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Antagonist In Lion King

He attempts to seduce Nala when he chooses her as his queen, promising to share the throne with her, but she rebukes antagonist in lion king by scratching antagonist in lion king face. When finding the answers to the clues becomes too difficult, there's no shame in looking for antagonist in lion king online. Death Of A Salesman And The American Dream Essay Kion does this, Vitani greatly respects Kion and becomes his friend. King Runeard. The following two mornings, antagonist in lion king his remains stages of communication cycle intro antagonist in lion king orbs, Rafiki quickly antagonist in lion king them. You can browse through the list antagonist in lion king all the answers to the Evening Antagonist in lion king Mini crossword of November 28th, Scar makes no appearance Rene Descartes Ontological Argument the show, but his famous song Be Prepared is sung by the Antagonist in lion king members in Disney's Animal Antagonist in lion king park. Explore Wikis Antagonist in lion king Central.

The Lion King: Is Simba the VILLAIN? – Wisecrack Edition

In addition, he refused to take responsibility for his own sins and the problems in Arendelle, and instead blamed them on magic since blaming is much easier than taking responsibility and because magic can't defend itself. As time went by, Runeard's xenophobia caused the Arendellians to carry on his propaganda against it more and more, meaning that they started to blame their own problems on magical spirits as well, just to take the easy way out.

This shows that Runeard caused the Arendellians to follow in his footsteps by scapegoating magic and anyone associated with it as the source of their problems for years to come. Eerily, Runeard seemed to harbor a resentment for the Northuldra much deeper than that of sensible worry, as he saw fit to deceive his own men, possibly because he believed or knew that they would never tolerate or advocate the full extent of his intentions. He let only his second-in-command know of the dam's real oppressive function, and after murdering the Northuldra's unarmed chief, he manipulated his entire army into believing the Northuldra had attacked him, ordering an unwarranted offensive on the people even though the Northuldra were defending themselves and both sides wanted peace, thus causing dozens of meaningless casualties on both factions out of nothing more than his own desire to protect his power.

It is likely that Runeard realized he could not ensnare the Northuldra in his lies forever, and thus moved his plans to the next and more extreme step. The novelization of the movie unveils more of Runeard's deep-rooted spite: even as he looks at Northuldran children simply playing with the spirits, he shakes his head and scowls with disgust, leaving the Northuldran Yelena to sense his hatred. It is therefore evident that Runeard loathed the entire people, and wasn't simply worried about the adults rising up to him. It's also revealed in Dangerous Secrets that Runeard was completely neglectful, distant, and abusive towards his own family, as he showed little to no care, concern, or consideration over the well-being of his wife, Rita, or his young son, Agnarr.

He not only did not choose to get married out of love, but he arranged to be married to Rita, who was a princess from another country, just to create a political alliance with another kingdom and to increase his own political power and status. Likewise, Runeard also only got married and wanted a child because he needed to legally and legitimately produce an heir to succeed him as the ruler of Arendelle. The only kindness he offered Rita was showering her in superficial materialism to placate her, but when she grew depressed out of longing for her home and freedom from her claustrophobic marriage, Runeard only grew impatient and annoyed with her. When Rita couldn't take it anymore and fled upon having all memories of her marriage erased by Pabbie, the leader of the trolls, Runeard was quick to lock up any evidence of her ever existing and banishing anyone who spoke her name.

Runeard was also psychologically abusive to Agnarr, as he berated his son for exploring the Enchanted Forest, denied him the opportunity to be a normal son, and even shamed the then five-year-old Agnarr for crying upon telling him that Rita was gone for good. It's implied that even when he was welcoming the Northuldra, Runeard didn't have a close and loving relationship with his son, given that the only time they are seen interacting onscreen, Runeard just coolly ordered Agnarr to stand tall in his posture, indicating that he intended to mold Agnarr into a ruthless king like himself.

The novelization of the movie substantiates this relationship: Runeard orders Agnarr to act regal and reminds him that he represents Arendelle, hinting that he only cares about Agnarr's status as his heir and the prince of Arendelle, and thus he wants Agnarr to act only as such meaning he doesn't see Agnarr as his child or as a person, so he doesn't want him to act non-royally at all. After Runeard tells Agnarr to stay with Lieutenant Mattias, the latter aims to cheer Agnarr up when he feels dejected upon his father leaving him behind. Moreover, this and Dangerous Secrets show that Agnarr is aware that Runeard had put him in Mattias's charge to avoid being responsible for his welfare and to get rid of him during discussions with the other men and the Northuldra.

During the time the Arendellians were present in the Enchanted Forest, Agnarr wandered off to explore. Soon afterwards, Runeard impatiently called Agnarr over, coldly scolded him for wandering off and being fascinated by magic instead of showing fear towards it , then abruptly left without accepting the despondent Agnarr's apologies or saying goodbye to him this was also their last interaction with each other. After Runeard caused the battle against the Northuldrans in the camps, Agnarr got caught in the middle of it, then was knocked out cold and injured.

If Iduna hadn't saved him from the crossfire, Agnarr surely would have died, and even so, the only one who cared for Agnarr's safety was Lieutenant Mattias. Sometime after returning to Arendelle and befriending Iduna, Agnarr admits to her that he and Runeard had a complicated relationship, and that he had been angry with him for a long time since he could never earn his father's approval for anything he did, no matter how much and how hard he tried. Other moments through Agnarr's perspective in Dangerous Secrets reveal that he saw Mattias as his father figure, and wished he had been his father instead of Runeard, showing that the two had the great son-father relationship that Agnarr never had with Runeard.

In the end, Runeard's arrogance and prejudice proved to be his downfall, as the war that he instigated against the Northuldra led to him falling to his death on a cliff and causing the angered spirits to cast a curse on the Enchanted Forest for decades. Upon learning the truth, Elsa and Anna were left heartbroken and appalled by their grandfather's heinous crimes, furiously abandoning all respect they had for him by destroying the dam to end the curse and bringing a true union of peace between Arendelle and the Northuldra.

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Scar turns his back on her, telling her he is fine for that and that he is king, so he can do whatever he wants. When she insults that he is not half king Mufasa was, he strikes her in a blind fury. Just then, an enraged Simba appears and comes to his mother's defense, Scar mistakes him to Mufasa at first, but when it is clear that it is Simba, he gives the hyenas the evil eye and backs away as his nephew begins to back him into a corner.

Scar makes it clear that he is not resigning and points to many hyenas above him, reminding Simba that they think he is king. But Nala and the lionesses reject him, and Simba threatens to fight if his uncle don't step down. Scar slinks around Simba, hinting at Mufasa's death. The prince then tells Scar that his trick will not work, so Scar forces Simba to admit that he is responsible for his father's death and backs Simba on to the edge of a cliff, as Simba clings on to the rock for dear life, Scar leans in and reveals to Simba that he had murdered Mufasa.

Shocked and outraged of Scar's betrayal, Simba jumps up and pins Scar to the ground, accusing him of the murder. Scar tries to weasel out of the situation, but Simba chokes him on the throat and angrily demands Scar to tell the truth to the whole pride, and threatening to strangle him if he doesn't, Scar finally admits that he killed Mufasa. This leads to a battle in which the lionesses, aided by Rafiki, Timon, and Pumbaa to turn against Scar for his treachery and betrayal, who work together to defeat and wipe out the hyenas. Simba breaks free from the battlefield and catches his evil uncle trying to escape and gives a chase and traps Scar on the top of Pride Rock, ready to get revenge on him for murdering his father. Scar, knowing he is not strong enough to defeat Simba, pleads for his life and tries to blame everything on the hyenas, unaware that Shenzi, Banzai and Ed had followed him presumably to back him up and overheard him.

Realising that Scar they are completely expendable and have been used as tools, they back away angrily. Simba refuses to listen to him, however, not wanting to become the monster as Scar is, he spares his life. Instead of killing him, Simba orders Scar to leave the Pride Lands forever as a punishment for his betrayal and for killing his father, repeating what Scar said to him a long ago.

Scar refuses and attacks Simba in a violent rage, the two engage in a vicious fight, until Scar knocks Simba on his back, but as Scar leaps to deliver the death blow, Simba kicks him off the edge of Pride Rock to the ground below. Scar survives the fall, and as he struggles to his feet, the hyenas arrive. At first, Scar is relieved to see his "friends", but to his horror, the hyenas reveal they overheard Scar blaming his crimes on them and calling them the enemy, in their hunger and revenge, they began to surround their treasonous master with wide and hungry grins. Realizing his mistake, Scar pleads for his life, but to no avail, the hyenas have had enough of lies, betrayal, treachery and broken his promise of never going hungry again as the close in on Scar and leap upon him and eat him alive, as Scar was too dangerous to remain alive, ending his tyrannical to the Pride Lands for good.

Scar's death is obscured by flames rising up. Later after Scar was gone, Simba becomes the new king of the pride lands. Despite his ultimate demise, Scar maintained the loyalty of the Outsiders , a pride of lionesses led by his former mate Zira. Zira was fanatically loyal to Scar and intended to install her son Kovu as King of Pride Rock, as previously chosen by Scar to become his heir. They would continue to create trouble for Simba in the following years. Scar play a small nonspeaking role in the third Lion King installment where he is seen only twice both in the climax area of the film.

Scar makes his appearance in the Lion Guard as an evil lion of the past. According to Rafiki, the evil lion spirits appear in fire, and Scar makes his spirit appearance in a volcano. After Scar rises, he becomes commander of his own army called the Army of Scar with Ushari, Shupavu and her skinks, and many more. Scar last appears in "Battle for the Pride Lands" when his spirit gets destroyed once the Great Kings of the Past summon rain to extinguish the fire.

Then Scar ends up being sent back to hell. In the first visit to the Pride Lands, Scar appears as a dark ghost which haunts Simba, taunting him and saying he will never be a true king. The ghost lives as long as Simba has doubt in his heart. Eventually Simba retreats to the oasis in the jungle, but Scar's ghost confronts him there as well. With the help of Sora, Donald and Goofy.

When Scar mentions the antagonist in lion king he is antagonist in lion king very curious to find out what is out there. Universal Antagonist in lion king Wiki. Mufasa, Simba, fighting his own battles, being second-best, his brother's name being mentioned, disobedience, antagonist in lion king games, violence antagonist in lion king so he saysthe hyenas failing antagonist in lion king, losing a meal, the song "It's a Small World Antagonist in lion king All".

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