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Preschool Curriculum

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However, I have come up with my own variation and method of doing so. These are my own ideas. They work best with preschool children being taught one on one in the home. As with any curriculum, you should adapt it to your own child and his or her needs. I feel it is very important that when teaching each letter you focus on only one sound at a time. The letter A, for example, has many different sounds. The first time the letter A is taught, I have chosen to focus on its short vowel sound. While words such as airplane, acorn, and aerobics, start with the letter A, they do not focus on the short vowel sound.

Focus on one sound a week, and reading skills will come quickly for your child. It truly does help!! Some children may begin to read on their own even before finishing all the letters. Others will not, and that is okay too! I know the time you spend with your child, as you learn each Letter of the Week, will create many happy memories and be a bonding experience for you both. Enjoy the adventure of learning!

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. This program will cover a whole year of learning! I have created a schedule that lasts 38 weeks. You are welcome to adapt the schedule for your own family. This is just a suggestion. Have fun with it! Scheduling the Weeks. This game will to teach the children their shapes. In our preschool curriculum children will be using glue and paint along with working on learning how to cut and trace plus we include sensory and fine motor activities into our lesson plans. Sometimes the children will be using rice in a sandbox or planting fake flowers outside or sticking clothespins into holes in an egg carton. We try to use recycled items in our lesson plans such as, milk cartons, toilet paper tubes, paper towel rolls, plastic jar covers and egg cartons, they can be easily found or you post a note on your bulletion board for donations of these types of items.

Our preschool curriculum lesson plans also focus on pre math, pre reading, pre writing and science. Each month the children will be introduced to three new letters, to help the children learn these new letters they will do a craft with each of the letters, make a letter book and trace the letters. In the first picture above is our letter D dragonfly literacy activity from our May curriculum. In the second picture is our paper plate math activity. The children are working on the numbers 0 through 5.

The children will put dot stickers into each section of the paper by looking at the number that is in that section. In the last picture above you will see one of our science activities from our September curriculum. This one is from our all about me lesson plans. Our preschool curriculum lesson plans include fun and easy science activities such as, parts of a fish, and the children will learn that a fish has a head, tail, and fins. Some of our other science activities would include sorting nuts and seeds, making popsicles, looking at roots, going on a bug hunt, matching up animals to their shadows and so many other exciting activities!

Each month includes four weekly themed based lesson plans. Children will be using glue, paint, crayons, markers, stickers and other craft items throughout the month. They will be learning how to cut, trace, tell time plus working on pre math, pre reading and science. Some of the simple science projects would be sorting fruits and vegetables, growing grass, watching an ant farm and so many other exciting activities! This is a cute story a duck and a cat who are trying to find a caterpillar but keep finding all kinds of other bugs instead. This story makes a fun circle time or story time book to be used with your caterpillar, butterfly or bug week lesson plans. Getting Ready For School. We have found that when children are having fun and enjoy what they are doing, they learn quickly, which is what our program is all about, teaching the children through fun activities.

Our program is like providing a mini nursery school along with a preschool program in your own home, daycare or preschool. Parents like the idea that their child is having fun participating in daily activities, art projects, songs, finger plays and games. Our fun hands on activities are teaching them and getting them ready for school. Our preschool curriculum program provides fun daily activities such as circle time or group time, art time, words to songs or rhymes, letter time, number time, science discovery activities, large motor activities and a special activity for five days per week.

We start our morning program off each day with circle time. Our preschool circle time starts our daily program. Next, you may need to refer to the daily lesson plans on how to do the activities for that day. To begin our circle time or group time activities, we try to get all the children to sit together in a circle on the floor. We never force any child to participate, but we do try to encourage participation. Our circle time activities could be a talk or discussion but usually involves a fun activity such as a learning activity, games, singing songs, hearing a story, etc. To begin our circle time, we discuss with the children the weather outside.

Our weather chart is included in every monthly curriculum package. We start our morning program each day with circle time. We have a weather chart and each day we have one of the children move the arrow to the correct weather for that day. The Weather Song: To help teach the children the weather we sing this song each morning with the children. Oh, can you tell me the weather, the weather, the weather? Or cloudy? Is it raining? Or stormy? Replace the word sunny with the actual weather that is outside and show the weather picture too.

Can you go to the window with me and look out to see? Ask the children something like: Is it sunny outside today? Then hold up the puppet and have it look like he is singing a song about the weather that is outside right now. Replace sunny with the actual weather such as rainy, stormy, windy, cloudy or snowy. Next we focus on the calendar. We have a large felt calendar with numbers that have Velcro on their backs to stick to the calendar. Next, we have one blank calendar for each child. After they place the day onto the calendar, such as today is May 18th and they place the circle sticker with the number 18 on it on their calendar, then we have the children find the number one on the calendar and point to it and then we begin counting all the numbers that are on our calendars.

Have the children point to each number as they count with you, up to the number that they just placed onto their calendar, such as the number At the end of the month they can take their calendars home. Seven days of the week song. After we have completed the calendar we sing the seven days of the week song which is shown below. Children like repetition so don't be afraid to sing any song the children really like on a daily basis, but try to add a few new ones each week. Do you know what day it is, today is Monday. I know what day it is, what day it is, what day it is. I know what day it is, today is Monday! Please note: Change Monday to whatever day it actually is when you sing the song above.

Bring Out Your Puppet. Bring out a cute puppet to sing the song above with you, everytime you go to sing Monday, have the puppet yell out Monday in a funny voice. This should capture the childrens attention and they should focus in on the word Monday as they hear the puppet keep saying it, change Monday to whatever day it actually is. Sing the song above with your puppet while the children are playing with the numbers and putting them onto the magnetic calendars and then sing some of their favorite songs while they are having fun with the calendars and numbers.

Singing Songs And Reciting Rhymes. The preschoolers love to sing songs and they love being able to sing some their favorites each day. After circle time we have the children come to the table and sit down to get ready for art time. If we are going to use glue I place the glue into tiny plastic cups. I have found that the sample size of play dough cans work great for this. I then proceed to pass out child sized paint brushes for the young preschool children to use and for the older preschoolers we offer them smaller brushes. If we are going to paint I make sure each child has some type of paint shirt on. If you do not have enough paint shirts, you can always use an old sweat shirt and cut off the arms. Anything will work. You will also want some rags ready.

We use our old washcloths for paint rags. You may find it works best to keep a wet rag handy for spills or for a child who is done before the others.

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