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Austin Powers 3 Cast

In the first film, he made a mistake during the unfreezing process and caused Mr. British Army Bermuda triangle explained Guards. All Austin powers 3 cast Reserved. September 23, Evil at the start austin powers 3 cast the first film, but a second mistake also puts his austin powers 3 cast on the line. Debra Neil-Fisher austin powers 3 cast. She engages in a austin powers 3 cast slap fight with him and displays many sexy dance moves, singing the song austin powers 3 cast.

Austin Powers All Series Cast Then And Now (1997-2020)

Austin, initially trying to stay polite, eventually shouts, " MOLE!! I'm gonna cut it off, chop it up, and make some guaca MOLE!! Austin Powers Explore. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages Dr. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 0. This article is a stub. You can help Austin Powers Wiki by expanding it. Cancel Save. Mini-Me is a miniature clone that was made of Dr. Evil before he was sent back in time. He is very similar to Dr.

Evil except he is "one-eighth his size. However, he is never afraid to use his middle finger as an insult whenever necessary See Mini-Me. Evil babies Mini-Me, treating him both like a child and a pet. He carries him in a baby carrier strapped to his body at one point, and even has him on a leash later. Mini-Me also enjoys making Scott Evil's life miserable, which makes Dr. Evil have to restrain him. Although he is incredibly small, he is a very strong fighter. Over time, Dr. Evil begins to neglect him as Scott becomes increasingly evil, and Number 3 eventually manages to successfully convince him to defect to Austin's side see Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Number 2 is Dr. Evil's second in command who wears an eyepatch. Evil have known each other for many years, having attended school together. He, however, never liked his boss, constantly being "second best" behind him, and is actually a much better leader than he, always trying to stick to business. Evil, however, is far too stupid to realize this. In the first film, Number 2 has developed Virtucon, the legitimate front of Evil's empire, into a multibillion-dollar enterprise by the time Dr. Evil is thawed.

During the fight between Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, it is interrupted by Number 2 who attempts to betray Dr. Evil by making a deal with Powers. Evil uses a trap door to eliminate Number 2. In the second film, Number 2 survived the trap door and the base's self-destruction where he now has some burn scars on his face. He is the one who introduces Dr. Evil to his clone Mini-Me. He also reveals that Virtucon has purchased Starbucks. Using a time machine, Dr. In the third film, Number 2 does not sport the scars seen in the previous film and has established the Hollywood Talent Agency for Dr. Evil would make huge sums of legitimate money.

He was with Dr. Evil and his followers at his base behind the Hollywood sign when Dr. Evil unveiled his new plan that involved going back in time to to enlist Goldmember in a plot to use a tractor beam that is called Preparation H. Scott Evil is Frau and Dr. Evil's grungy grown up son. Evil's pleas to bond with him. Evil to argue with him. Scott becomes increasingly evil even losing his hair in the process in the third film, and eventually replaces Mini-Me. Mini-Me eventually feels rejected by Dr. Evil and defects to Austin's side. At the end of Goldmember , Scott now completely bald swears revenge on Austin and his father, and has taken over his father's criminal empire see Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Scott is also Nigel Powers' grandson and Austin Powers' nephew biologically. Since Mini-Me is a clone of Dr. Evil, that would also make him Scott's father or uncle. Fat Bastard is a Scottish henchman working for Dr. He is incredibly foul-mouthed [5] and morbidly obese , weighing "a metric ton "; however, he thinks of himself as "dead sexy" — which he is heard calling himself — and believes that women find him irresistible. In the second movie, he infiltrates the British Intelligence as a Scottish piper and steals Austin's mojo, which is later taken back by his enemies. Later, Felicity Shagwell reluctantly sleeps with him in the line of duty to place a tracking device on him.

In the third movie, he is shown to have left Dr. Evil's employment, and has become a professional sumo wrestler in Japan. However, he is still doing strange jobs for Dr. At the end of the film, he is shown to have lost a lot of weight as a result of a Subway diet, but has a very large amount of excess skin he even goes so far as to mention his neck looking "like a vagina. Johann van der Smut , a. He is a rather peculiar and repulsive Dutch man, who wears a completely golden outfit and is the owner of a roller disco club.

He teams up with Dr. Evil to kill Austin Powers and to take over the world, but is defeated and arrested by Foxxy Cleopatra. Having lost his genitals in an unfortunate smelting accident, he replaces them with a golden key that activates the "Preparation H" tractor beam. His other peculiarity disgusts both Dr. Evil and Austin alike; he has a habit of peeling off his own skin and then immediately eating it much to the disgust of everyone else , hence small portions of his skin are seen missing from his body. Alotta Fagina is Number 2's girlfriend and secretary. Number 2 first introduces Austin to her while they are in the casino, and Austin, as with almost every other female character he encounters, is attracted to her.

Later, while Austin and Alotta were in her jacuzzi she successfully manages to seduce and have sex with him, in order to figure out his true identity Austin introduced himself as " Richie Cunningham " during the blackjack game. Evil's lair, where she threatens to kill Vanessa Kensington, but is instead judo chopped by her. It remains unknown whether or not Alotta survived the self-destruction of the lair or not. Mustafa is one of Dr. Evil's henchmen ; he is an Arab who wears a red fez. Evil at the start of the first film, but a second mistake also puts his life on the line.

In the first film, he made a mistake during the unfreezing process and caused Mr. Bigglesworth to lose all of his hair, thereby angering Dr. Evil and prompting his attempt to burn Mustafa alive by sending him down the trap door. However, the flames do not take his life, so Dr. Evil commands his guards to shoot him. Mustafa survives the first shot, but the second one seems to kill him since there's silence afterwards. In the second movie, Austin and Felicity try to interrogate him in when he was alive — aided by the fact that he cannot stand being asked the same question three times in a row — but Mini-Me shoots him in the neck with a blow dart, sending him over the edge of a cliff.

A post-credits scene reveals he has survived this, but his legs are broken as he asks any viewers left to fetch the usher. Bigglesworth is Dr. Evil's pet Persian cat , whom Evil ensures is happy at all times. Mustafa, one of Dr. Evil's henchmen, made a mistake during the unfreezing process, which caused Mr. Bigglesworth to lose all of his hair; he is bald for the rest of the film.

Mini-Me has a tiny version of him called "Mini Mr. The cat also appears as a kitten in flashbacks in the third film. Patty O'Brien is an Irish henchman and assassin hired by Dr. Evil to kill Austin Powers. After he kills a victim, he leaves a charm from his charm bracelet behind with the body, and calls these pieces his "lucky charms", which he claims Scotland Yard is after. Evil and Frau laugh at this, with the latter explaining how the term is a reference to the famous brand of cereal. He is present during one of the most famous scenes of the first Austin Powers movie.

When Austin is sitting on a toilet in a stall at the casino restroom , he appears out of a vent above Austin and sneakily tries to strangle him with his charm bracelet. The man in the adjacent stall who thinks Austin is having trouble defecating says "You show that turd who's boss! Random Task is a Korean assassin. A direct parody of Oddjob from the James Bond film Goldfinger , he throws a shoe instead of a hat. When his shoe-throwing gimmick fails he uses it to break off the head on a statue in Dr. Evil's lair, but not on a real person , he tries to strangle Austin following the self-destruction of Dr. Evil's lair, but instead Vanessa knocks him out. Evil, who Austin encounters during a party in his apartment in She flirts with Austin while an assassin sneaks up to kill him.

When Austin looks in her eyes he sees a man holding a throwing knife and uses Robin to block the attack. However, like Mustafa, she is shown to be incredibly difficult to kill; she is stabbed in the back, shot with an MP40 , blasted with a bazooka , and falls out a window and over the edge of a building landing on her face, all of which fail to kill her. Her plan to distract Austin while an assassin sneaks up behind him and Austin seeing the assassin reflected in her eyes is a direct reference to the pre-credits opening of Goldfinger, where Bond survives an identical assassination attempt.

Ivana Humpalot is a stereotypical Russian woman who is participating in the photo shoot Austin is taking pictures at in the beginning of the second film. She wears a white fur Russian hat and coat and underneath a black nearly see through bodysuit. After the shoot, she and Austin play an erotic game of chess. She was actually sent by Dr. Evil to kill Austin, but fails to do so when she falls for him and claims he is too sexy and ends up having sex with him, although it does not last long as Austin loses his mojo while they do before she can reach orgasm. Evil's henchmen who appear at the very beginning of the first film, along with Frau Farbissina and Mustafa.

Jurgen is a doctor, Generalisimo is a dictator, Don Luigi is a hook-handed crime boss, and Rita is a meter maid. Because they all failed to kill Austin Powers, Dr. Evil presses the button on his table that causes their chairs to flip back and send them into a pit of fire, incinerating all four of them, while sparing the lives of Frau and Mustafa. The Fembots are extremely-seductive female robots with breast cannons. Frau Farbissina uses them to seduce Austin, with intentions of killing him. Her plan almost works, but Austin does an exaggerated striptease in response, which drives them beyond their sex limit which causes their heads to explode. A Fembot version of Britney Spears also makes an appearance in Goldmember , before being destroyed by Austin.

The President is the unnamed president of the United States. In , the real president would be Richard Nixon. Evil communicates with him via closed circuit TV. The demand makes the President and his advisors laugh, as they do not believe that much money even exists. Evil continues to demand that the President show him the money, but the President continues to plead that they do not have it. Johnson Ritter is a radar operator who often says a line that leads up to something funny.

In the first movie, he is the one who spotted Dr. Evil's ship and informed Commander Gilmour about it. He appears in all of the movies but only has a few lines in each of them, and what appears on his radar screen is always shown completely clearly. General Hawk is an advisor to the president. He is notable for asking the president if he was suggesting that they blow up the moon , with the president replying to him and the other generals in the room, "Would you miss it?

General Hawk is the second character in the series who is portrayed by Charles Napier ; the other one is Commander Gilmour. General Clark is military general. In the third film, he is talking to Johnson Ritter about a satellite that appears out of orbit. Johnson is about to say it looks like something, but is interrupted by a repeated joke from the second film, this time with breasts rather than a penis and testicles. This part of the movie features a cameo by Ozzy Osbourne , who claims that it looks like a pair of boobs and points out that the joke was used in the previous film. Roboto is a Japanese businessman, owner of Roboto Industries. He helps Dr. Evil and Goldmember work on their tractor beam.

Earlier in the film, he is seen making an exchange with Fat Bastard, who later tells Austin and Foxxy what he is working on with Dr. Evil and Goldmember. Later, the duo confronts him, and he claims he has no idea what they are talking about, which does not convince them. Later in the film, when the tractor beam is complete, Mr. Roboto asks Dr.

Evil for a raise in his paycheck via Japanese custom, but he is instead eaten by sharks without being paid at all. He speaks partially in Japanese with English subtitles, but his office, which mostly contains white furniture washes out part of the meaning of the subtitles. Austin is offended at the suggestion he might have said "Please eat some shit," and "I have a huge rod" when he actually said "Please eat some shitake mushrooms," and "I have a huge rodent problem. I wish. In Austin Powers in Goldmember , Austin sings with his band the song "Daddy Wasn't There" as shown in the respective music video, interspersed with other clips from the film at his pad after Austin's disappointing knighting, in which his father did not show up for him.

Cindy Fook "Mi" and Sally Fook "Yu" are teenage Japanese twins despite their more stereotypically Chinese name; it may be assumed that they have Chinese ancestry. The two of them speak with and flirt with Austin at the beginning of the film while they are at his party, which involves Fook Mi's asking for Austin's autograph and Austin's replying with such statements as, "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Fook Yu is introduced to Austin by her sister after a moment or two.

The general austin powers 3 cast of the films is that the arch austin powers 3 cast Dr. Having returned to the Sixties, Austin found himself back in austin powers 3 cast more familiar territory. RoachCase Analysis: Cushing Oklahoma Austin powers 3 cast. Archived from the original on December Tabatha Kiss Memoir,

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