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I have smoked for over 40 years, right now I am on the chantix and it is taking away the cravings, I have went thru the starter pack and at the moment have 3 days left on it, I then go to the regular chantix for another 30 days, once I am done with the starter pack then I am done with smoking I have set my last day of smoking and I will stick to it. So I have to stop or it my breathing will get worse than it already is, I am hoping my family will be a big help to keep me on the road to forever stopping this bad habit.

Im on day 2. My stomach hurts like a mofo. Really bad cramps and nausea. Im amusing its nicotine with draws or labor. Feels like im in the beginning phase of birth. Idk if this is normal. I have only just found this site while researching for diahorrea after ceasing. Thanks to the Alan Carr book I stopped my 40 a day habit on 4th February. That is nearly 7 months after smoking for 60 years I am My problem was chronic diarrhorrea which I had not associated with the smoking. However, today on a routine visit to my accupuncturist for arthritis I mentioned the problem.

She immediately said that this is a well known side effect due to the accumulation of phlegm in the body. This was previously subdued with the nicotine. Chinese medicine treatment is straightforward and I have started a course today. Already the cramping in my abdomen has eased. My GP was suggesting diverticulitis or Chroens and I am waiting for investigations including colostomy! I will keep you updated but am intrigued by the thought that traditional medicine could not provide an answer.

Good luck to all you quitters it can be done. Smoked for 25 years one pack per day. On 5th week of cessation. Cold turkey along with self hypnosis inductions. Not suffering with any psychological disturbance but occasionally still suffering with physical craving. I went Cold Turkey and quit for 9mths. Then the cravings returned — Big Time! So I started smoking again. Scary stuff huh. Some people find it easy and some find it hard. If you fall off the ciggy wagon then jump back on.

One less ciggy a day equals less ciggies a year. Plan to double it, then triple it, etc. Best off luck to your all. Now it all. On day 6 now… its soo hard.. Terrified of the next week, but I have some Nicotine gum on hand to get me through the worst days. I love smoking and I suspect it will hit me worst in the morning during my usual wake-up coffee routine, but hopefully I can replace this with some healthy alternative habits.

Thanks for all the encouraging info and good luck to all! Developed Afib. On day 3 of quitting. My whole inside of body wants to burst. Anxiety and anger through the roof. Inside of mouth is ice cold. Oh well. I knew this was coming some day. Due to heart problems now. Have to lose 20lbs. I wish I decided Decided two months ago now down to one cigarette a day I was at a pack a day. Been a smoker since age 15 just turned I quit 2 days ago and I have terrible nightmares every night so far. Anyone else experiencing this?? Yes, first days have been like that for me. Light sleep, sweats etc. It does get better but you have to trust it will get better. I had some cravings yesterday but I kept on thinking that I am a no smoker until the craving passed.

Cant say any better than this comment before me is spot on. I given up for 7 days now gone cold turkey for fouur of thise days its been hard but feels great to know you are in charge of you not the cigs. For the last 8 days I vaped 0mg juice. The first 4 days were rough, it after that it was like the sun shined through! Tired of nicotine, vaping, batteries, ejuice, ect. It was all an unnecessary monkey on my back! I quit about a week ago I feel like all of my withdrawal symptoms are gone.. Go cold turkey. Nicotine is an addition, the only way to beat it is to keep it out, all of it.

Vaping is just a less harmful way of delivery. Best of luck on your quits and stay away from patches, gum and vapes. Chantix and Quit-it app. I feel as though I never smoked after 44 yrs. Was it always this easy with these two combinations. I have two cigarettes left. Today will be my quit day. I am encouraged to quit because my son 47 may have COPD. He is more of a chain smoker and it probably harder for him to quit. In solidarity I am also quoting. Quit before cold turkey for 6 years.

I am 65 and now is the time when old habits catch up with you. I realize that because of more addictive ingredients that are in cigarettes now that it may be harder but I am doing this cold turkey. No need to put down one bad habit for another. When I smoked I was so anxious about getting lung cancer but that made me more anxious so I would have another cigarette! My whole day revolved around my next cigarette.

It was hell. Good luck everyone. I was google withdrawal systems for smoke quitting, because I could just not focus on my work and is oh, so irritated! I have stopped for six days. But this is not my first time I have stopped It just keep repeating, stop, begin,stop begin. Today, is my worst. Thinking can smoking really be this bad for me…. Im still young I can stop again? I want to really stop this time and never start again. Good luck to everyone, I understand you guys, and Thank you for sharing, it helps. I am happy about not smoking most of time. When the thought of smoking enters my mind, the craving is very intense. I have to remember why I wanted to quit. No excuses, am having family crisis which makes it hard as I use to comfort myself by smoking.

Not too pricy either. Best to all who want to quit. First off I want to say thank you so much for sharing your stories, they have really helped me to feel a little better about my situation, we are all in this together right?! So lets start with the physical sensations. First off the cravings have been the least of my problems, I really am done with needing this crap all the time and have committed to myself to be done. Will power will get me through that and the cravings are lessening more and more day by day.

The physical exhaustion has been kind of discouraging though. I also have had a bunch of cancer sores spring up that have made my mouth incredibly painful since quitting and a constant sore throat. This has not been lessening but getting worse and it is a little frightening. It is hard to believe this is better for me when I have been well and not sick for years until I finally quit then all of the sudden I am not just a little sick but SICK and in pain. Lets move onto the mental side here. I am also finding that literally everything I used to find enjoyable is now less enjoyable, from working out, to taking self improvement courses, to feeling motivated to better myself, its almost as if all of it has been squashed behind this muffler of misery.

I keep telling myself that this will get better and better as well and am working hard to maintain a positive attitude. I am gonna stay strong, and I believe in all of you as well!! You all are awesome and I love you!! I just have cravings, no side effects that are noticeably getting me down. Recent diagnoses of chronic, late-stage Lyme disease, chronic Epstein-Barr, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome meant I had to give up all alcohol, all sugar, all preservatives… The anti-inflammatory diet is almost impossible for me as I was vegan for 30 of those 35 years. So giving up my final coping mechanism, while going through all these freshly diagnosed conditions none related to smoking , when stress is as bad for my illnesses as anything, felt absolutely impossible to me.

Acupuncture finally did the trick for me. It could only work because I wanted it to and worked hard at it. I tried to have my last about 2 months ago but kept taking a puff or two then extinguishing in shame, every days. I rededicated myself 3. They seemed like my very best friends when they were my most insidious enemies. I wish you all the very best. You know- I considered switching to e cigs and vapes but I just do not want this addiction anymore.

Smoked for 20 years- quit cold turkey 2 days ago…this SUCKS and I never, ever want an addiction to have this hold on me- ever again! For all of you vaping- good luck- but nicotine still is in control. I just need this to be over with! I am reminding myself WHY I am quitting and going on from here. Today is the end of day 1 without smoking. I have been a smoker for nearly 30 years. I am tired of being a smoker, plus it is going to kill me, probably sooner than later. I CAN do this…. Ok I blew it. Smoke free yesterday until 6 pm. Partner smokes.

When I lost my temper and he went and bought me a pack. I have my first grand baby and hate that I smell like cigarettes. I appreciate how all you post your progress. Very much the inspiration. Nicotine free just over 3 weeks,in a state of constant anxiety and feeling really low. Trying so hard to be strong. Switched to vaping but my nicotine intake is way down. Wondering if tapering down is a good idea. Will I adjust to lower intake if nicotine or will I fight these crazy symptoms for ever. Thoughts welcome…Please! Starting week number 5 cold Turkey.

And to tell you the truth I enjoy correction I enjoyed smoking. Now I look at people smoking and I have a severe hatred for the site of cigarets the smell of cigarets and my belief of what they actually do to your body. I am 60 years old and have The body of a 35 or 40 year old man. I am truly blessed. It would be very difficult for me to live the life that I am living now in a wheelchair are in a hospital bed due to my inability to put down that cancer stick.

All the peoples lives I have corrupted by 2nd hand smoke setting the example by joining in smoking a cigarette with somebody or even offering a cigaret to somebody else. I think God so very very much I am still here today and can continue my life I will make it a supreme effort To discourage others from smoking cigarets. Bless you all for stop smoking those cancer sticks deuces. Day 2 nicotine free for me.

Can cope with this ok, having all the symptoms expected. Is it normal to have brain fog still? Anyone with similar experience? On day 5, getting easier each day that goes by, BUT you HAVE to keep motivated during the craving periods they do pass and you would feel like a dick to give in when you could have just waited. If you understand that you are the master of your destiny and no fkn nicotine should have a say in how U chose to live your life. Sounds easier saying it but it is the truth. WE choose what and how we let into our bodies and lives. Good luck u amazing non smokers, we can do it. I smoked and quit many times over the years. I took up vaping 2 years ago. I only vaped every once in a while at first but the last year, I was going through two cartridges a day of the Vuse e-cig.

The first month was tough but I got through with nic patches and water. My joints are always sore. Aside from the usual extra pounds upon quitting, now I have this achy bs to deal with. Can a person wake up with rheumatoid arthritis? Just like that? I think e-cigs are really a lot more dangerous than we all think. I have smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for over 17 years. I quit smoking cold turkey 5 days ago. I am still experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Seems like I am still craving nicotine, my chest feels tight at times. I have only had 4 hours sleep each day since I quit. I have been having vivid dreams. I am determined to quit, so I know I am not going back.

I have to ask, do these damn cravings ever go away? I thought by day 4 this would be gone. I have quit many times. Started up again and again. I have now quite once more going on 3 weeks. I feel fine a little tired. Breath better too. Just hope I can really stop this time. Was having a hard time breathing so decide time to kick the old habit I do get moody at times, but I remind myself it will pass breath read a book. It has help so far. Not sure if this will be my time to really kick it. But going to give it all I got for me. I stop smoking a year ago cold turkey i went through every withdrawls you can think of it was so bad i ended up at emergency room about 4 times for anxiety tight chest pains they would do ekg chest xrays nothing so my doctor told me to detox my body as much as i can to drink lots of water dexaff green tea warm and cranberry juice sugar free so i was doing all that started filling better alot and stay away from caffeine and sugar it trigger withdrawls i drank a gallon of water with cucumber a day and decaff green tea before bed it helps its been a year now i fill better i still have a little with drawls but very lightly.

Hope this helps. Vaping was never an option for me. Cold turkey! It was definitely tough the first week, but once I made it past that, it has been a breeze. Only time I seem to crave one is on a long drive and those are few and far between. Just need to get back to the gym now to replace my time I smoked with something healthy. I am on Day Six of being smoke free. I was crabby, irritable, angry, anxious, weepy, dizzy and had brain fog from hell. Now on day six, I feel pretty normal again and the hideous cravings have gone away. I finally feel sort of normal again. I have been still siting outside and hanging out on my patio like I would when I smoked, but doing it without the cig.

I have a new routine of just enjoying being outside. I smoked for many years before swapping to Nicorettes. Could not give up until someone suggested hypnosis. I jumped at it and in one session I was cured. The physical withdrawal has been hard though. I gave up in October last year and I had to have medication for severe muscle aches similar I guess to heroin withdrawal. Then the severe indigestion, becoming allergic to so many foods, which the nicotine had been masking and getting the most ridiculous sweet tooth. My teeth and gums were so sensitive I could hardly brush them for 4 weeks.

In essence, the repair started at my mouth and has slowly worked down through my body and now 8 months later I feel much better apart from some muscle aches each afternoon. Stick with it but the Nicorettes were a fairly pure form of getting more than a normal amount of nicotine in to my body for a long time. For everyone out there finding it hard, look for a great hypnotherapist, it made it all so easy for me. One session, no cravings and cured for life. I guess one day I will get my body back to the fit being I used to be.

Good luck to all. I am a long time chain smoker. Is there any tips and advice for me? When a craving hits, distract yourself for 10 mins, it will pass. Are these common withdrawal symptoms? I have been nauseous, bad headache,dizzy,constipated, panic attacks you name it itve had it. Please tell me it gets easier!!!!! Janet — I have the same experience but get panic attacks once a day for some reason. I quit two times before and this never happened…I think they put new drugs in cigs to make them stronger and harder to quit. Lets both hope that its gets easier…my blood pressure is now high…. I feel I cant go back to smoking but cant face this anymore!

Golly I feel exactly the same…so hard hoping that tomorrow will feel a bit better. I have been smoking for 26 years packs a day. I am now on day 3…. Honestly to get me through the first week. I filled up my gas tank, and then gave my wallet to my wife. I pack lunch every day now. I keep my ID on me and my key card for work thats it. Until I feel I can trust myself I am not keeping money on me at all or I will give in. I know it. I have quit smoking cold turkey 9 days back — after 20 years of smoking. Believe me, it was horrible first 5 days. I felt dull, down and anxious, also had tightness in chest- Couldnt take long and deep breaths due to blocked airways till th day. Worst part was, these symptoms repeated themselves every hours and stayed for min everytime.

Now feeling little better- tightness in chest came to normal, being dull and anxious is going slowly. I have no plans of getting back to nicotine back. Promised to a loved one so want to stay on. Love how the article says the average craving lasts only 6 minutes. The intensity is insane and is only getting stronger. Beginning to think quitting might be a mistake. Hope you could get through that first day. Quit smoking 7 years ago, stupidly started vaping 2 years ago. Just opened my last bottle of juice and then giving up for good.

Any tips most welcome. Once you read it and understand it sometimes it takes reading it twice to sink in then quitting becomes MUCH easier. This is day 4 for me without vape. I think its harder than cigarettes because of the physical addiction of blowing clouds. I quit cold turkey at 3MG. How has it been going for you? This time I decided to go easy on the nicotine replacements, only using them occasionally because I have never given up the nicotine before and this time I want to. I think the hardest part for me has been my inability to focus and concentrate. I have a tip for those that want some help managing the anxiety.

Anxiety often comes in short waves, when it happens, pull yourself aside mentally at that moment to be with that feeling, like a witness or an observer, be curious about that feeling, because this is the feeling that you were attempting to push down with your smoking. I find if I make room for the bad feeling, accept that its OK to feel it, it moves through me quickly. If I fight it, panic, run away it gets worse. Someone told me once that all smokers are trying to do is take a deep breath, makes sense to me, so now I take one! Take care people; you can do it! I smoked for about 20 years and finally said enough. I have tried a handful of times to quit using the nicotine patches and gum and failed. This time I decided to try quitting cold turkey Best thing I ever did.

Instead of delaying the nicotine addictions longer by using smoking aids. I took 3 days off of work before a weekend, and made a bed in the basement to separate myself from my family due to my anger and mood swings. I stayed in the basement, slept and slept, then slept more when I had a craving. I also ate what ever I wanted, this included many sweets, which I found replaced that feel good feeling you got from a cigarette.

I found the 4th day to be the worst for anger and cravings. The fifth day, I emerged from the basement and associated with my family again feeling like a different person. I had so much energy and I could not sit still. On about the 12 and 13 day, the cravings came back hard, but brief. I also found my energy levels dropped and i was really foggy in the mornings for a few hours each day. I am now on day 17 and I the cravings are few and far between. Every 2 days it seems to get better and better. For all of you quitting, good luck, remember it does get better. Also tiredness, foggy head, and a lot of guilt about not doing this sooner. I cut coffee as well cold turkey to help with the blood pressure. Changed diet to eliminate Sodium.

Doing a range of tests to rule out anything more serious for the high blood pressure. Reading all your comments helped get through another anxiety attack just now. Thank you for sharing folks. I will share what is helping me with the anxiety and blood pressure: exercising and relaxation through breathing. I am doing minutes a day of low intensity ellipticals, and some half a mile of running, will eventually ramp it up slowly. I am doing 10 minutes a day in the morning of breathing exercises and also when I feel the anxiety starting to kick.

Just get in a comfortable position, breath deeply in and out and focus on the breathing, on the noise the breathing makes and on the air going in and out of your body. If your mind wanders, it is OK, when you catch it wandering go back to focusing on the breathing. In week 6 now. The only thing remaining is some small headaches in the morning, which go away quickly. No more anxiety attacks, I guess the body was just getting used to the new regime. No more foggy head. Had a couple of cravings last week, but they were very weak and after all I went through, it is just not worth it to start smoking again.

The first time I relapsed after 3 months. However, I still get that hangover feeling, first thing in the morning. Personally, the only real trigger for me is alcohol, which I consume regularly. But, that friend was wrong the last time. My advise to anyone is,. Keep trying until you succeed. Do it cold turkey, without the help of vaping or non nicotine vape. Smoking or Nicotine has been in my blood since the day I was conceived. My Parents and both their parents smoked and my mom smoked through all her pregnancies.

I smoked between a cigarettes a day for about 20 yrs. I am so tired, anxious, irritable and hungry and a few other things but my brain is off at the moment. I think when will this end? When will this craving or withdrawal stop? Then I read the info above….. Okay think good reasons to quit……. What am I saying…. Okay, this post took a wrong turn. Good luck to everyone on here. Again Good luck to all. I and my girlfriend decided that we set the date of June 1, , to stop smoking.

I realize it will be one of the hardest habits to kick, but I have a strong mind and have the willpower to quit. I have been smoking for 30 years and I am tired of smoking. I will be going to the steam room and sauna to help detox off this nicotine addiction. Worst habit I ever picked up, and I will succeed. Day 14 off Nic from a 5 year vape affair, 22 years on Nic. Really tough. Allen Carr can fuck himself. I have quit smoking for 3 weeks now, after smoking heavy for 58 years.

I was experiencing SOB with exertion and had a bad cough. Sad part is, I worked medical and should know better than to continue smoking. It is a demon, for sure. The EMT found very high blood pressure and have continued to battle that for 3 weeks even with the BP meds. Still have tightness in chest, anxiety, stomach issues but not as severe as couple weeks ago. The withdrawal symptoms are horrible, but stay strong and it gets easier.

I will be so happy when I can say I have no more symptoms and have a normal life again. I am so proud to say, I am a nonsmoker. Losing the urge to smoke and the bad withdrawal symptoms are settling down. No more shaking, blood pressure is dropping to normal levels New BP medication though I am still experiencing stomach issues and shortness of breath with exertion, mainly in the morning. Will be following up for a cat scan of the lungs and checking on the heart to make sure things are okay For all just starting, hang in there. I cut way back on coffee, salt, sweets and fats. No way…I had to many withdrawal symptoms. I found coffee in moderation, salt in moderation, sweets as well.

No problems and feel much better. Went and got my mind off of it. It worked!!! I tried Chantix and made me nauseaous. My fax is breaking out in a rash. Almost, like the toxins are trying to leave. The depression, anxiety and sleeplessness is horrible. Hello — I think they are putting new toxins in cigs. I think they changed things up in the last year. Stopped smoking 4 months ago….

I started smoking when I was I am now 48… Not sure if my illness is due to quitting but it sure seems like it. Have stopped smoking now for 28 weeks after 65 years. One only need commitment with yourself. I did that and am happy with myself. Just take fruits, raw vegetables and lots of water with drops of lemon. Exercise helps a lots with deep breathing. Best of luck to all. If anyone needs help, i am here. I read it and it worked for me. Withdrawal was much easier than previous attempts to quit. Good luck to all! Today is 2 weeks quit for me. I am a 64 year old female. I have an e-cig, that has re-fillable filters.

I am now trying to wean off those. I was not able to walk more that 25 feet without gasping, and now can see a small improvement with that. I quit cigarette four months ago after 20 years of smoking because I had a panic attack and since then the psychological symptoms of withdrawal has not fully gone. Some body pains, chest pains, anxiety and now discovered I have h pylori ulcer. But am not giving up cos I know every thing will be fine. First time I ever took up cigarettes was in college but then was able to quit for 10 years. Took up again multiple life stressors — all at the same time — Some of the life-stressors are still there, but finally decided to call it quits yesterday — cold turkey.

But the challenges still lie ahead.. Would need support and distractions from anyone who can find time. Survived the urges so far. As I write the urge is there…but will subside. Thanks PY. I am on 11 days of no smoking cigs. Feels like a Benjamin button case over here. Is that normal? What else should I expect? I quit smoking in and started vaping in What tools did you use to stop? I get the tapering down, etc. Took me another 6 months to ease off it, but I did it. I smoked since the age of Now I am 77 and still active as a electronic engineer.

Gave up smoking of some 40 cigarettes a day because of a rusty voice. However now I suffer from extreme dizziness. It is so bad, that I am afraid to loos consciousness. I do respect all you people who manage to give up. However I start smoking again. I forget to breathe and my chest feels tight. I hope I can get through this. Got through the foggy head, lack of concentration, hideous constipation and irritability though still fighting weight gain and insomnia. But breathing much better now and blood pressure way down. But still have the occasional cravings, but not for so long and they soon pass. It really worked for me — and for the price of a packet of fags — worth a go.

Just pissed off with the weight gain — 11 lbs in five weeks. Any comments anyone please? Good luck to everyone though. Good luck to us all xx. I am a 43 mother of 4 and stopped smoking cold turkey In March My symptoms are horrible, over sweating, shaking, weak, nausea, loss of apatite. I was smoking 6 cigarettes per day. I am determine to quit and never go back, I was so sick, each time I think about a cigarette now, I think about how sick I was and the thought disappear. Love the support Thank you Thank you!!! I smoked on and off for years so familiar with detoxing off nicotine. I am day 3 no vape and the withdrawls are intense! Hello, Same story I guess. I am 56 years old and smoked over 40 years. I was up to about 3 packs a day.

I decided to stop and vape instead. I started out at 6mg vape and now reduced to 3mg in a month. I am pleased with the vape actually and it is much better for you than cigs. I plan on getting to the zero level soon but now I have the headaches and am struggling with that part. I have tried every means before and they didnt work at all. Doctors tried and no luck. The vape is working so if I can drop the nicotine level with that and be fine then I am good with it. I breathe much better now and can tell a difference. If you get to the zero nicotine in the vape is it really that bad for you? I love the flavors and want that way more than the nasty cigs now. Even makes the house smell good. The wife and I are both on the same track and she is vaping with me.

Day seven. I want to be done smoking, so I will be. I went to the doctor thinking I had either a double ear infection or throat cancer, or both. Was told nothing was wrong with me. Everything looked good and dropped them on the spot. That is a long time in such a short life. I have never felt worse. Felt like bronchitis, felt like the flu, felt like death was upon me. No one knows how to deal with me.

The urge comes and I am laughing because it is stupid. Problem is how I struggle with myself. I could keep my eyes open while driving, etc. Will the emotional aftermath of quitting ever relax and subdue to feeling better. One of these days. I just have to get through it, not really another choice. Gonna quit for me, for my family, God-willing they are still with me at the end of this hell ride. Cancer sores, sore throat, exhaustion, depression, feeling a lack of enjoyment in everything I used to enjoy, less motivation to do things that used to be a routine.

It has been tough. Some of the people on here have said that after a month all of these extra little anguishes get better, I am going to choose to believe that for the both of us! I know that we can do this and feel happy and great about everything! I have to believe that lol!! Apart from regular withdrawal symptoms, I experienced vivid dreams and heart palpitations. I just want to stop. I started feeling dizzy, nausea, headaches, scalp tenderness, hands and feet cold, irritability … name it. I never had anxiety until i experienced it. I healed myself thru prayers, reading how to remove anxiety, yoga, breathing, tapping, getting preoccupied by other things, controlling temper and many more.

To top everything.. Today marks my 1 month nicotine free and i can still feel the tiredeness, a bit of anxiety, sleepy at work and i know i can pass this. It was so tough for me! Pray to God to guide and help you. God bless! Day 12 here. Smoker for 44 years. I quite for 2 years about 20 years ago. Did it cold turkey back then and again this time. I am absolutely miserable. I eat everything in sight. Tired, cranky, no patience. I have cravings 30 times a day. I usually feel better after I walk.

The whole thing makes me so angry — that nicotine could take such a hold on my day to day life. I am determined to beat this and not let cigarettes ever take control of my life again! It is a tough fight and I am so proud of all those who have beat it! HI I am 24 hours in and so far so good. I am 63 years old and have about pack years behind me. I have tried almost every method of quitting an none have worked. This time I am using Chantix. This is day 2 of quitting and so far no problems! The demon took over me 37 yrs ago when things in my life went array….

I knew that this day would come! Time to fight back what the demon has taken from me! Day14 not smoking after 45 years of smoking. It is not getting any easier with the constant cravings for a cigarette. Headaches and feeling lazy are also horrible but I refuse to go through this HELL again and I refuse to spend any more money buying them. I can already see a healthier bank balance but oh I wish the side effects of not smoking were easier than this! I smoked for 47 years and quit. I used a box of old patches I was given. I am on week 7 my appetite really has not changed,but my bowel movements are surprising me,3 cobras daily! Im thinking nicotine caused my body to withhold waste…no holding back now.

Smoking was never good to my body or health,yet I enjoyed smoking until it about killed me. Best of luck quitting.. By day 3 the worst is NOT over. It takes a couple days for the nicotine to get out of your system so the withdrawal symptoms start to PEAK by the 2nd or 3rd day. But still a ways to go. I wonder if whoever wrote this has ever smoked before. The first week will go by in a flash? By day 3 the worst is over? Going from cigs to vape was actually very easy, since cigs taste like shit and smell equally bad. Anyway, been around 1 month since I cu offt juice and started using Nicorette.

Around 45 hours ago, I cut Nicorette too. Feel like shit. Anxious, paranoid, chest feels heavy, shallow breathing. After reading many of the experiences with quitting cigs, I decided to leave a comment to help others with the process as well as to encourage myself. I am on the 2nd day and definitely have all the symptoms that go along with not smoking for 2 days. Serious headaches, sinus pressure. I mean just the worse. I am beginning to feel a bit better but this quitting cigs is no joke!! I put sticky notes on my mirror in the bathroom….

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