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Warning by Jenny Joseph Poem #180 14.09.20

These people are monsters and have no place in the house of God! I am now seeking to end this nightmare, but I am so worried about the people that trust him. Get away fast! Oh my gosh, Dr! I told him that he has this type of behavior! He in turn told me that I was bipolar and needed medical treatment. We were back and forth about well over 2 hours. I have been blunt and honest with him since day one! He says I have no filter. I fell so hard from the church and God when I realized what had been going on. I was loyal and faithful to God first then the ministry. However, I am rebuilding my relationship with God gradually. I pray for the pastor and am still straightforward with him as a friend. God has given me many chances and I will have mercy on the pastor. I am sure this sounds contradictory to say the least.

God is healing my heart and restoring me, hence having compassion, whatever one may call it! Also comparable to a cult of any kind. The leader being much like dt, RHubbard, JJones, etc. Even scarier a tiny chunk of population still believes. Get over yourselves when you are bringing god and the church into question. My brother hates those he deems below him, if he wants something he takes n expects it!!!!! He uses everyone he never pays for anything doctors, vacations nothing bc he has rich friends that give him all this!!!!

He has 4 kids he has banned the oldest for not following his rules!!!! He has literally done nothing for me at all but cause me pain. I can see how this is causing me to turn away from God which I do not want to do so this is only thing I know to do he want listen to me!!!! He has since moved my parents out there w him n will only let us see them on his terms n they fear him so much they agree he has taken everything they own into his own name!!!! I know this is a long long story but I had to share to jus get it off my chest!!!!!

Wrong about DT. This man is brutally honest and suffers for it. Stop using my tax dollars for your lazy ass way idea of good works. I have my own charities and they are much more useful and productive than your big government ideas. Kathryn what a unchristian comment to state on this forum, when it is talking about church spiritual abuse. I also disagree with you. You have a right to what you believe. And I will not discuss political differences on this form. I pray you search your heart! Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. Matthew A former pastor comes to mind who had many of these flaws; although it was not complete and total in any of the 6.

I agree that there are certainly degrees here. Eventually you have to decide whether they are bad enough to warrant action. Thank you so much Stephen for this article and letting the Lord use you! I am looking forward to reading more of your literature! God bless you, br0ther! I been through everything you just talked about and you hit the nail right on the head.

This pastor and I were good friends until I try to tell him about something he needed to be corrected on. I was the Chairman of the Deacon board. I believe you should always surround yourself with people who are going to tell you the truth whether you like it or not. I agree. Good observations. Our church had an ex-minister who sought to undermine the then current pastor by nourishing sinful thoughts and attitudes of various members against the then minister.

He was so nice and so supportive of the pastor to his face, but behind his back he would agree with any and all criticisms of him, fanning the flames of discent. Always he would seek to get the member to vocalise the issue while he remained silent in the background various reasons for this given. He was very liberal, sat in authority over the Word of God and sought to question and weaken the faith of believers rather than encourage and build them up. He was very destructive, but also very popular with those who only sought a social club type church. The focus of the minister is themselves and not Christ. They point people to themselves, ther teaching and ministry and rarely ever seek to glorify Christ in humility.

Points are unfortunately why I felt I needed to leave my previous church last year…. All six. The more I read, the sicker I felt. How do we communicate this to the ones we love who are still there? The only thing you can do is pray that God opens their eyes. First, I must say, the warning signs of spiritual abuse are define so clearly in this article. There are many good pastors, but there are also many bad ones. In my opinion, spiritual abuse means a spiritual authority or abusive pastor, tries to control people by some type of action holding things over their heads to make sure they keep them submissive and agreeing with them.

Members of congregations can see these type of things happening and turn their heads away. You and I both know that God is not pleased. Christians are too afraid to speak out about bad pastors because, they have been brainwashed that God will inflict some type of punishment on them. I do agree that all things are to be done decent and in order, no one should ever be slammed or slandered. Leadership has become so important to me because each generation is so different. They are growing wiser, but weaker. I watch many round table discussions he has held. He listens to experts in the field. He appoints people who are successful and highly respected to tackle the big problems. He is a problem solver who directs and holds people accountable.

Thank you so much for this, Stephen. It means a great deal to us as we recently left our SGC church, having experienced all of the things you mentioned. This message is incredible. Many church of God have been turned upside down because of spiritual abuse speaking from a first hand experience but thank God for Holy spirit that intervene before damages could be done. In these latter days God will pour the Holy spirit on the body of His son Jesus Christ and every spirit of leviathans that are dividing the church will be bound in fire. Thank God for the wisdom He gave to you to share this message. More anointing on you sir. Spiritual abuse is a real thing, and I agree, it should not be tolerated.

What I did not hear is how important it is to pray. We do not war against flesh and blood. If Leaving a church body is the only solution, then do so committed to pray. Pastors are prime targets for the enemy. Love always triumphs over evil. Yes, we really really must pray. I totally agree. I was just responding to what had been said. To say this is the president is just wrong. I go to a church that appears this way and have never been able to articulate the issue. Thank you for putting into words what my heart already knew. I left once before and this certainly helps me see that was right to do and I will now go for good. And I think people were just saying there may be some similarities in leadership style with the president. Is it possible that you are addressing your history in SGM while casting it in a general light?

It amounts to sinful judging. We are not the same person we were 10 years ago. Hopefully, most of us are not currently sitting in churches where points apply. If so, we can be prayerful as we humbly bring the issue s before the elders. And if we cannot find common ground, we can humbly move on, without disparaging the place that we left. Besides, why cast your pearls before folks unless you have a loving desire that they blessed by changing their sinful ways.

Greet your dad for me! I appreciate your thoughts. Movements are different than churches. I hope that makes sense. I actually met you and your brother and had lunch at your house. He and I chatted recently about these issues. I have the highest respect for everything about your dad. We need to be careful with this type of statement. If you mean for it to dovetail in with your next sentence, which correctly promotes the need for various gifts within the church in order to build up the church, then yes, we need all of those different gifts.

But, if you mean a variety of viewpoints, opinions, doctrines, etc. I agree with you. I did not mean a variety of false doctrines! Just the true word of God. Although I think there can be room for disagreement depending on the doctrine. Obviously, certain ones are non-negotiable, but others like paedo vs. I have been a pastor for 30 years. Every pastor has a multitude of voices coming at him at the same time. A few of these voices are abusers themselves. Far more common are the few bad members who abuse the pastor. Almost every pastor I know has experienced some of that. Hebrews encourages the church to work with their leaders for the good of all.

If offering counsel to the brethren, it should be complete. Maybe rather than agreeing with criticism of our president, you could gently remind them of Gods instructions in Romans 13 regarding government leaders. I left a ministry I loved because the leader was all six of these examples and more. I went to the church and received no help. Healing from this abuse is long and slow.

I ask the Lord to use the circumstances for good. That place of lack of accountability many fall there. There are other bad qualities of bad pastoral leaders if I may shed abit of light on them. Immortality especially sexual promiscuity I. Spiritual witchcraft using the anointing vested upon them. Nepotism especially where family members hold key positions in the church leadership. Respecting and compartmentalization of members as per their earnings! Fighting other men of God especially those who are anointed than them especially in miracle working.

It is only maturity and endurance that can keep believers in some churches. I am not out to attack anybody because there are men of God who are respectable. My husband and I attended a church where the pastor exhibited all the above characteristics. We left, along with quite a few other people. Old men dream dreams and it becomes the vision for young men to attain. I believe that what you have posted here only encourages disloyalty in churches. Very interesting piece, I just wish you would validate your points with scriptures from the holy Bible. I agree with most of the signs but one; which is, prizing loyalty over diversity. Abuse — dictionary 1 — use something to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse.

Have you ever noticed? Is NOT in the Bible? In the Bible? Can anyone name? Preaching, to People, in Pews? Weak after Weak? In a church? Can NOT be found in the Bible? Lead pastor? Or shepherd? Or under-shepherd? Or leader? Or reverend? A No, No, Mark I have just left the church I gave every drop of everything to, do to abuse. Unfortunately, my former pastor is very charamastic. I loved him in the past. Then, I realized he had developed an elder board of yes men. When I started to question him about Biblical interpretation, it was over, even when I brought in commentaries from the present of his prestigious seminary. He began a vendetta to discredit me. I went from writing my daytime Bible study to being removed.

I went from doing almost everything, to nothing. I was constantly questioned over the last 2 years when I would be stopping doing an in-depth, international outside Bible study, where I was actually being fed, so that I could feed others. I totally feel God has led me to a great church with a lot of diversity, great teachers, etc. It seems you are writing from the congregation point of view and you may have no idea what the pastors challenges may be. You ideas are good but can be used negatively to encourage revolt in many churches. Interesting comments. However, when it happens to you, there is no mistaking it is Spiritual Abuse. Many of us here have googled this subject for a reason and found this and other helpful articles. We need to call it what it is.

Three months ago, after much prayer and counsel, I left a staff position, my husband resigned from the council, and we resigned our membership within two weeks after the initial abuse. The pastor used the exact same words and more from this article in 3, like he was reading it. So weird. The rest of the points here are spot on as well, such as how the leadership is configured. Then it did. The pastor is acting baffled about why, yet never acknowledged our letter or our resignations or asked why, if he is so baffled.

So we pray the veil be lifted and people see Truth, the Light is shined on the darkness, the accuser and deceiver be silenced and members and leadership actually use their discernment and cause change. But a fear of entertaining negativity can be indistinguishable from a fear of entertaining the truth. Very well said. Good article. Complete opposites. Thank you for empathizing. I have a question. My husband and I first noticed this type of leadership and more heinousn activity, such as telling people they cannot sit in certain parts of the church, serve or attend certain events beyond the corporate worship services i. The problem appears to be that we ask too many questions about the the goals and teachings of the senior pastor.

We made a decision then to supplement this church with another one. The more egregious abuse towards us escalated by one junior staff member recently. People did not really know about it. Now what was happening in Gulu is still going on elsewhere in the Central African Republic and in Congo. What about the people who are suffering over there? They are going through what we were going through.

The film has been featured in YouTube Rewind , resembling its first few seconds both visually and with the string instrument sound, and the derived text " Nothing is more powerful than a video whose time has come. Nothing is more powerful than a video whose time is Since the video's release, Invisible Children has come under criticism for oversimplification of events in the region [60] and has been accused of engaging in " slacktivism ", in which one donates or takes actions that have little to no effect beyond making one feel like one contributed. Mikaela Luttrell-Rowland from Clark University 's Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies stated that it was "irresponsible to prize feel good, simplistic messages over complex history and to treat consumerist -consciousness raising as interchangeable with education.

One point of criticism is that the film gives a misleading impression of the whereabouts and magnitude of Kony's remaining LRA forces. As of early , Kony's followers were thought to number only in the hundreds, and Kony himself was believed to be in the Central African Republic rather than Uganda—a fact that receives only a passing mention in the video. Since Kony and most of the LRA forces are currently not in Uganda, the Ugandan army would need to coordinate with the governments and militaries of the other countries where the LRA is active. Dinaw Mengestu , an Ethiopian American writer and Africa researcher, wrote that the real world Kony is "not a click away", and a simple solution of raising popular awareness, "a beautiful equation that can only work so long as we believe that nothing in the world happens unless we know about it And that hope feeds on itself in a way that becomes infectious.

After the film's release, there was criticism in Uganda of its failure to state more clearly that Kony and his forces fled northern Uganda in and were dispersed across the jungles of three neighbouring countries. Fred Opolot, spokesman for the Ugandan government, said, "It is totally misleading to suggest that the war is still in Uganda. We have challenges within the country, but certainly the perception of a country at war is not accurate at all. Now we have peace, people are back in their homes, they are planting their fields, they are starting their businesses. That is what people should help us with. A March mass showing of the film in Lira , the site of one of Kony's worst atrocities in Uganda, was met with jeering and thrown objects at the screen and at the group African Youth Initiative Network, which screened the film and provided translations.

The screening prompted angry calls to local radio stations by Ugandans upset that the film was so focused on the filmmakers and Kony while neglecting the conflict's victims, prompting complaints that the film was "more about whites than Ugandans. Despite the negative response, the organization still planned on showing the film in other towns, hoping to avoid this response by providing context for the film. Mahmood Mamdani, of the Institute of Social Research at Makerere University , Kampala , argued that the LRA is "a Ugandan problem calling for a Ugandan political solution" and against "mobilisation of millions [to] be subverted into yet another weapon in the hands of those who want to further militarise the region.

The archbishop of Gulu, Rt Rev. John Baptist Odama, was reported as saying that the video "has ill motives and geared towards igniting anger in the population to cause violence. Father Ernest Sugule, national coordinator of the Congolese non-governmental organization SAIPD in Dungu, DRC , claimed that the few people there "who have succeeded in watching [ Kony ] are very critical on the film," as is he himself. What are they going to do with all this energy and interest? It's going to dissipate. I think this will crash and die, I don't think they will catch Kony. People will say they bought the bracelet and stuck posters on lamppost but that could have negative effects when it doesn't actually lead anywhere.

A statement purported to be released by Kony's Lord's Resistance Army rebels and signed by the group's spokesman [80] and negotiator Justine Nyeko "The Leader, LRA Peace Team" [81] condemned the film as "a cheap and banal panic act of mass trickery to make the unsuspecting peoples of the world complicit in the US rogue and murderous activities in Central Africa. On March 8, , Invisible Children released an official response addressing the criticisms directed at Kony As an explanation for the simplicity of the movie, they stated that "in [their] quest to garner wide public support of nuanced policy, [they] sought to explain the conflict in an easily understandable format.

They added that the reason why they are working with the Ugandan army even though Kony is no longer in Uganda is that the army is "more organized and better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries DRC, South Sudan, CAR to track down Joseph Kony" and that they want all of the governments in the region to work together to arrest Kony. If we had the purity to say we will not partner with anyone corrupt, we couldn't partner with anyone.

The film begins with Keesey discussing the three things that the charity focuses on, which are to "create films with compelling narratives, promote international advocacy and run on-the-ground initiatives. Two further short videos featured LRA survivors expressing support for the film and the organization. The website Kickstriker, a parody of Kickstarter , contains a fake appeal to crowdsource the "hiring private military contractors from Academi formerly Blackwater , who will be immediately deployed to central Africa" with a mission to capture or kill Kony.

According to Wired. The film was announced early on April 2, , to be released within the week. Beyond Famous aims to address criticisms of the original film and to present more information about Kony's LRA rebellion, including its impact on the countries other than Uganda, as well as about Invisible Children's work and the Kony campaign. Ben Keesey, who narrates the film, said the sequel was made in two weeks. In a statement announcing the video, Keesey said that Invisible Children wants people "to dig deeper into this conflict and actively engage in the solutions. In a pre-release comment, popular culture expert Robert Thompson said: "The fact is, the story has developed in so many odd ways with all the controversy, and the sequel can't really promise the bang of that first video—which is informing people of something they did not know before.

Now we're getting into the details, which is never that thrilling. According to The Guardian , the sequel "does not seem to have captured the public's imagination in quite the same way as Invisible Children's earlier video did, failing to significantly trend on social media websites. Matt Fiorentino, director of marketing at video measurement firm Visible Measures, considered the first campaign a never-seen-before anomaly, and despite being dwarfed by its predecessor, the number of views Beyond Famous received was "pretty good" when compared to a regular social campaign.

On 25 October , the minute film MOVE was released by Invisible Children , documenting the happenings behind the scenes of the campaign, such as how the website Kony On 6 May , one year and a day after the original film release, a follow-up film called What happened to KONY appeared on the YouTube channel of Invisible Children , retrospectively summarizing the happenings of the campaign. The seven-minute film features the song " Run Boy Run " by Woodkid and additional instrumental music. On March 21, , a resolution "condemning Joseph Kony and his ruthless guerrilla group for a year campaign of terror" was put forward by Senators Jim Inhofe and Chris Coons.

The resolution stated that it would back "the effort of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and the newest country, South Sudan, to stop Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army", along with an official statement of support "for the U. Support among senators for the resolution came about after the release of the Kony video and its subsequent popularity. One of the resolution leaders, Senator Chris Coons, became aware of the situation after his daughters asked him what he was doing to stop Kony and Senator Roy Blunt was informed "at a Missouri caucus in St.

Louis when a constituent quizzed him about Kony". One of the co-sponsors of the resolution, Senator Lindsey Graham , stated that, "When you get million Americans looking at something, you will get our attention. This YouTube sensation is going to help the Congress be more aggressive and will do more to lead to his demise than all other action combined. On March 23, , the African Union AU announced its intentions to send an international brigade of 5, military troops "from Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Congo, countries where Kony's reign of terror has been felt over the years According to the statement, the mission commenced on March 24, , and the search "will last until Kony is caught", [] after which the task force will be disbanded.

The effort is Ugandan-led and backed by the U. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said the agency welcomed the "unprecedented" initiative to "end the atrocities in the region" and urged all involved to respect human rights and minimize risk to civilians. In late , approaching nine years after airing, age-restriction was added to the video on YouTube. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Promotional poster for the video, featuring stylized forms of the donkey symbolizing the Democratic Party and the elephant symbolizing the Republican Party , overlapping to form a white dove of peace.

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