her disappearance from the show. Susan's real life daughter played the daughter of her character, Cecilia Monroe, in Friends.

The engaged Chandler, her cousin Ross and the otherwise heterosexual Phoebe are all attracted to her. Initially, Chandler's constant staring requires her to stay at Ross's apartment instead. While watching a movie, Ross convinces himself that she "wants it" too, and makes a move. Cassie's negative reaction leaves him speechless for what seems to him like an eternity, and he then worsens the situation by saying, "I haven't had sex in a very long time. Melissa Warburton Winona Ryder : one of Rachel's sorority sisters in college. During their senior year, Melissa and Rachel went to the Sigma Chi luau wearing coconut bikinis—and, after drinking too much sangria, ended up making out. Melissa fell in love with Rachel and never forgot that night, but Rachel never saw it as anything more than a wild college experience.

When Rachel confronts Melissa about the kiss, she pretends to have no memory of it ever happening because she does not think Rachel will return her love. At the end of dinner, Rachel kisses her again to prove to Phoebe that she can do something crazy. Melissa takes this to mean that Rachel loves her back. She says that "nobody can kiss that good and not mean it", but Rachel says that she is just a good kisser. Melissa is extremely embarrassed and tries to act as if she was kidding, saying, "I'm not in love with you.

I don't hear coconuts banging together. I don't picture your face when I make love to my boyfriend She is never seen again after that. Richard Crosby Gary Oldman : a pedantic actor with whom Joey shares scenes in a wartime drama, also from "The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding" he appears in parts 1 and 2. Crosby insists that real actors spit when they enunciate, resulting in both actors spitting on each other during takes, and being given towels by the crew afterwards. Crosby later shows up drunk for work, arousing concern as to whether Joey will complete his scenes in time to attend the wedding. Their relationship is troubled from the start due to Ross being the father of Rachel's baby; in "The One with the Stripper", Leonard Greene calls her a "tramp" after Ross does not propose to Rachel, and Ross regularly forgets dates with her when Rachel has problems with the baby.

She admits that she still has feelings for him as well but insists they have to move on. She asks Ross if she can keep the shirt to remember him, but Ross really only wanted his shirt back, and she leaves for good once he takes it back. She is considered the smartest and most well behaved of the Tribbiani children. She took the SATs and went to college for "both years", but still isn't terribly bright. At one point, she asks Rachel, "Do you ever worry that you'll be walking and your baby will just slip out? Dina says that Joey is her favorite guy in the world and that she was more scared to tell him that she was pregnant than anyone else.

She got pregnant by her boyfriend, Bobby Corso. Long Amanda Carlin : Rachel's obstetrician, who appears in five episodes of Season 8. Phoebe is attracted to him but learns that Ursula has lied about herself in order to marry him, and so promptly warns him about Ursula's lies. He dumps her and in "The One with the Stain" and tries to get together with Phoebe, but cannot stand to look at her as she reminds him of her sister. Phoebe is able to convince him to see past that, and after she leaves for a massage client after their make-out session, she comes back only to find that Eric had sex with Ursula thinking she was Phoebe. They awkwardly decide that it is too weird to pursue things any further.

Penn got the role after he made several visits to the Friends set with his children, who were fans of the show. Will has lost pounds and now looks great—which makes Phoebe flirt with him. Here they find out that Will hates Rachel due to all the bullying he had suffered at her hands in high school and had co-founded the "I Hate Rachel Greene Club" with Ross and spread rumors about her being a hermaphrodite.

He is last seen looking bemused but amused when Joey enters the room wearing Phoebe's maternity pants under the deluded belief that he would need to change into a new pair of pants to achieve his goal of eating an entire turkey all by himself. Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston in real life at the time, and his given name is in fact "William". Jim Nelson James LeGros : a bully who asks Phoebe out on a date, then to amuse himself intimidates her with a number of creepy, vulgar comments, causing her to walk out on him. At Jack and Judy Geller's anniversary party, he drives everyone crazy by getting excited by anything and everything he sees.

Phoebe overhears her friends making fun of Parker and scolds them, but he soon begins to irritate her as well. At her apartment after the party, unable to listen to him anymore, Phoebe snaps and angrily tells him she wants him to be "much less happy"; he breaks up with her The woman is apparently in pain and deeply frustrated about it, and the fact that her perverted husband keeps leering at Rachel earns him the brunt of her frustrations. Leonard Hayes Jeff Goldblum , a director who thinks Joey does not act "urgent enough"; he gets a bad first impression of Joey when he mistakenly thinks the latter is making fun of him in their conversation shortly after they first meet, but quickly comes around when he realizes that Joey is actually complimenting him in his own way.

When Joey does the audition while needing to urinate, Leonard is impressed by the newfound urgency in his performance, so the former drinks a lot of liquids in preparation for the second audition. All goes well in the aforementioned second audition—that is until Leonard, failing to realize that Joey needs to urinate, makes the mistake of telling him to "relax" causing him to wet his pants on the spot—to Leonard's chagrin. Their working relationship has improved by "The One with Phoebe's Rats", and they kiss at her birthday party. Steve Phill Lewis : Chandler's boss at his internship. Ross tries to make Joey stay away from her when he flirts with her, which makes Joey want her more.

Ross wants Chandler to watch Joey and make sure he does not go after Molly. When Ross is lecturing Joey there is a knock on the door and it is Molly's girlfriend. They kiss, and Ross no longer has a problem—although Joey's even more turned on by her lesbian status. Sandy Freddie Prinze Jr. During the interview he wins Rachel over and she hires him despite Ross not being keen. Sandy proves himself to be highly competent, advising Ross and Rachel that toy dinosaurs he found in the apartment were not age-appropriate for Emma only for Ross to tell him that they were his [Ross'] toys, causing a bemused Sandy to reply "Also not age-appropriate" and even educating the idiotic Joey with his techniques; however, he is let go after Ross cannot get used to the idea of having a male nanny.

Zach John Stamos , a prospective sperm donor for Monica, who finds out that Chandler cannot get her pregnant. Wendy Selma Blair , a philandering co-worker of Chandler's in Tulsa, Oklahoma , who tries to seduce him when he's forced to spend Christmas there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Characters of Friends. Wikimedia list article. This article has multiple issues. Please help to improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Main article: Rachel Green. Main article: Monica Geller. Main article: Phoebe Buffay. Main article: Joey Tribbiani.

Main article: Chandler Bing. Main article: Ross Geller. Subsequent episodes featured Sibbett in the role. See also: Friends season 1. See also: Friends season 2. See also: Friends season 3. See also: Friends season 4. See also: Friends season 5. See also: Friends season 6. See also: Friends season 7. See also: Friends season 8. See also: Friends season 9. See also: Friends season Chris Isaak portrays Phoebe's date, Rob Donnan , who bans her from the library for singing songs that, as parents claim, offensively influence children. Julia Roberts portrays Susie Moss , who plots revenge on Chandler for lifting her skirt to reveal her underwear in her childhood by taking away his clothes and leaving him her underwear in the public place.

Drake Ramoray, his role. Three above pictured actors appear in " The One After the Superbowl " Season 1. Episode 1. Season Season 2. Episode Season 3. Lee Jr. Season 8. Episode 7. Episode 8. Season 6. Episode 6. Episode 2. Season 7. Episode 5. Episode 3. Season 4. Season 5. Season 9. Episode 9. Episode 4. January 1, March 27, February 26, December 11, April 10, October 9, May 8, October 15, April 29, March 18, April 8, November 18, October 26, December 7, October 4,

See also: Friends Phoebe Life Research Paper 4. After witnessing and being bewildered by Rachel's antics Phoebe Life Research Paper a pigeon after Phoebe Life Research Paper trapped it inside a saucepanhe admits to Phoebe the truth about his Phoebe Life Research Paper. Analyzed the data: PV ED.

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